Every detail about Lifetime’s Dying For A Crown actress Jennifer Titus

Actress Jennifer Titus is a cast member of the drama series Dying for a Crown which airs on Lifetime.

The works Dying for a Crown, The Row, Rock, Paper, Scissors and Reprisal brought Titus recognition as an artist in the United States. The actress spent her childhood in the state of California. From a young age she competed as a figure skater at the highest level.

She then embarked on a career as a professional skater and competed around the world. After her stint on ice shows, the actress pursued her studies to a higher level. After moving to Los Angeles, the actress began an acting and film career. She is also known for her appearances on television and in commercials.

The actress made her debut as the party girl in the 1994 film In the Army Now. On the other hand, she was given no credit for the film. She appears in a later episode of Sweet Valley High entitled “Don’t Strand So Close to Me” in the role of a porter.

jennifer titus

Some important facts about Jennifer Titus

Place of birth Fresno, California, United States
Date of birth March 22, 1980
Age 42
education UC San Diego
Grew up California
license Medical
hobbies figure skating, snowboarding and surfing
net worth 1 million dollars
Star sign Aries
nicknames Jen, Guenevere
Height 5′ 4½” (1.64m)

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Jennifer Titus, who stars in the Lifetime drama Dying for a Crown

Lydia Campbell, the main character of the Lifetime television series Dying for a Crown, is played by Jennifer Titus.

She plays the role of Elle’s mother (played by actress Catharine) on the show. The events of the first chapter take place when Lydia and Ella are forced to move to Los Angeles for reasons unknown.

Elle is a senior at Bellview High School, where Lydia has been promoted to assistant principal since her time there. After that, Elle becomes known throughout the school for her role as the homecoming queen. The film was directed by Damian Romay.

Titus contributed to the project in collaboration with Lura W, Jhon, Jevon, Molly Hargrave, Andre Haskett, Darby, James, Amelia Still, Adam Shimberg, Abraham Sosa and Bailey Paige. The film’s first screening was presented in the United States by Reel One Entertainment on September 24, 2022.

The mother-daughter bond is the focus of the film after the family relocated from Florida. The true story of a life, Dying for a Crown served as the basis for the fictional story. Titus and Catharine Daddario are the two actresses who have the most prominent roles in the program. In the film, the actress embodies a role that requires a lot of depth.

Titus has also had roles in a number of films, videos and television programs. The actress had a cameo appearance in Heroine Kombat as a stunt performer in Mirage Vs. Puma 1 and she portrayed Mirage in the film adaptation of Heroine Kombat which was released in 2015.

Even the TV show Supernatural featured Tutus in an episode called “Two Minutes to Midnight” in which they appeared. In 2000, she had an appearance in the television series Change of Heart as a friend. In 1998 she appeared in the documentary film Singled Out as Picker, which was broadcast on television.

jennifer titus
jennifer titus

Some information about Jennifer Titus

  1. Titus was born on March 22, 1980 in Fresno, California, United States of America. At this time, the actress is 42 years old.
  2. While attending film school in Los Angeles, Titus was cast in a number of television and commercial roles. The actress received her bachelor’s degree in physiology and neuroscience in the fields of heating and chemistry from the University of California, San Diego.
  3. After that, Titus decided to pursue a career in medicine and began his studies in New York. After some time, the actress went back to California, where she got a heater and chemistry. Although the actress has a medical license, she chose to pursue a career in the entertainment industry instead.
  4. Titus is actively pursuing an acting career while writing screenplays. The actress also has a strong desire to perfect her Italian. In her free time, the actress likes to go on vacation with her husband and children. Both snowboarding and surfing are among her favorite sports.
  5. Titus is reported to have an estimated net worth in excess of $1 million. She has over 22 years of experience in the performing industry.
  6. Titus got his start in the film industry with the film “In the Army Now”. Between 1994 and 1996 she pursued a career as an actress before taking a break of several years. In 2007, the actress appeared in the video Supergator, posing as Zoe under a different name.
  7. Recent film roles credited to Titus include How to Carry on Command as Miss A, Roe v. Wade as Mrs. Blackmun, Reprisal as Mary, The Row as Nina Baker, Rock, Paper, Scissors as Ashley Grant and Hideous as Lauren. Titus has also played the role of Lauren in Vile.

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