Everything we know about Ilonka from Midnight Club


The horror mystery drama series The Midnight Club on Netflix tells the stories of a group of terminally ill people who share a home at Brightcliffe Hospice.

It was adapted by Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong from Christopher Pike’s 1994 book of the same name. They set up a secret club where they meet at midnight every night to share horrifying stories. The main character Ilonka visits the hospice, where she learns of a variety of dark secrets.


Ilonka, the main character, is portrayed by Iman Benson. The audience responded positively to her presentation. Her mesmerizing and true portrayal of Ilonka enhanced the atmosphere of the show, so she must have piqued many fans’ interest in her personal life. Here’s everything we learned about Iman’s background, from her family to her work, in case you’re interested in learning more.

Iman Benson, a 22-year-old actress from Atlanta, Georgia, was born on June 25, 2000. She comes from a family that has been very supportive and kind to her throughout her acting career, which she began at a very young age. Iman, the younger of her two sisters, is very fond of spending time with Suhialla and values ​​her in her life. She said, “The ones with the strong outside but squishy inside and a heart of gold,” in a birthday message to her sister at age 19. Hands down the most reliable, strongest and most confident person I know. You are my best buddy, my rib, my pole star and my guardian.


Iman revealed in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar that her mother had thyroid cancer. She continued to share stories from her past and recalled happy times she had at the movies with her father. When asked how she came to like films and decided to pursue acting, the young actress replied, “As a kid, I was just always fascinated. When I was growing up, my father was a cinephile and we went to the cinema every Sunday. So I started acting at the age of nine, which in a way sparked my interest in the field.

Iman Benson

Iman Benson’s acting career

Iman’s love of performing developed early on with her father’s support. She has always enjoyed acting and performing in front of audiences. She started working in theater at the age of nine and did so for several years to hone her talent. Over time, Iman gained more experience as a theater actress, leading to her developing a deeper love and respect for her abilities. Then, at the age of 14, she got her big break when she started doing voice overs and commercials. “I had no intention of doing anything else. I’m here, she said aloud to Glamour.


Iman got her big break in the online series Uncle Buck, in which she plays the role of Tia Russell, after appearing in other such ads. Iman had a few cameos on well-known TV shows including Suits and Station 19 as she developed an acting habit before securing her next major recurring role as Reagan in the comedy Alexa & Katie in 2018. After that, she was cast in the 2020 TV series #blackAF for the lead character of Drea Barris. Iman’s involvement in The Midnight Club confirms the fact that her career is going well and she has a bright future ahead of her. It is interesting that she pays tribute to her mother, portraying Ilonka.

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Iman Benson: Who is she dating?

No, Iman Benson is probably unmarried at this time. At 22, she is young and talented and is focused on developing her skills and advancing her profession. Iman has remained silent about her romantic relationships and has not mentioned anyone important in her life, increasing the possibility that she is dating someone. Iman does a fantastic job demonstrating her skills and continuing to hone her skills as an actress with such fascinating assignments. We can only hope that Iman continues to provide quality content and live a happy and prosperous life.

Iman Benson, an actress from The Midnight Club, Wiki

Iman Benson, a 22-year-old Atlanta native who was born on June 25, 2000, is an actress who recently made a comeback after joining the cast of The Midnight Club, a new drama and mystery series on Netflix , had joined. Benson had the opportunity to play the series’ main character, a cancer patient who, in search of a cure, joins a group of terminally ill young adults living at the Rotterdam Home hospice, run by a mysterious doctor.


Iman’s main production of 2022 was The Midnight Club, which propelled her into the spotlight. However, her fame is set to grow quickly after working on director Rich Lee’s upcoming film, War of the Worlds.

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When was Iman Benson born?

Iman Benson, an actress who is 5 feet 7 inches tall, was born on June 25, 2000 in Atlanta City, Georgia to her mother and father, Emmanuel Benson. She showed an early interest in the performing arts and began her career at the age of nine as a result of a conversation with her adoring father.

Iman’s father is the reason she is in the acting business because his encouragement and support gave her the confidence she needed to pursue her dream of appearing in big films and learning acting and performing arts; She took classes at The Company Acting Studio, 7 Stages Theater and Blueprint 4 Hollywood.


Iman Benson’s Rise to Fame: How Did It Happen?

Her journey as a commercial artist began when she was trained in various acting studios with the support of her father. She even did voiceovers for Publix Super Markets Inc. Her life-changing roles included the character of Gabby in the J. Marie short film production “Barbed Wire” and the character of Brenna in a video with Disney actress Jasmine Richards.

Iman debuted on the big screen in 2016 when she was offered the opportunity to play the role of “Tia Russell” on the Uncle Buck series. She soon landed roles in Station 19, Suitsm, Alexa & Katie, and #BlackAF, but her fame skyrocketed after she was cast as Reagan in Alexa & Katie, where she gained instant notoriety.


Iman Benson is a well known American screen personality who rose to fame when she took on various roles on the popular television series Suits and Uncle Buck. She grew up in Atlanta, Georgia where she was born on June 15, 2000. She also gained recognition when she portrayed Tia Russell in the 2016 adaptation of Uncle Buck, which was set to air on ABC. She also recently joined the Alexa and Katie case, in which she now serves as Reagan in 2018. Iman Benson visited the company’s acting studio to learn more about acting. She also has an amazing sister, and they both often upload photos to Instagram.

Iman Benson
Iman Benson

Iman Benson’s career

Iman Benson began her career as an accomplished actress on the ABC television show Uncle Buck, where she played Ria Russell. She began the role on the show in 2016 and typically appeared in 8 scenes per episode. Despite everything, the show ended quickly. Iman also gained tremendous popularity and fan base due to her performance in the broadcasting industry, which set her apart and ultimately helped her land another job in the industry.


She then appeared on the television show Station 19, where she was cast as a visitor in 2018 and as Dallas that year. In addition, she landed the role of Joy Williams in the renowned legal dramatization “Suits”, which debuted directly on the US broadcaster in 2018. It was at this point in 2018 that she resigned to a job that would change the course of her career. This time she was Reagan in the television series Alexa and Katie, in which she played just over 13 scenes. She received a lot of attention for this program and has since received numerous offers.

Benson plays Ilonka, an 18-year-old whose plans to attend Stanford University are put on hold after learning that she has terminal cancer. She moves to a hospice center for other young adults who are nearing the end of their lives, where she makes new friends who become like family to them. Despite the pain that surrounds her, Ilonka is strong and full of life in Benson’s hands; This makes for a consistently compelling but never sentimental performance. That was done on purpose.


According to Benson, “What I learned [through producing the program] is a big part of what I hope people will take away from this as well: that for children with terminal illnesses, their illness isn’t all they are. “It’s not her whole life”

Iman-Benson relationship

Iman Benson has never published photos that indicate a current romantic relationship. We expected her to be unmarried and unrelated for this reason. In any case, we will update this page as soon as we receive new facts. She has amassed a sizable following and has a sizable following on Instagram. On Instagram, she had about 10,000 followers in 2019.


Iman Benson Net Worth

Iman’s balance sheet isn’t much because she’s just started her career, but given her age, she’s already put in a lot of time and effort. She also has the opportunity to appear in many upcoming TV episodes and movies. As of 2020, she will have a combined net worth of approximately $200,000.

How old is Iman Benson?

22 year old Iman.


How tall is Iman Benson?

Benson has a height of 5 7 inches.

Who is Iman Benson’s father?

Jonathan Benson.


Alexa & Katie’s Reagan: Who is she?

Iman Benjamin

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