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Karim Zakikhani: Find out his current whereabouts

Sarita Anderson was looking for a committed relationship when she started dating Karim Zakikhani. But what she actually received from him was a terminal illness. Evil Lives Here: Sleeping With The Enemy on Investigation Discovery explores Karim and Sarita’s relationship, along with how he kept a secret from her and put her life on the line. As a result, we can answer your questions about what happened and Karim’s possible current whereabouts.


Karim Zakikhani, who is he?

Sometime in 2013, Karim “Tyson” Zakikhani and Sarita Anderson met while working as security guards at a hospital. He was initially pleasant and lovely, and they officially started dating in September of that year. Sarita said on the show that she insisted on using protection when they first had sex, but Karim implied having unprotected sex. In December 2013, Sarita wanted both tested for STIs when their relationship took a serious turn.

Sarita’s tests came back negative at the time, and Karim claimed the same. Sarita replied, “I never asked for any documents. Just as he took my word for it, so did I. Then, in April 2014, she got pretty sick. First she started losing her hair and over time she started to lose a lot of weight. Visits to the hospital continued until Sarita developed pneumonia in May 2014.


When Sarita first felt sick, she thought she had the flu, but doctors were concerned. Then, in September 2014, a dentist found thrush in her mouth, leading to an HIV test and subsequent positive result. Sarita, who had been with Karim all along, desperately confronted him. Sarita also discovered that Karim was married to someone else throughout their relationship, which was disconcerting.

Sarita learned from the woman that Karim had even infected his wife with HIV in 2009. The investigation revealed that he had been aware of the disease since his diagnosis in March 2008. Sarita was stunned because Karim had taken care of her before the diagnosis and assured her that they would find out what was wrong with her. They also had a child together.


Where is Karim Zakikhani currently?

A complaint was filed against Karim Zakikhani in June 2016 following Sarita Anderson’s visit to the police. Eventually, authorities learned that Karim’s actions affected a number of other women. According to the program, at least 12 other people claimed Karim gave them HIV. He eventually accepted a trade to avoid a trial.

Karim pleaded guilty to the charge of aggravated assault on a family member causing serious bodily harm. Karim, who was 34 at the time, received a 30-year sentence in June 2018. He is still incarcerated at the OB Ellis Unit in Huntsville, Texas, according to prison records. Karim will be able to apply for parole in 2031.


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