Does Casualty’s Arin Smethurst have a partner? Meet the cast member who plays Sah on the show.

Arin Smethurst is an actor who has only recently started working on the set of Casualty. He will play the role of Sah. After coming out as transgender, Smethurst makes her first appearance as a non-binary role. She believes this could be a major breakthrough for the actor.

When the actor was younger, they felt like they were never properly portrayed by the media. On the other hand, if we fast-forward to the present, they will portray a non-binary character and be able to be themselves while performing on stage. Arin is overjoyed at the prospect of her character being able to represent members of the non-binary community as well.

The BBC show Casualty cast includes many other great performers in addition to the main cast. They’re more than excited about the prospect, especially considering Arin will be working with them on this. For the future and for the next few projects, Smethurst intends to play a larger number of non-binary characters.

Arin Smethurst
Surname Arin Smethurst
Age 27
Born 1995
profession actors and musicians
nationality British
Place of birth London, United Kingdom

Arin Smethurst of Casualty Partner Detail

It appears that the Casualty actor is not in a relationship at this time. They have been quite honest about their personal lives, so there is no information about the actor’s romantic partner and they have not spoken about it.

At the moment, Arin is concentrating on her professional life. Smethurst is a musician and actor who was born in Great Britain. Arin identifies as a non-binary person and mostly uses the pronouns she/they. They rose to prominence after appearing in a number of theater productions and being cast on the BBC produced television show Casualty.

Arin will portray the character of Sah Brockner on the Casualty series. The Holby City ambulance crew recently welcomed Brockner as their newest team member. The program includes a character named Arin, who also identifies as non-binary.

Arin always felt that they were underrepresented by the media and entertainment industries due to their unique upbringing. However, things have improved significantly over the past few years.

Their success in the field was aided by the fact that they were able to represent the non-binary group so quickly after coming out. They were really comfortable being themselves in front of the camera and they had a blast joining the cast of Casualty and playing their part.

How old is Arin Smethurst?

According to the information in Arin’s biography on Instagram, the actor is 27 years old. They were born in 1995. The previous year they received their diploma from college. They have British citizenship due to the fact that they were born in the United Kingdom.

Rose Bruford College was the institution that awarded Arin her diploma. During their studies, they attended music and acting classes. Arin took part in two plays while attending college, one of which was a production of Into the Woods. You were the one who played the role of Little Red Riding Hood in this play.

In addition to her interest in acting, Smethurst has had a strong passion for music since childhood. They have a lot of experience playing the violin and singing.

You first drew attention to yourself as a stage actor in various productions. They rose to fame online after it was announced they would appear in an episode of the BBC TV series Casualty.

In the UK, Casualty airs on BBC One at the same time every week. Jeremy Bro and Paul Unwin were the ones who came up with the idea. On September 6, 1986, BBC One aired the very first episode of the show. In the beginning, Geraint Morris was the one who invented the series. The television show is currently considered the longest-running medical drama.

What kind of person does Arin Smethurst play on the show Casualty?

Holby Ambulance Service is where Sah Brockner uses her paramedic training. They are scheduled to begin service in October 2021. Sah identifies as a person who is neither male nor female.

On May 14, 1998, Sah was born. Before they were found to be non-binary, they were assigned the feminine pronoun at birth and bore their birth name Sarah. Kevin, Sah’s father, suffered a stroke at some point in the past and spent a few months recovering in a rehabilitation facility.

After making significant progress and regaining the ability to communicate, Kevin went back to his home with Sah, who was 15 and served as his caregiver. Shortly after meeting Kevin for treatment, Bill Phillipsen and his wife Jean were among Sah’s closest friends. Bill also helped Kevin. Jean was genuinely worried about Sah. She routinely offered Sah rides in her car, and when she noticed that Sah wasn’t eating enough food, she constantly offered them extra food.

Sah began working with the Holby Ambulance Service in October 2021. During the first shift, Sah gave medical attention to Ren, a free runner who sustained injuries while dodging a group of young people who had upset her. After Ren refused treatment at Holby City Hospital’s emergency room and passed out in front of the ambulance station, Sah convinced Ren to give her real name, which allowed the emergency room staff to learn about Ren’s diabetes. Ren’s condition worsened as a result of Sah’s intervention.

After suffering chest pains in February 2022, Bill Phillipsen requested an ambulance be dispatched. Rather than follow Sah’s recommendation and go to the hospital, Bill decided to wait at home for his wife Jean and stay there until she arrived. Bill eventually reconsidered his decision and decided to drive to the hospital himself for treatment; However, while on the road, he was involved in a collision with another vehicle.

Bill was pulled from the wreck by Sah and another paramedic named Teddy Gowan, but it became apparent very quickly that his previous chest pains were the result of a heart attack, that Jean had died and that Bill had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in the past. Sah and Teddy Gowan rescued Bill from the rubble.

Arin Smethurst’s net worth or income

Arin Smethurst’s current net worth is estimated at $1 million and we will now get into his net worth.


The bio on Arin’s Instagram reveals that they are both actors and musicians. They debuted early in their acting careers in the stage production of a play. They’ve garnered quite a following online after it was announced they would be appearing in the British medical series Casualty.

Casualty is broadcast once a week on BBC One in the UK. Jeremy Bro and Paul Unwin were the ones who came up with the idea. The very first edition of the show was shown on BBC One on 6 September 1986. Geraint Morris is credited with first producing the series. The television series holds the record for the longest-running medical drama.

Arin Smethurst
Arin Smethurst

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arin Smethurst’s role in accident insurance?

Arin Smethurst plays the role of Sah in Casualty.

How old is Arin Smethurst?

Arin Smethurst is currently 27 years old and was born in 1995.

What is Arin Smethurst’s job?

Arin Smethurst is an actor and musician.