Has Bling Empire’s Kevin Kreider tracked down his birth family?

Kevin Kreider really grabbed our hearts with his humanity, normality, selflessness and honesty from the very first time Netflix’s “Bling Empire” first burst onto our screens in 2021. Because not only is he the funny but handsome moral center for the entire production, but because he’s never afraid to question the difficult sides of his life in front of the camera, that’s why. Added to this, of course, is his lengthy and dogged search for his biological family around the world; So if you are interested in more information on this topic, we have compiled the relevant information for you.

Bling Empires Kevin

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Is Kevin Kreider acquainted with any of his biological relatives?

Kevin, whose birth name was Tae Jin Kim and who was adopted by the Hunong Baby Home when he was just three years old, spent much of his childhood in the Philadelphia area of ​​Pennsylvania, although his South Korean born name was there. Raised in a loving white household, it wasn’t until he moved to Los Angeles and found his Asian community that he was able to embark on his own path of self-discovery. He had been raised with great pride by his white family. The first thing he did before opening up to his adoptive mother was a DNA test to confirm his family history. This was so she could reassure him that no matter how the situation might turn out, they will continue to love and take care of him.

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Because of this unconditional affection and encouragement to connect to his lineage, Kevin made the decision to explore his story by undergoing an intense hypnosis session that left him emotionally drained. He went in with a skeptical attitude, but when it was over he had a sense of calm and contentment, having realized that his worries of being abandoned, just for the sake of it or because he was unloved, were unfounded . After the session, he shared his thoughts by saying, “It was really mine [born] Mummy; She was just scared.” “She was thinking about her own life at the time. She didn’t think to herself, “Kevin is such an idiot.” The wound has taken on the appearance of a scar.

Because of this, Kevin had stopped looking for his original family; but his curiosity soon returned, and he began to increase the amount of work he expended to discover his story in the shortest possible time. He has done everything from chatting with other adoptees for support to placing an ad in a Korean newspaper for additional information. He has met with individuals at the Korean Embassy for support, spoken to other adoptees for support, and placed the ad. As a result, Kevin can say with absolute certainty that he is the grandson of Kim Hwa-Jung from Suwon City. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s discovered any other direct connection to his parents, at least not from what we know.

Bling Empires Kevin
Bling Empires Kevin

However, as revealed in the show’s third season, Kevin also has a first cousin named Sarah, who contacted him after DNA testing revealed they are blood related. Like Kevin, Sarah was put up for adoption. They quickly concluded that it would be best to meet in New York City, close to where they live, which in their own words was a completely strange encounter since neither of them had been able to find anything.

Kevin exclaimed, “I don’t know enough words in the English lexicon to possibly explain how uncomfortably exciting it is to meet my cousin,” but he said he was looking forward to seeing his cousin. “I thought I could just talk to her about finding my birth parents, but there’s the feeling; It’s almost like someone flipped a little switch in the dark. “I thought I might just talk to her about finding my birth parents.” You just don’t feel alone. You can see something and it’s right in front of you. It’s almost as if it all worked out that way.” Because Sarah is such a devoted family member, he also learned that he is an uncle.

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