Find out about Kim Levesque Lizotte’s husband, relationship timeline and age gap

Eric Bruneau: Knowing About Kim Levesque Lizotte’s Husband, Relationship Timeline and Age Difference

The internet was shaken when Canadian playwright, author, comedian and actress Kim Lévesque-Lizotte appeared on the cover of Clin d’oeil.

The comedian graduated from the National School of Humor in 2009 and is a graduate of this institution. In the early stages of her career, Lévesque-Lizotte appeared in shows such as Un garz, le soir à V and the telemovie Les 5 next alongside Laurent Paquin’s Just for Laughs Gala.

Eric Bruneau and Kim Levesque Lizotte’s age difference

We don’t know the exact age difference between Kim Lévesque-Lizotte and her partner Eric because the author didn’t provide her date of birth. However, they can be a few days, weeks or even months apart.

Lévesque-Lizotte appears to be in her mid-30s by her looks. Kim, who is Aries and celebrates her birthday on April 3rd every year, still frequently shares photos from her birthday parties on Instagram.

Despite this, Eric is 39 years old and was born in 1983 in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada. The actor toasts Eric’s birthday on April 21st each year; They may only be a few weeks old.

Kim Levesque Lizotte’s Wikipedia

Lizotte is a humorist and columnist who made her film debut in Les pêcheurs in 2014 and also played the VHC secretary in Les Simone.

The author is also known for her work on Virage, Escouade-99, Les Simone and Les Détestables. She participated in the panel for “According to Comic Opinion” and has written columns for On va se say it, Gravel le matin, the Urbania website and Medium-large.

Kim and Louis T also started a comedy program called Kim Lizotte vs. Louis T. According to a source, her work on the documentary Hello, Here’s My Penis also made for a lot of talking points. She has also appeared on the covers of numerous magazines.

Family of Kim Levesque Lizotte

Levesque Lizotte has not disclosed any specific family members, so it is not known who her parents’ names are.

She also did not specify whether she is the only child or has siblings. Although they don’t seem to be active on social media, the author has posted some pictures of her loved ones on social media without tagging or mentioning them.

Kim has 470 Instagram posts under the username @kim lizotte. In addition, the comedian often uses social networks to connect with her supporters. As of August 14, 2022, she has 49.8k followers. Her family will soon be duly revealed to her fans.

Relationship timeline for Eric Bruneau and Kim Levesque Lizotte

After their relationship became public in 2014, Kim and Eric briefly split in September 2015. However, they quickly got back together in March 2016 and have been together ever since.

Eric is an actor best known for his roles as Jeune Homme 2 in Heartbeats, Luc/Husband in An Eye for Beauty, Mathieu in Laurence Whatevers and Éric Dubois in Aller Simple.

Every year on September 22, the pretty couple celebrates their anniversary together. They’ve been each other’s better halves for ten years and they’ll be celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary in a month.

In addition, Lizotte and Bruneau were blessed with a daughter. Marguerite, their first child, was born in 2018 and will be four years old on June 8, 2022.

The author uploads pictures of Marguerite to her social media, but she makes sure to cover her face with emoticons and only show her back. The actors have not revealed the identity of their beautiful daughter to the world.