Erin Andrews sideline reporter husband Jarret Stoll and Net Worth 2022

NFL reporter Erin Andrews and her husband Jarret Stoll are close on Instagram. They pose a lot for photos together.

When the NFL season started in August, she said goodbye to her husband Jarret Stoll and got ready to start the season in September. Stoll, a former NHL hockey player, and Andrews, a senior reporter for Fox News, posted a photo of themselves smiling on a Punta Mita beach.

She began working at ESPN in 2004 and quickly rose to prominence as a journalist for the American cable sports channel. Later, in 2012, she began working for Fox Sports, where she has since served as the network’s main sideline reporter for NFL games.

Despite ESPN wanting to keep her and making an “aggressive offer” to renew her contract, Andrews had already made up her mind about a possible move to Fox and confirmed she would be leaving ESPN in 2012 to join Fox Sports.

Erin Andrews

Who is Jarret Stoll married to Erin Andrews?

On June 24, 2017, Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll, a Canadian former ice hockey player, married.

Andrews and Stoll’s love story began in 2012. She’s good at reporting news, and she’s kept up with her personal life as well.

Over time, their relationship grew stronger and four years after they first met, Andrews and Stoll announced that they were getting married. They got engaged in December 2016 and married in June 2017. The couple’s dream wedding was a small, end-of-the-day ceremony in Montana.

The happy couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in June this year but have not had any children in those five years. But they treat their dog Howard like a member of their little family. Also, the couple hasn’t said anything about when they will have their first child.

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Jarret Stoll used to play ice hockey professionally

Jarret Stoll used to play hockey for Canada, but he no longer does. The 42-year-old athlete was born on June 24, 1982 and has played for four different National Hockey League (NHL) teams.

After playing in the juniors, Stoll joined the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers as a young player in 2002-03. He played in his first four NHL games after being called up to the Oilers during the season. An assist in those games earned him his first point of his career.

In the second half of 2008, the Kings got him from the Oilers. He played for Los Angeles both times, winning the Stanley Cup in 2012 and 2014. Stoll currently works for the Kings player development team. He played for the New York Rangers and the Minnesota Wild before retiring in 2016.

On December 15, 2016, Stoll accepted a job as a talent scout with the Los Angeles Kings. This was a sign that his playing days were over, although he never said so officially.

How much money will Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews have in 2022?

Erin Andrews has been a long-time Fox Sports presenter and by 2022 she will be worth a whopping $30 million.

Celebrity Net Worth says the 44-year-old sportscaster has made big bucks throughout her career. Her annual salary of $2 million as a part-time reporter for Fox Network’s NFL broadcast team is very impressive.

Eric was hired by Fox Sports Florida as a contract reporter in 2000 before landing her first full-time job at ESPN. Later, from 2001-2002, she was a reporter for the Sunshine Network and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Andrews also worked as a television presenter and reporter for Turner South from 2002 to 2004. During this time he covered the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Hawks.

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Won a peephole video lawsuit and got $55 million

Erin Andrews, a Dancing With the Stars co-host, won $55 million in a lawsuit over a video of her body.

Andrews was staying at the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University in 2008 when her stalker Michael David Barrett booked a room next to hers. Barrett secretly filmed her through an eyehole and then made videos of her that were shown to the public.

Andrews then filed a $75 million lawsuit against the hotel owner and Michael. The jury ruled that Barrett was 51 percent at fault and that he had to pay her $28 million.

Because they owned the Nashville Marriott, West End Hotel Partners and the company that previously operated it, Windsor Capital Group, found themselves 49% at fault and paid more than $26 million.

Revenue from endorsement deals

Erin Andrews has worked with many companies throughout her career, often on charity projects.

In 2010, she worked with Kraft Foods on a project called “Huddle to Fight Hunger.” Andrews was elected spokesman for the campaign. He helped Feeding America raise $2.86 million through the campaign.

Also, in 2011, Andrews helped make Reebok’s ZigTech line better. In 2014 she became the new face of CoverGirl. The sportscaster also spoke about his #Gameface campaign, which was popular on social media and gave away free sports tickets to women.

