Five things you should know about Danny Dyer’s daughter, Artie Dyer


The fact that Danny Dyer, an English actor and television presenter, is Artie Dyer’s father has contributed significantly to her fame. He grew up alongside his older sisters, Sunnie Jo Dyer and Dani Dyer.

Danny is a well known actor who got his break in the movie Human Traffic as the character Mofi. His other prominent roles include Mick Carter in Eastenders, Tommy Johnson in The Football Factory and Billy the Limpet in Mean Machine, all of which he has played.


Following the actor’s success on The Football Factory, he was frequently cast in roles that required him to play a tough personality. However, Danny’s image allowed him to present his spin-off The Real Football Factories, as well as Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men and The Teal Football Factories International.

He also has experience in theater work and has had roles in three plays written, directed and/or acted by British playwright, director and actor Harold Pinter. In addition, Danny had a very close bond with him.


In 2016, the actor married long-term lover Joanne Mas. Dani, Sunnie and Artie are the doting parents’ adorable sweet offspring. Let’s get to know the couple’s youngest child, Artie, better, shall we?

Arty Jose Dyer

A few quick facts:

Full name Arty Jose Dyer
Date of birth 2013
Age 8 years old
nationality English
parents Danny Dyer, Joanne Mas
siblings Dani Dyer, Sunnie Jo Dyer
aunt Kayleigh Dyer
great grandparents John D Dyer, Joyce Dyer

1. Artie Dyer’s brief wiki bio and who he is can be found here

Artie Dyer is the only son of doting parents Danny Dyer and Joanne Mass, who never had more children. He is the eldest sibling’s younger brother and has two older sisters named Dani and Sunnie. He’s the baby of the family.


Artie, Joanne’s youngest child, was born in 2013 making her overall Joanne’s youngest child. The eight-year-old boy often enjoys spending the day with his family. The little kid has garnered a following all on his own, thanks in large part to his acting dad’s fame.

Danny regularly posts cute pictures of his kids on his many social media accounts to draw attention to his followers. He and his wife Joanne raised their children on a beautiful estate in Debden, which was in the Epping Forest area of ​​Essex. The EastEnders star isn’t afraid to show his kids how mischievous and playful he can be and he does it without hesitation.


In 2013, the actor joined the cast of the critically acclaimed BBC soap series EastEnders. As part of the series, he plays the role of Mick Carter. Katie Jarvis, Matt Di Angelo, Steve McFadden and Adam Woodwyatt are some of the other well-known actors who appear in the episode.

2. Meet Artie Dyer Sisters, Sunnie Jo Dyer and Dani Dyer -Sisters Age Gap

Dani Dyer, the older sister of Artie Dyer, was born on August 8th, 1996 and was twenty-six years old at the time of writing this article. Sunnie Jo Dyer, his other sister, was born in 2007 and was in her teens at the time.


Both Sunnie and Dani are very fond of their younger brother who is eight years old and their relationship with him is quite close. Artie is frequently seen enjoying himself with his siblings, and even occasionally pops up on their own social media profiles.

Dani is a well-known face on TV and an actress herself. She appeared on reality competition show Survival of the Fittest in 2018 and later that year she and reality TV personality Jack Fincham won season four of Love Island.


Since Dani’s win on the reality TV show, she has worked with her doting father Danny as co-hosts on the popular series True Love or True Lies, which airs on MTV. She and her father also broadcast a podcast together called Sorted with the Dyers.

In 2015, Sunnie made an appearance on the popular game show Bog Star’s Little Star, shown on ITV. In the same episode of the show, both she and Zach, Saira Khan’s son, had acting roles. Alongside Sunnie, who is making her acting debut, his father is said to have a cameo in Kate Nash’s latest music video.


3. Artie Dyer flaunts his cute size

Artie Dyer is only eight years old and about 129 cm tall. The tallest member of his family, Danny Dyer, stands at an impressive 183 centimeters, while his eldest sister, Dani, is just 155 centimeters tall.

Before entering the Love Island competition, Dani was involved in a romantic relationship with Sammy Kimmence. She was in a relationship with Jack Fincham while they were working on the television series together, but they split later that year.


