Five interesting facts about Todd Downing and Julie Downing

Todd Downing is a well-known figure in American football and currently serves as offensive coordinator for the Tennessee Titans.

The head coach got a lot of news attention after Sunday’s game between the New York Giants and the Tennessee Titans. It must have been very disheartening for Todd to see his attacking battle against the Titans in Week 1.

There was cause for optimism early in the game as Todd finally overcame some of the difficulties he faced on his opening run last season by putting together an outstanding shot that resulted in a goal to start the game. Unfortunately things only got worse from that point on and a mistake they made last year cost them again this time.

Downing was able to take advantage of Derrick Henry, who didn’t play particularly well himself but still managed to finish the game averaging about four yards per carry. On Sunday, the Giants shocked the Titans by 21:21 and bravely began the Brian Daboll era.

Death Downing

Fast Facts

Full name Death Downing
Date of birth July 22, 1980
Place of birth Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA
Age 42 years
nationality American
profession Coach
Secondary school Eden Prairie (MN)
University Minnesota
spouse Julia Downing
children Jackson Downing
Twitter @CoachTDX

Julie Downing, wife of Todd Downing, is presented here

Todd Downing and his stunning wife Julie Downing’s marriage is a happy and prosperous one. The two have been together for a long time and even have a child together. They are the definition of a love story.

After serving as a coach in the NFL for eighteen years, Downing accepted a position with the Titans on January 26, 2019. He later started a campaign to raise money for a charity called The 100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee, Inc. (which stands for “The 100Black Men of Middle Tennessee, Inc.”).

This organization provides male college students in Nashville and the adjacent Middle Tennessee areas with access to services that help them grow both socially and academically. During the 2020 season, Todd’s family made a $1,000 donation to support the fight for equality for every touchdown scored by the team’s tight end.

Julie did extensive research to find a suitable non-profit organization that met the requirements outlined in a checklist and was beneficial to the participants. The organization’s mission is to improve men’s lives in a variety of ways, including improving their academic performance, literacy, self-esteem and healthy lifestyle choices.

Regardless of the circumstances, Todd can always count on the support of his devoted wife. He frequently praises Julie for his success and never misses an opportunity to show her how much he adores her. The doting couple is frequently seen attending numerous events and occasions together as a unit.

The age difference between Todd and Julie Downing

It appears that Todd and Julie Downing belong to the same generational cohort based on their facial features and general demeanor.

Todd was born on July 22, 1980 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA and is now forty-two years old. He spent his formative years in Minnesota, where he attended Eden Prairie High School and then completed his education at Minnesota College.

From 2000 to 2002 he was quarterback for a semi-professional football team called the Maulers in Minnesota. He went on to play both quarterback and defensive back for the roster while also contributing to their streak of three straight title wins.

His first position in the coaching industry was as an assistant coach on the Eden Prairie High School football team. Now in the ninth grade, Todd is the offense coach on the B team. In 2000, while coaching, the athlete achieved a victory over the Cretin Durham Hall Raiders for the Class 5A title.

In 2001, Chad Ostlund offered Todd an internship opportunity in the research and development department of the Minnesota Vikings. After that he was PR intern in 2002, football systems analyst 2003-2004 and quality control offensive coach in 2005. In 2005 he also worked as an assistant coach.

Children taught by Football Coach Todd Downing

Jackson Downing is the doting son of football coach Todd Downing and his wife Julie Downing, who together raised Jackson Downing.

Although Todd has a very hectic schedule, he always makes time for his son and enjoys spending time with him. Additionally, Jackson can frequently be seen accompanying his cherished father as he plays his game.

The offensive coordinator also posted a couple of pictures of his son on his verified Twitter account, which goes by the name @CoachTD. Since he started using the app in May 2017, he has amassed more than 6.4,000 followers.

In his Twitter bio, he describes himself as a disciple of Christ, spouse, parent and member of the Titans Football Faith community.

How much does Todd Downing have in terms of net worth?

It is estimated that Todd Downing’s net worth is somewhere in the vicinity of $1.5 million. Because he has spent his professional life in the football coaching and defensive coordinator industry.

