Is Gabriel Guevara Married? Who is his Girlfriend

Gabriel Guevara has been in the news for his roles in films like Skam Spain And My Fault. In addition to this, he has also been surrounded by many rumors which are said to have been dangerous for his career. Most people are curious to know if this handsome guy is in a relationship.

Is he married? Or maybe he’s dating someone. In this article, we will discuss the love adventures of Gabriel Guevara.

Gabriel Guevara is rumored to be dating Nicole Wallace

Guevara’s current relationship status is up for debate. Some sources say he is in a relationship with Nicole Wallace, his My Fault co-star. Following their performance in the same series in 2023, allegations about their relationship began to speculate.

Guevara and Wallace played each other’s romantic interests in the film. In the movie, their chemistry was spectacular and because of that, many wondered if there was something else between them. Plus, the movie even had a few steamy scenes between the two that fueled the flames.

The intimacy they showed — like kissing and making funny gestures like tongue touching — further fueled dating suspicions about them. Many people expressed their thoughts after seeing the duo post flirty photos. “I swear they are dating,” one fan said.

Nonetheless, Guevara seemingly shut down the rumors, as he stated in an interview with,

“We have a really good relationship, to begin with, and our chemistry is really good, as are our friends.”

Guevara previously dated Agostina Goni

Many media outlets revealed in October 2020 that Agostina Goniactress and model, and Guevara had a romantic relationship.

Although they never officially announced their relationship, the couple was seen enjoying intimate moments in paparazzi photos. They seemed genuinely excited to be in each other’s company when they were seen kissing passionately in a small cafe.

There have been no updates on Guevara and Goni’s relationship since then, so it appears they have called it quits.

Gabriel Guevara was once in a toxic relationship

In early 2023, Guevara spoke candidly about his love life to Gala magazine, sharing that he had just left a terrible relationship. In response to a question regarding his dating status, he openly admitted that he is not actively looking to return to the dating scene anytime soon.

This implies that the actor had a secret relationship with someone but hid it from the public. It conveyed a great sense of relief and calm in his life after the breakup of his previous relationship.

Guevara revealed that he now spends time meeting new people and focusing on his personal development.

Gabriel flourishes as an actor

It was in late 2018 that Gabriel made his television debut in the first season of Skam Espaa, the Spanish adaptation of the Norwegian teen drama series Skam, which focused on the struggles and daily lives of teenagers. In this role, he played Cristian Miralles Haro. He went on to appear in 12 episodes of the series during seasons 1 and 2.

He then played Cristofer in Senoras del (h)AMPA in 2020 and Manuel in Amanda Kernell’s film Charter in 2018. The same year, he made an appearance in Riders as Samu. After this, Charter was selected as the Swedish entry for the Best International Feature Film category of the 93rd Academy Awards; however, he was not included in the shortlist.

Guevara’s biggest role to date is in the romantic drama My Fault, available on Prime Video in 2023. My Fault is based on Mercedes Ron’s popular Culpables novel series, which she first published on Wattpad. My Fault was released in June 2023. According to Amazon Prime Video, it has the best three-day viewership statistics.

Gabriel Guevara is from Madrid

Born February 6, 2001, Guevara is the son of Marlène Mourreau and Michel Guevarra. Her mother is a French model as well as a television presenter and actress. On the other hand, his father is a retired Cuban dancer.

Gabriel spent his early years in Madrid. He speaks Spanish and French fluently and is proficient in French. Guevara is a student at Instituto Lope de Vega from where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in performing arts in 2018.

He was interested in acting from a young age

Just like his parents, who were involved in the artistic field, Gabriel also turned to the arts. From a young age, he became involved in advertising campaigns and also appeared in some small acting roles.

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