After some time had passed, she and Sammy were photographed together, and it was publicized that they had resumed their romance. On July 28, 2020, the couple shared the news that they were becoming parents for the first time. On January 23, 2021, Dani gave birth to a son who was later named Santiago.

The television personality reportedly ended her relationship with Sammy after he gained her trust and financially supported her for three and a half years after cheating on two senior citizens. In October 2021, the actress was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Jarrod Bowen, a footballer who played in the Premiere League.


4. Artie Dyer is the son of Danny Dyer and Joanne Mas and currently resides in New York

The relationship between Artie Dyer’s parents, Danny Dyer and Joanne Mas, began in 1992. Despite this, the couple divorced in 1996, a year after their first child, future television star Dani Dyer, was born.

The two initially went on separate dates with different people, but they quickly became close and started seeing each other. However, after popping the question to her future husband in March 2015, Danny and Joanne wed on September 3, 2016.


In 2011, Danny wrote his autobiography, titled Straight Up, which was published. In 2016 he published a second volume of his autobiography entitled The World Appointment to Danny Dyer. He also went to Sierra Leone that same year as part of his participation in Sport Relief.

5. Danny Dyer, Artie Dyer’s famous father, regularly posts photos of his son on his social media accounts

Danny Dyer has never been shy when it comes to posting humorous captions alongside photos he’s taken of his kids. His verified account on Instagram is @officialdannydyer and he posts there frequently.


To celebrate Dani Dyer’s 26th birthday on August 8th, Danny proudly posted a picture of himself with his daughter. In the message, he said something along the lines of, “It was an honor growing up with you.” Recent events include the fact that his daughter tagged him in a cute selfie post she captioned to commemorate the fourth and final episode of the season.

Sunnie Dyer, his baby daughter, received a birthday party on April 26, 2021 to celebrate her birth. In an Instagram post, Danny praised his daughter’s qualities, including those she possesses: beauty, humor, sensitivity and intelligence.

Danny Dyer
Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer controversy

A young male reader can get over a recent breakup with a woman by “going wild with the boys” or “cutting your ex’s face and then no one will want her anymore,” Dyer wrote in 2010 while acting in Zoo as a celebrity agony uncle. Fawcett Society CEO Ceri Goddard, as well as the media and the general public, harshly criticized the comment. Dyer later claimed his comment was wrong.

According to a May 2011 NME article featuring Dyer, Dyer was about to headbutt Mark Kermode. In a previous episode of his BBC Radio 5 Live show with Simon Mayo, Kermode had insulted and impersonated Dyer.


David Cameron, a former Conservative Prime Minister, has drawn harsh criticism from Dyer. During a live television interview in 2018, he called Cameron a “twat” and mocked Nigel Farage and Brexit. He initially supported Brexit, but then changed his mind and saw himself as a “poster child” of the anti-Brexit movement.

Personal life

He began dating Joanne Mas after the birth of their first child, future television sensation Dani Dyer, in 1996. After their breakup, they started dating other people but quickly became involved in an affair and decided to get back together. She popped the question to him in March 2015 and they eventually married on September 3, 2016. [59] They also have a son and a second daughter.


Dyer is honest when it comes to drugs. He wrote in his memoirs: “I have always used narcotics and probably will continue to do so, but there is a difference between turning your face up occasionally as a reward for a job well done and letting it rule your life. ” Because he claims that the ban on cocaine has failed, he has campaigned for its legalization.

Dyer is a lifelong supporter and player of West Ham United FC. His appointment as chairman of Greenwich Borough FC of the Kent League in December 2007 came from fellow actor Tamer Hassan, who also serves as the club’s president. I really love football and the opportunity to be associated with a team is like a dream come true, he explained. The appointment was a marketing ploy to increase the club’s visibility.


Dyer visited Sierra Leone in 2016 to participate in Sport Relief. He explained: “I’m not sure what to expect when I go there, but I hope it will make a difference in some way. It’s an honor to be asked.”

Straight Up, Dyer’s autobiography, was published in 2011. In 2016 he published The World Permalink by Danny Dyer: Life Lessons from the East End, another autobiography.