How did Jho Rovero fare? Wife Health and Disease Update by Andrew Schimmer

How did Jho Rovero fare? Wife Health and Disease Update by Andrew Schimmer

The majority of admirers are interested in Jho Rovero’s condition as she is known as the wife of actress Andrew Schimmer.

Actress and popular fitness model Jho Rover. Andrew Schimmer, her loving husband, is her spouse.

Famed Filipino entertainer Andrew is best known for his roles in the films Beautiful Justice, Descendants of the Sun and Kapag Nahit Ang Puso. He has maintained a solid fan base throughout his career.

In recent days, Schimmer’s wife has been battling the condition known as mental hypoxia. She is currently a patient in the hospital and is being cared for.

How did Jho Rovero fare?

Famous model Jho Rovero is currently suffering from mental hypoxia, a medical condition.

As of August 12, 2022, Jho Rovero is still battling this disease. Her illness, known as mental hypoxia, worsens her health.

The most common cause of mental hypoxia is a lack of oxygen in the brain. This disease can occur when a person is about to drown, suffocate, suffocate, or experience cardiac arrest. This disease has the potential to end people’s lives.

Rovero had a severe asthma attack that led to other problems including cerebral hypoxia and cardiac arrest.

Jho is hospitalized for cerebral hypoxia. She was treated in the emergency room for the past 24 hours before being placed under observation.

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Information on disease and health updates from Jho Rovero

Jho Rovero, Andrew Schimmer’s wife, is still uncomfortable and struggling with mental hypoxia.

He updated his fans on Jho Roveros’ health through his social media channels. The actress’ wife is now struggling with a serious illness.

Actor Andrew Schimmer is currently in a serious predicament due to his wife’s hospitalization. Most of the actor’s admirers expressed hope that his wife would quickly recover.

This hypoxia struck the actress in November 2021. The online video posted by Andrew went viral on social media. Unfortunately, the photo shows that her condition is deteriorating.

Hypoxia can also be caused by heart attacks and other incidents that affect the supply of oxygen to the brain. It is a serious condition that, if left untreated, can lead to lifelong brain damage.

Is Jho Rovero still receiving medical attention?

Jho Rovero has been a patient at Luke’s Medical Center since November 2021.

Jho Rovero spent several months on a hospital bed due to multiple asthma attacks that led to cardiac arrest and hypoxia.

On June 13, 2022, Rovero’s husband posted a Facebook video of him taking care of his wife. The video upset many of the actor’s supporters, who wished them a speedy recovery.

Andrew announced on Facebook that he needed money to cover his wife’s medical expenses. The GoFundMe page was started by Andrea Mari Schimmer on behalf of Charline Capin.

In addition, the wife of the actress receives excellent care in the hospital. Jho Rover should recover soon we hope.