Exception Season 1 Summary and Ending, Explained

The anime Exception on Netflix was produced by the same company that made Neon Genesis Evangelion. It was made by the well-known director Hirotaka Adachi.

Set in the far future, the show is about an advanced team of 3D printed humans who go to planet 10-X to ensure it becomes habitable. With the fate of humanity resting on their shoulders, the crew must work together to achieve a seemingly impossible goal. But things soon happen that make them wonder if they’re even on the same page. Here’s what you need to know about the Exception season 1 ending.

Exception season 1

Recap of Season 1 of Exception

Nina, Oscar, Petty and Mack are 3D biologically printed on a ship bound for Planet 10-X. The goal of the planetary redevelopment mission is clear and all her other memories are still there. When the last member of the advanced team, Lewis, is finally printed, the crew is shocked by what they see. Lewis looks like a deformed animal, which is not at all like him. Finding out he doesn’t have much brain function, they decide to kill their friend so his biomaterial can be used to reprint him.

However, things don’t go as planned and Nina dies because Lewis’ name is misspelled. When he runs away, the team begins searching for him. When they find him, they realize that he is desperate for help because he has two different personalities and has problems with both. Nina, on the other hand, is being printed again. All crew members have a keepsake that is important to them, and Petty believes that connecting Lewis with one of them might help him to feel better emotionally. They get his lover’s necklace, and when he finally sees it, he loses his temper and runs away.

The next day, Oscar injures his leg in a remote part of the ship. To his surprise, the typo Lewis not only helps him, but also talks to him for a bit. Oscar decides to help him because it turns out he doesn’t want to talk and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. But the rest of the advanced team has already created a copy of Lewis using biomaterial. Lewis enlists Oscars’ help when talks of a deal seem to be going nowhere so he can get the extra coolant he needs for his plan to go into cryosleep.

The two friends keep in touch behind the scenes, working together to ensure the plan to go into cryosleep works. The advanced crew has talked about many ways to make Planet 10-X habitable. One of those ways is to use the RA Bomb to blow up the poles. With Oscar’s help, the misspelled Lewis is able to get into the room with the extra coolants, but he is seen leaving the place without them. As he hides, the advanced team discovers that the RA bomb is gone. So it’s only natural that they start to suspect him while Oscar thinks he’s been set up.

Soon the crew is once again searching for the bomb with all their might. When Lewis encounters his misprinted self, he becomes convinced that the real thief is a traitor on the ship. The two team up and lock up other team members so they can look at old footage of the room and other evidence to find out what happened. Mack escapes but is soon recaptured. To prove he’s innocent, he decides to get reprinted and watch Lewis move. Meanwhile, Patty, Oscar, and Nina come up with a plan to get away, and they do so after hurting the misprint Lewis.

When they arrive at the control room, Patty finally shows her true colors and says she wants the mission to fail. Turns out there’s also Patty B, who stole the bombs before the crew was made up of living cells. She did it to protect the alien life forms on Planet 10-X that are being destroyed by the cleanup plans. After forcing Lewis to give her the codes, Patty sends the Atmospheric Transformer bombing the surface of Planet 10-X to ensure the mission is complete.

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How did Lewis’ mistake at the end of Exception season 1 come about?

Misprint Lewis and the rest of the crew always thought the unexpected solar flare was the only reason the uterus collapsed, which is why Lewis got the misprint. But it turns out that wasn’t the whole story. After Patty B finished printing, the first thing she did was collect biomaterial. So she decided to take it from someone other than herself. So she just chose the first tank she saw, Lewis’s.

Also, Patty B needed bio-authentication from two crew members to get to the RA bomb at the end, so she had to print someone else’s eyes. While it shouldn’t really matter what she took out of Lewis’ tank, the solar flare made things even more complicated. In the case of radiation, the outer film protects the biomaterial inside, but Lewis’ tank was left open because she wasn’t acting with integrity. So when the solar flare happened and caused unexpectedly high levels of electromagnetic radiation, it corrupted Lewis’ genetic information and caused mutations.

Is Planet 10-X’s mission to rebuild the planet successful? Can people live there?

The crew on the ship that went to Planet 10-X had to make it habitable so that people could eventually settle there and make it their home. After the two Bioprint Pattys kept getting in the way, only two of the original crew members remained alive, keeping humanity’s hopes alive. Although they kept trying things, the misprinted Lewis died soon after, leaving all responsibility to Nina.

Eventually, on a mostly calm day, she put down the beanstalk and it spread to the nearby area. She noted how far apart they were so they wouldn’t get too close. Soon the roots of these beanstalks connected into a network. The Atmospheric Transformer sent them energy that helped them grow. Nina wanted to use the biological 3D printer more than once while the experiments were still going on, but the biomaterial tanks were broken and the backup memories were wiped, so she decided against it.

Exception season 1
Exception season 1

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Nina worked hard and kept trying, and it finally paid off when she found organisms in a soil sample. A canopy soon covered the entire continent on Planet 10-X, but Nina knew that the arrival of humans would greatly alter the bio-composition of the entire planet. In the end, the Atmospheric Transformer did what was needed, and the greenhouse gas it produced warmed the floor of the canopy. Soon it started raining all the time and a lake formed where the Atmospheric Transformer first landed.

Nina used the biological 3D printer to create new organisms from the animal cores stored in the Atmospheric Transformer. A few decades later, Lewis’ girlfriend Kate leaves the womb and enters a world of different kinds of lives. She was surprised to see Lewis again and he told her they now had a second chance at life. There were a few spaceships in the lush green valleys, so the two lovers weren’t really alone there. So Planet 10-X’s planetary redevelopment mission ended up being successful because it became a place for humans to live.

The first season of Exception (2022) is based on an original story by Hirotaka Adachi. Yoshitaka Amano designed the characters and Yz Sat directed. Mack played by Robbie Daymond, Nina played by Ali Hillis, Oscar played by Eugene Byrd, Patty played by Nadine Nicole and Lewis make up the crew (Nolan North). But they are not really human. They are 3D biological imprints made from the biomaterial of the originals by a machine called the “Womb”. And it’s up to them to colonize this planet and make it habitable for the spaceship full of people who come to live there. But while the ship is pushing Lewis, it is hit by a solar flare, causing the womb to stop working and turning Lewis into a monster. So before they get to Planet X-10, the crew must decide whether to kill the misprint, let it live, or print a real Lewis and let him choose.

Mack, Nina, Oscar and Patty sit down to decide whether to kill Misprint after realizing her printing function has gone horribly wrong. Mack says he’s out to put him to sleep and reprint Lewis. Oscar and Nina are also convinced of the idea. Nina, on the other hand, doesn’t like it because she thinks it’s murder. In the end, she gives in to peer pressure and tells Nina that she can put away misprints. But when Nina gets close to him, he wakes up, kills her and runs off into parts of the ship no one can see. While Mack plots to kill Lewis, Patty and Oscar reprint Nina to get the crew back together.

Despite this, Mack has a hard time deciding to kill Misprint when he starts showing human emotions. That’s because Misprint is part human and part monster. Instead of running after him directly, the crew takes all the food to the main control bay to try to hide from him. This plan doesn’t quite work because it is still followed by Misprint, forcing Mack to fight him and injuring them both. This infuriates him so much that he decides to kill Misprint for good by locking him in an airtight hangar. This plan doesn’t work because it attacks Mack, tearing his space suit and making him more likely to run out of oxygen. Patty comes up with the idea of ​​showing Misprint the things that every member of the crew has that can bring out their human side. It seems to be working because he starts thinking about Lewis and his partner, so he stops attacking and goes to a darker part of the ship.

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