Fans rave about Joe Keery calling Charli XCX one of his idols, saying, “That’s what he’s so true for.”

Charlie XCX is one of the idols of Steve Harrington from the TV series Stranger Things, who goes by the name Joe Keery. Keery mentioned his passion for acting and singing in a recent interview. Keery listed two people when asked who his heroes were. Among them were Charli XCX and Stanley Tucci.

The singles Boom Clap, Break the Rules and Doing It by Charli XCX, 30, are well known. Additionally, the singer has collaborated on songs with other musicians, including Selena Gomez’s Same Old Love and Iggy Azalea’s Beg for It.

Keery explained in an NME interview:

β€œCharli had a significant impact. She’s just amazing at fusing hyper art pop with more syrupy pop. Being able to combine art and commerce in this way is really fantastic.




That’s why he’s real, @FilmUpdates



When Charli XCX found out she was Joe Keery’s idol, she tweeted the information and said in response: “Flavour”.

Charli XCX gave a virtual gig earlier this year to celebrate the return of Stranger Things. On June 23, Soft Cell, The Go-Gos and Corey Hart performed at a virtual performance called Live From The Upside Down.

Reactions to Joe Keery’s claim that Charlie XCX is his idol

Following Joe Keery’s claim that Charlie XCX is his idol, the public has reacted. Some Stranger Things fans have compiled videos of the actor, while others have praised him for declaring himself a Charli XCX fan.




It comes to mind that Charli XCX is one of Joe Keery’s main musical influences.…

Rebecca “‍”

The Rebekah


Fargo, Charli XCX, Joe Keery, etc.


xan (Taylor’s version) (Taylor’s version)

(Taylor’s rendition of xan)


I want to commend Joe Keery for having the courage to declare himself a Charli xcx fan.









Joseph Keery I understand why you prefer Charli XCX.





As a charli xcx fan, I knew there was a good reason Joe Keery was one of my favorites.

Oscar-nominated actor Stanley Tucci, 61, also received awards from Joe Keery. Keery claimed that he draws a lot of inspiration from the veteran actor and was impressed by his ability to multitask.

How do you combine genres? He answers the question, “How can you combine a cookbook and a story about your life?” in a really wonderful way. I’ve never read of anyone doing it that way.

Find out more about Decide, Joe Keery’s latest album

Keery played guitar and drums for the Chicago-based garage and psych rock band Post Animal. After going solo and adopting the stage name Djo, he remained a member of the group for five years. Djo’s debut album Twenty Twenty was released in July 2019. In June of this year he unveiled Decide, his second album. Change, a single from the album, was also made available.

The singer mentioned Kendrick Lamar as an influence in an interview with NME. He explained:

β€œOn this record I tried not to edit myself. I changed some of the words in the last song to make them more ambiguous or generic. I’ve heard a lot of Kendrick Lamar [on the new album, however], and what he excels at is his focus on precise, intimate lyrics. Because it makes them so much more powerful, I tried to embrace it, even though it revealed a negative aspect of me.”

He has discussed his attempts to break away from a character while writing music:

“Not that I’m singing all this music from a character’s point of view. I am alone. It was really a means of separating myself from myself. Because of the internet, I feel like I’m playing a character on the show. I released it with its own character to give it its own space as I didn’t want the character to affect people listening to the music.”

The record will be released next month and a tour will follow. Earlier this year, Keery performed at the Lollapalooza festival. He will also perform at Austin City Limits in October.