In 2006, he was signed by the St. Louis Rams to work as an assistant coach on both the defensive and special teams units. In 2008, after serving a total of two seasons there, he was promoted to the Rams’ defensive quality control coach.

The following year, he accepted a job with the Detroit Lions as an offensive quality control coach, working with Scott Lineham. In 2010, he assumed the role of assistant quarterback coach, and he served in that role from 2011 to 2013 before being named quarterback coach.

In 2014, Todd was the quarterback coach for the Buffalo Bills. The following year, 2015, he was hired by the Oakland Raiders to serve in the same capacity under head coach Jack Del Rio. Oakland Raiders football player Derek Carr is believed to be the team’s first quarterback to be selected to a Pro Bowl thanks to the coach since 2022.

The Minnesota Vikings announced on February 19, 2018 that he would serve as their senior offensive assistant. The Tennessee Titans announced on Jan. 26 that they had hired Todd as their tight ends coach, headed by Mike Vrabel.

After Arthur Smit was signed as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons from the National Football League, the Titans promoted Downing to the position of offensive coordinator on January 29, 2021. Downing replaced Smit, who previously held the (NFL) position.

Death Downing
Death Downing

play career

From 2000 to 2002, Downing was quarterback for the Minnesota Maulers, a semi-professional football team. Todd helped the Maulers to three straight championship games while playing as both defensive back and quarterback.

career in coaching

early career

As the offensive coach for the 9th Grade B team at Eden Prairie High School, Downing held his first coaching position. In 2000, while he was in charge of his high school, the Eagles defeated Matt Birks Cretin Durham Hall Raiders to win the Class 5A state championship.

Vikings of Minnesota

In 2002 he was a public relations intern with the Minnesota Vikings, 2003-2004 football systems analyst and 2005 offensive quality control coach after Chad Ostlund offered him an internship there in 2001.

Los Angeles Rams

Downing was hired by the then St. Louis Rams in 2006 as an assistant coach for defensive and special teams. He would continue working here for two seasons. Downing would take on the role of defensive quality control coach for the Rams in 2008.

Michigan lions

In 2009, Downing joined Scott Linehan as the offensive quality control coach for the Detroit Lions. In 2010, he served as an assistant quarterback coach; He was quarterbacks coach from 2011 to 2013. From 2011-13, Matthew Stafford averaged 4,885 yards, thirty touchdowns and seventeen interceptions while playing quarterback for Detroit.

Bills from Buffalo

Downing coached the Buffalo Bills quarterbacks in 2014.

California Raiders

Downing joined the Oakland Raiders in 2015 as quarterbacks coach from head coach Jack Del Rio. He is credited with helping Derek Carr become the Raiders’ first quarterback selected to the Pro Bowl since 2002. Pro Football Focus named Downing Quarterbacks Coach of the Year on January 20, 2015. In 2017, after the Raiders decided against renewing Bill Musgrave’s contract, he was promoted to offensive coordinator after two years of coaching Raider quarterbacks. Carr rushed for 7,924 yards, sixty touchdowns and nineteen interceptions under his guidance in 2015 and 2016. He also made two Pro Bowl appearances.

On January 1, 2018, Downing, head coach Jack Del Rio and the rest of the Del Rio staff were fired due to the offense’s significant drop from 12-4 to 6-10.

Vikings of Minnesota (second stint)

The Minnesota Vikings hired Downing as their senior offensive assistant on February 19, 2018. When Vikings offense coach Tony Sparano died unexpectedly before training camp in 2018, tight ends coach Clancy Barone and Sparano’s offense assistant Andrew Janocko were moved to coach the offense line. To fill the position, Downing was promoted from senior offensive assistant to tight ends coach.

2021 Downing with the Titans

Titans of Tennessee

On January 26, 2019, the Tennessee Titans hired Downing as tight ends coach from head coach Mike Vrabel.

Arthur Smith resigned his position as offensive coordinator to take the helm of the Atlanta Falcons, and Downing was appointed to take his place on January 29, 2021.