Greg Sankey Salary – 5 Facts to Know About the Commissioner of the SEC


Greg Sankey, the SEC Commissioner, has been in the news since taking the stage to speak about the SEC during the conference realignment.

In short, Sankey said the SEC will be fine with the way things are once Texas and Oklahoma join in 2025. He also said that the SEC in adjacent St.


Greg Sankey is unofficially the first person to do something in Atlanta. This year, the SEC Media Days show was held in Atlanta instead of Hoover, and the commissioner is getting things started there.

This year, the SEC Media Days show was held in Atlanta instead of Hoover, and the commissioner is getting things started there.


Sankey said he only spoke to his presidents on Wednesday after Big Ten news was released, which was more than a week later. When asked if he thought this would all lead to super conferences, he said: “This is a super league.”

Greg Sankey’s salary is being looked at

Greg Sankey was a SEC agent in the United States. The average salary for a US Securities and Exchange Commission member is $91,000 per year.


The report then says they make $44 an hour, which is 39% more than the average wage for commissioners across the country.

At the same time, at one of the conferences recently, he said that the SEC and Big Ten make a lot of money “because we gave value”. He also said he would like to speak to other commissioners about how to spread this message.


After serving nine years with the Southeastern Conference, he was made Executive Associate Commissioner. He was very important to Commissioner Mike Slive’s work to change the SEC’s governance, enforcement and compliance program.

Meet Greg Sankey’s wife She is Cathy Sankey

Greg Sankey and his wife Cathy Sankey are very happy together. The couple and their two teenagers, Hannah Michelle and Moriah Elizabeth, live in Birmingham, Alabama.


There is currently no information about Cathy’s job or anything else on the internet. She was a good wife and mother, so her life wasn’t very exciting.

On the other hand, Sankey attended State University of New York College for his bachelor’s degree and Syracuse University for his master’s degree.


Greg Sankey’s income in 2022

Greg Sankey will be making around $2 million a year thanks to his new job in 2022. The details of Sankey’s fortune have not yet been worked out.

USA Today’s Steve Berkowitz wrote in February that conference awards for 2017 ranged from $42.8 million for the University of Georgia to $39.9 million for each of the other three universities.


Sankey began working for the Southland Conference in 1992. Before becoming a commissioner in 1996, he served as an assistant commissioner and associate commissioner.

In 1992 he moved to the office of the Southland Conference. Previously, he was Director of Compliance and Academic Services at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana.


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