Glenda Cleveland, Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbor, How Did She Pass Away?

The atrocities of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer are chillingly portrayed in the Netflix documentary Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Though his notoriety has been the focus of numerous true crime based movies and shows in the past, the Netflix series takes a unique perspective on the subject. The series focuses on all of the ways in which the legal system has failed victims and encouraged Dahmer to kill more rather than reproducing Dahmer’s crimes and inviting sympathy for the devil. In doing so, the documentary avoids inviting sympathy for the devil.

The exposure of the utter incompetence of officers tasked with protecting the public from the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer gets under the skin of viewers and horrifies them far more than Dahmer’s crimes themselves, which were chilling enough on their own. However, it also focuses on the narratives of the individuals who actually tried to stop Dahmer from committing his crimes. Among them was Glenda Cleveland. If you’re curious as to what became of her after the events of the episode, then consider the information below.

Glenda Cleveland

How did Glenda Cleveland die?

Glenda Cleveland passed away on December 24, 2010 at the age of 56. She had lived in her Milwaukee apartment. Concerned neighbors who hadn’t seen her for several days called police after realizing she hadn’t been seen for a while. Officers who responded found her lying face down on the floor of her apartment. The coroner’s report said it was “a natural death caused by heart disease and high blood pressure.” This is reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Sandra Smith, the woman’s daughter, believes her mother’s frequent smoking was to blame.

Cleveland had stopped working since she left her job as a data entry clerk several years ago. Since then, she hadn’t found another job, instead helping to take care of her daughter’s children. Although there was no funeral, a memorial service was held, attended by the people who had been Cleveland’s closest friends and family. Cleveland, who was one of nine children and was born in Mississippi, always considered helping those in need to be of the utmost importance. Because of this temperament, as well as their steadfast vigilance, which was largely motivated by Dahmer’s increasingly suspicious behavior, they, their daughter and niece decided to call the police on May 27, 1991. Dahmer was still at large the time.

In the middle of the street, they discovered a young boy who was wounded, naked and barely able to control his senses. Although it was obvious that he was a child, the police who were at the scene could not find anything wrong with his circumstances. In fact, they helped Dahmer bring the boy back to his apartment after he was accused of molesting the child. It was only after a few months had passed and four more people had been murdered that it was discovered that the young man Dahmer passed off as his 19-year-old partner was actually Konerak Sinthasomphone, who was just 14 at the time.

When Cleveland tried to get help for Konerak, the police decided they would rather believe Dahmer than her. In addition, Cleveland made a number of follow-up calls to Konerak inquiring about her health, but Konerak’s concerns were ignored each time. Tracy Edwards was able to free himself from Jeffrey Dahmer’s grasp in 1991 and lead police officers straight to his home when Dahmer was eventually taken into custody. Cleveland continued to live on the same block after Dahmer’s arrest until 2009. Despite the fact that no one paid attention to her concerns when she anxiously tried to get someone’s attention, Mayor John Norquist later praised her as a “model citizen.”

In addition to receiving honors from local women’s groups and the Milwaukee Police Department, Cleveland has also been recognized and honored by the City of Milwaukee Common Council and County Board. For her part, she did not stop speaking out against the wrongs committed by the police, which had resulted in the deaths of innocent people. Cleveland also reportedly kept in touch with Konerak’s relatives. Cleveland became a victim of Dahmer’s crimes not only for actress Niecy Nash, who plays her character on the show, but for Cleveland herself.

According to Nash, Glenda Cleveland was an extraordinary woman. She deserved a lot more than a shabby plaque at the foot of a common room for always trying harder and harder to get someone to do something. The Netflix series makes up for this oversight by putting more emphasis on the victim’s efforts and the trauma she suffered from living alongside Dahmer. Additionally, the series offers viewers a positive role model amidst an otherwise chilling narrative.

Glenda Cleveland
Glenda Cleveland

Frequently Asked Questions about Glenda Cleveland

Q1 Who was Glenda Cleveland?

Answer: Glenda Cleveland was an American and the neighbor of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who first reported him to the police while he was on a killing spear between 1978 and 1991.

Q2. When did Glenda Cleveland die?

Answer: Cleveland died on December 24, 2010.

Q3 How old was Glenda Cleveland when she died?

Answer: Cleveland was 56 years old when she died.

Q4 How did Glenda Cleveland die?

Answer: Cleveland died alone in her apartment due to her heart disease and high blood pressure.

Q5. What did Glenda Cleveland do?

Answer: Cleveland alerted police to Jeffrey’s suspicious behavior when her daughter and niece reportedly told her about a bleeding naked boy they saw running out of their neighbor Jeffrey’s home.