How did Cassandra Flintstone fare? Was she hurt?


Cassandra Flintstone was pulled over and locked in a holding cell for drunk driving.

If you search Cassandra Flintstone on YouTube, you can see her attack.


How did Cassandra Flintstone fare? injury report

Cassandra Flintstone was arrested and taken to a holding facility for drunk driving. According to NBC Chicago, Feuerstein left the cell after asking to call her husband and children. A surveillance camera quickly records Flint falling headfirst onto a concrete bench as officers drag her out of the prison area.

The video also shows police treating their wounds immediately after the incident.

Cassandra Feuerstein was attacked by a Skokie police officer in 2013 and forced into a holding cell where she suffered nerve damage and required reconstructive facial surgery.


This aggressive cop got only two years of PAROLE from Judge Matt Coghlan.

Her right face was completely swollen from the injury as can be seen in the photos. She had a shattered facial bone, a large scratch on her face, and several missing teeth.


The tragedy is said to have resulted in her suffering nerve damage that required facial reconstruction surgery. According to the medical report, she has had problems with her teeth and vision since the injury.

Feuerstein can also be seen in the surveillance film conversing with an officer. You might observe her asking for the police to call her husband and children.


Officer Michael Hart stops Cassandra Flintstone, who then slams into the concrete seat, injuring her head and face.

Officer Michael Hart stops Cassandra Flintstone, who then slams onto the concrete seat, sustaining injuries to her head and face.


Shortly after, Feuerstein is heard shouting from behind bars, and Officer Michael Hart stops her from returning to the cell. She then bangs her head first on a cement seat. The last video shows a woman being assisted by two police officers while she is bleeding on the ground.

Facebook removed the security video of Feuerstein’s arrest. However, there are still some conversations on Twitter related to the incident.


Cassandra Flintstone: who is she? Bio from Wikipedia

Cassandra attracted a lot of public attention in 2015. She lives in Chicago, and two years ago she and her attorney, Torreya Hamilton, presented police surveillance evidence.

Cassandra can be seen in the video banging her head against a bench and then falling to the ground.


Michael Hart was the cop who pushed Cassandra into the jail cell.

The woman was brutally thrown into a cell by a police officer in March 2013, causing her to stumble forward and hit her head on a concrete bench.


The blow reportedly fractured a bone in her face and knocked out her teeth, according to prosecutors.

Feuerstein’s right socket bone was broken, her teeth were loose, and she had a sizeable cut on her cheek. After the attack, the West Rogers Park victim required reconstructive surgery and a titanium plate in her cheek.


Feuerstein admitted to driving while intoxicated and was sentenced to a year’s probation, according to court documents.

Exactly how old is Cassandra Flintstone?

Cassandra Feuerstein, 57, lives in Chicago, Illinois.


The female suspect was previously detained by the Skokie Police Department for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. She then claimed that she was abused after being arrested for drunk driving following her arrest.

Cassandra Flintstone’s current whereabouts as of 2022 are unknown. But pictures of her wounds are still circulating on the Internet.


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