Health update from Alex Wassabi


Alex Wassabi: Health update from Alex Wassabi

The fight between Alex Wassabi and KSI is currently in doubt after Alex picked up an injury while preparing for the upcoming fight, which was scheduled to take place on August 27, according to Instagram.


Wassabi is set to face fellow YouTuber KSI later this month at London’s O2 Arena, but the YouTuber claimed that Wassabi might not make it. The revelation of Wassabi’s injury comes from a source close to Wassabi’s camp, according to Keemstar, who correctly published the Tommy Fury vs. Jake Paul injury story last year.

Accidentally injured while training, Alex Wassabi

According to the sources, Wassabi has two separate ailments, including a concussion and a broken hand. However, he assures us that the rumor of fighter injuries is correct and that it has been confirmed twice.


Wassabi took to Instagram to confirm he recently sustained a serious injury and will be returning soon. However, he clarified that he would not participate if he suffered from a concussion and that new fight dates would be announced soon.

Will Alex Wassabi be postponed against KSI?

Alex and KSI were due to meet later in August at London’s O2 Arena but the American fighter suffered an injury in training and was forced to retire. The organizer of the fight, Misfits Boxing, stated that if a fighter retires, they will be replaced by another competitor.


KSI will fight for the first time after his duel in 2019. Wassabi, who defeated his younger brother Denji in March this year, was keen to score for KSI.

According to sources close to Alex Wassabi’s camp, he may not be able to face KSI on August 27 due to a recent injury.


Despite Alex’s likely injury, KSI will still compete that day as another fighter will take Alex’s place, according to the boxing event organizer. Following the injury rumor with Wassabi, Jake Paul has offered to fight for KSI if Alex doesn’t make it to the fight. Although the replacement has not yet been officially announced, there is a possibility that Alex will return to the arena.

Health update for Alex Wassabi

Wassabi reportedly picked up an injury while preparing for the game against YouTube sensation KSI. Since his fight with Logan Paul in November 2019, KSI has shunned the ring, instead pursuing his career as a musician.


YouTube celebrity KSI claimed he would fight Alex, who defeated his younger brother Denji after spending two years outside the ring. After a three-year absence, YouTube star KSI will face off against Alex Wassabi in a vengeance-motivated battle.

Alex recently revealed on Instagram that he sustained a serious injury while preparing for a game. But instead of mentioning his broken hand, he just said he was recovering from a concussion. However, he said that the new duel date would be announced shortly.


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