Andrews became a brand delegate for Orangetheory in 2016. She also collaborated with sportswear company Fanatics to launch her 2019 clothing line.

Erin Andrews
Erin Andrews

Is Erin Andrews still married? How is their married life going?

Erin Andrews married Canadian ice hockey player Jarret Stoll in 2017. They are married to this day.

Andrews posts a lot of pictures of him on her social media accounts, especially Instagram. Her Instagram name @erinandrews has more than 1.7 million followers and she has made more than 3,300 posts on the site.

While the Fox Sports reporter isn’t currently linked to any rumours, she used to be. Before getting engaged to her husband in 2012, Erin was dating Chace Crawford.

In addition to Crawford, she dated David Wright, Josh Hopkins and Aaron Rodgers. However, most of the people she dated were either famous people or athletes in their daily lives.

When it comes to his past relationships, her husband Jarret Stoll has also had a few ex-wives. Rachel Hunter is an actress and model and Stoll asked her to be his wife. They were supposed to get married in August 2009, but it didn’t happen.

Andrews and Stoll are now having fun together and putting their past behind them. They have been married for more than five years and are happy with each other, but have no children yet.

Early life of Erin Andrews with her family

Erin Jill Andrews was born on May 4, 1978 in Lewiston, Maine. When she was 5 years old, she moved to San Antonio, Texas with her father, Steven Andrews, and her mother, Paula Andrews.

Due to her father’s job, the family moved to Valrico, Florida just a few months after moving to Texas. Steven, her father, is an investigative reporter who has won six Emmys. Her mother is a teacher.

Andrews said that she was great fun growing up and that her whole life has revolved around sports. As a child, she watched NBA games with her father. When she was young, Melissa Stark and Suzy Kolber were two of the female sportscasters she looked up to the most.

Andrews did many extracurricular activities in high school, such as being in the dance group and running for student council. After school she went to another dance school. Also, she was still so obsessed with sports that only men were interested in talking about it, so most of her friends were men.

Erin Andrews graduated from Bloomingdale High School in 1996 and went to the University of Florida. In 2000, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in Communication. During college, she rejoined the dance team and joined a sorority.

Who is Erin Andrews marrying?

Erin Andrews married Jarret Stoll in 2017. Stoll, who is her husband, used to play for Canada in the NHL.

How much money does Erin Andrews have?

Erin Andrews is said to have a net worth of $30 million. She works part-time as a reporter for Fox and earns $2 million a year.

Who are Erin Andrews’ parents?

Erin Andrews was born to Paula and Steven Andrews, both of United States origin. Her father wrote about crime.

What college did Erin Andrews go to?

Erin Jill Andrews went to school at the University of Florida. She attended Bloomingdale High School and earned her diploma.

family and early life

Andrews was born in Lewiston, Maine, to a teacher named Paula Andrews and a broadcast journalist named Steven Andrews. When she was 5 years old, her family moved to San Antonio, Texas and then to Valrico, Florida. Eighteen months later, her father, who had won six Emmys, began working as an investigative reporter for WFLA-TV, an NBC affiliate.

Andrews says that growing up she was a “tomboy” whose life revolved around sports. She and her father used to watch NBA games together, particularly Boston Celtics games.

Andrews said that Hannah Storm, Melissa Stark, Lesley Visser and Suzy Kolber were some of the female sportscasters she admired and who inspired her to become one herself.

Andrews attended Bloomingdale High School in Valrico, where she was on the dance team, student council and the National Honor Society. As a child, she also attended the Brandon School of Dance Arts in Seffner, Florida. Andrews has said that she didn’t have many girlfriends in high school because she was a tomboy. Instead, she preferred to hang out with the boys and talk to them about sports.

Andrews went to the University of Florida after graduating high school in 1996. In 2000 he received a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Telecommunications.

From 1997 to 2000 she was a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha fraternity and the Florida Gators Dazzlers dance team.


Andrews was a freelance reporter for Fox Sports Florida in 2000. From 2001-2002 she worked for the Sunshine Network as a Tampa Bay Lightning reporter. From 2002 to 2004, Andrews was a studio host and reporter for the Turner South Network. He covered the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Thrashers and Atlanta Hawks.

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