Has Sadie Mckenna been caught cheating with Bryce Hall? Is the Tiktok couple breaking up?


Social media star Sadie Mckenna, known for her Tiktok videos, is said to have been caught cheating on her boyfriend, media star Bryce Hall.

Mckenna makes content on Tiktok under the @sadieemckennaa name. As of July 2022, she has 1.1 million followers. She has been using social media since 2019 and her videos became popular on the TikTok forum.


Mckenna has also posted videos of her dancing, stitches, transitions and more to her content.

Was Bryce Hall’s affair with Sadie McKenna caught?

Although Mckenna is allegedly cheating on her boyfriend with a social media star named Bryce Hall, there is no evidence the two are dating. So the talk isn’t true. If you look at Hall’s profile, you can see that he is close to his boyfriend Riley. He has shared many videos with her and everyone loves the way they get along.


On March 4, 2022, the social media influencer posted a video of him reconnecting with Reily, and he was mad about it. Hall hung out with his friend on the ship, where they talked about quitting drinking.

Someone said the following about Bryce and Riley’s relationship: “I think Bryce likes to hang out with Riley because she’s real and doesn’t have that attitude like other typical LA influencers.” So she’s normal and a fun person to be with you can hang out.


Later, on July 10, 2020, he showed Riley the video and confronted her about publicly rejecting him. Together they made the most famous scene from Topgun.

Are Sadie McKenna and Bryce Hall dating?

Mckenna and Hall have never been in a relationship, so rumors that they slept together are not true. Right now, Mckenna has posted a TikTok video saying she will stop using social media in five days. Her fans have said she needs to date Bryce.


Also, some Mckenna fans wanted to know who Bryce is. Chandler, who is also on TikTok, asked webstar Mckenna out on a date. Did he say anything about just one date? She said, “I’ll think about it.” So it seemed like Bryce and Mckenna didn’t make an impression on each other.

The rumors surrounding Sadie McKinnon’s affair and her relationship with Bryce Hall

From what I’ve seen on Mckenna’s social media pages, she doesn’t meet anyone. However, she did post a picture of herself kissing a boy with the caption “That was supposed to be me” and an angry emoji. She doesn’t know Hall in any way.


Mckenna has also written about her friends and travels on her social page. Still, the person creating the content hasn’t spoken out about who they’re dating. Also, Hall showed the dance video to a girl from Australia. On his TikTok and YouTube channels he has videos he made with his colleagues.

Since 2015, Hall has been active on social media as a public figure. He has become a big star on the YouTube channel TikTok. In 2019, 100,000 people signed up to follow the influencer. These social networks show what he does every day and who he dates, what is private information for the social media star.


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