Has Romana Didulo been arrested? What you should know about the Canadian Qanon Queen

When Romana Didulo arrived in Peterborough, Canada, her supporters attempted to arrest two police officers outside Peterborough station. This happened after Romana got there.

She calls herself the Canadian Qanon Queen and is known for spreading false and anti-Canadian rumours. People think she has a mental disorder because she says she has superpowers and alien technology and wants to found her kingdom in Canada.

Was Queen Romana Didulo taken into custody by Qanon?

Didulo was not arrested; Instead, their supporters were detained by police when they tried to behave badly towards them outside Peterborough railway station. She drove into town on Saturday in an RV funded by donations. For months, Didulo has called for the arrest and execution of anyone involved in the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in Canada.

Many of their 70,000 Telegram supporters are staunch opponents of vaccination, and they often personally deliver letters to organizations urging them to stop committing crimes against humanity.

She sent a message asking her supporters to meet in Peterborough and detain officers from the Peterborough Police Service at her Water Street station. At the same time, they waited for the army to come and grab them.

Who is Romana Didulo’s husband and which party does she belong to

Didulo wasn’t spotted with a boyfriend or girlfriend, so we can assume she wasn’t in a relationship or broken up with her partner. It’s crazy to think that over 70,000 people have joined her cause and two of those people even tried to do what she said and arrested a real cop.

Didulo’s speeches are full of beautiful stories, such as how she became Queen of Canada. She says the Chinese military broke into a network of underground tunnels in Canada unnoticed.

She worked hard to keep tabs on her troops and get the Chinese communists out of the tunnels. She also says she can get hold of the vast sums of money being held at the Vatican. She says that she is a shapeshifter who can transform into any type of body.

Didulo’s task is to end the conflict in Ukraine through negotiations between the US and Russia. That’s what the US commander-in-chief told him to do. She recently said her close friend and Russian President Vladimir Putin gave her a watch signed by him.

What Reddit and Twitter had to say about the Romana Didulo movement

People on all social media think Didulo’s actions are crazy and don’t help society in any way. Instead, people are pushed to break the law to experience things that only exist in their minds.

She tells her followers that she will give them magic beds that will help them get better. A Twitter user named CarymaRules kept people updated on what was happening with the arrest. No one takes her plans seriously because she says and promises things that are so stupid they seem too good to be true.

People are always saying something bad about them or making fun of them and their followers. She travels across the country of Canada with a group of people in an RV. During these gatherings, Didulo makes formal speeches. These will be written down and posted on a number of Telegram channels. She tells her followers that she can do supernatural things.

She says that putting on a cloak can make her invisible. She says that people of her kind don’t usually have that kind of power. She is not from this world. She is an Arcturian, an alien of a very advanced race who has special abilities related to the stars.