How did Judge Tracie Hunter fare? Courtroom drama and the decision of the bizarre case


A Hamilton County Juvenile Court judge in Ohio, Judge Tracie Hunter, was embroiled in a 6-year court battle involving allegations of backdating documents.

Her legal battle with the Supreme Court and prosecutors ended in 2019 despite her acquittal when she was nonetheless sentenced to six years in prison at the end of June.


What happened to Judge Tracie Hunter?

Judge Tracie Hunter was accused by prosecutors of backdating the records, prompting a legal battle with the Ohio Supreme Court. Hunter was accused by the Hamilton County Public Defender’s Office of turning down appeals in 2013.

The case lasted until 2019, and the judge was suspended as soon as allegations emerged of giving her brother access to sensitive information and delaying decisions on prisoner appeals.


Judge Tracie Hunter arrested in Ohio for backdating documents.

Tracie vehemently denied all allegations, but the judge and jury took the case extremely seriously given the seriousness of the circumstances. A change of judge was requested by the old judge because of his previous involvement in a collision with a woman.


All were turned away, and the court appointed a new attorney for them. She finally ended her court battle after six grueling years, which the former judge still claims was nothing more than a racial slur against her.

The Case and Verdict from the Courtroom of the Ohio Judge

Judge Tracie Hunter of the Hamilton County Juvenile Court in Ohio had one of the longest trials, with an even more astounding verdict lasting six years.


Judge Tracie Hunter accused the Public Defender’s Office of multiple crimes before a grand jury when she opened her case against her. The judge was accused of blocking and postponing appeals and leaking private information in the case.

All other allegations were dismissed by prosecutors, but she was sentenced to six months in prison for disclosing private information. The judge still gave her permission to avoid jail while she appealed.


Her attorney filed a federal habeas corpus petition in 2016, alleging misconduct by the prosecutor and judge led to an unfair trial.

Despite the allegations and claims of valid evidence against the judge, she received a six-month prison sentence and more than $30,000 in court costs.


Tracie Hunter is the first African American female juvenile court judge

According to Tracie Hunter’s Twitter bio, she is the first African American juvenile court judge and she is very proud of that fact.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hunter received her bachelor’s degree from Miami University in 1988 before continuing her law education at the University of Cincinnati College of Law in 1992.


Before founding her law practice in 1994, the former Ohio judge served as a pastor and contract attorney in the Public Defender’s Office. During her time at the law firm, Hunter worked on issues related to civil rights, personal injury and real estate.

She held positions at prestigious law firms such as Bayless & Chelsey before opening her own practice. Waite and Schneider.


Where is Tracie Hunter today?

After her conviction in late June 2019, Tracie Hunter was released in October of that year and has since been a vocal supporter of feminism and African Americans on social media.

Senior minister Tracie Hunter was once a judge.


The former judge is still actively speaking about how the GOP wronged her and removed her as a judge; She is senior pastor at the Western Hills Brethren at Christ Church.

These days, Hunter seems to both tweet her political opinions and celebrate the victories and achievements of black women.


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