How did the Bishopsgate attack happen? All the information you need

This morning there were three stabbings in Bishopsgate which is in the City of London. At least three people were stabbed to death in central London, all in connection with an attempted bicycle theft, witnesses said.

When the victim and some bystanders tried to stop some masked people from riding electric bikes and stealing phones, they were attacked. Let’s find out what happened in Bishopgate, as well as more information about the attack.

Bishopsgate attack

What exactly happened in Bishopsgate?

According to police reports, in one incident three people were stabbed, one person was thrown to the ground and three people were taken to hospital; However, the incident is not believed to be terrorism-related. The attack took place at 9:46am and City of London Police arrived at the scene at 9:51am.

At 9.46am we were made aware of three stab wounds and one person pushed to the ground in Bishopsgate and officers arrived at the scene at 9.51am. Local emergency services sent three people to a neighboring medical facility for treatment.

This is an ongoing incident, but authorities are not treating it as linked to terrorism.

The following post was published by the City of London Police (@CityPolice) on 6th October 2022.

Ambulance services were called just before 10am amid reports that many people had been injured near Liverpool Street Station in Bishopsgate. The London Ambulance Service (LAS) arrived at the scene and the area has been cordoned off by police.

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What exactly is the motivation behind this attack?

In today’s horrifying incident, three people were stabbed and another was dragged to the ground to prevent a phone being stolen. The incident is said to have happened just a few kilometers from a police station. It was reported that there was blood on the asphalt in front of the glass office building.

First photos from the scene of an attack on Bishopsgate this morning in which three people were stabbed can be found at

The following post was created by My London (@myldn) on October 6, 2022.

The London Ambulance Service crew said: “We were contacted at 9.52am this morning with reports of a stabbing in the Bishopsgate area.” Resources included our Tactical Response Unit plus three Ambulance crews, two Advanced Paramedics, two Incident Response Police and our Tactical Response Unit. 4 patients were seen by our staff. Three people were hospitalized and one person was allowed to go home. The London Ambulance Service (LAS) arrived at the scene and the area has been cordoned off by police.

No arrests have been made so far and the police are continuing to search for the thief. News that someone had been stabbed was relayed over his walkie-talkie to a traffic cop working nearby, and he rushed to the scene as soon as he heard it. The incident sparked widespread fear among the population.

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police investigations

There appears to be no connection to terrorism, authorities noted. Four people are attacked for stealing mobile phones from customers on one of the country’s busiest streets this morning. London Mayor Sadiq Khan claims an increase in knife crimes across the country has been seen as a direct result of cuts made by the government, but that London is bucking the trend.

“There are implications for austerity.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan claims an increase in knife crimes across the country has been seen as a direct result of cuts made by the government, but that London is bucking the trend.

Tweet from @mrjamesob to @SadiqKhan with hashtag #SpeakToSadiq:

— LBC (@LBC) on October 6, 2022

The mayor issued the following statement: “The good news is that this is not a terrorist attack.

“It is a stark warning of the danger of carrying a blade in public across our country. We are in no way complacent, although we have seen an increase in knife crime injuries across the country rather than a sharper drop like we saw in London.

“I believe there is an absolute need to crack down on crime, invest in policing, crack down on the complex causes of crime and invest in young people and youth workers. There’s never room for complacency, but knife crime injuries in London have gone down.

Bishopsgate attack
Bishopsgate attack

How did people react to the incident?

Elizabeth Haigh put it in a tweet:

It is important to note that there is NO evidence that this person was arrested for stabbing as this information is widely available. He was taken into custody almost two hours after the Bishopsgate attack and many witnesses have indicated that two other suspects fled the scene on bicycles shortly after the attack.

The tweeted Gareth Davies said:

Three people have been taken to hospital after a stabbing in Bishopsgate, but their condition is not believed to be life-threatening. “The good news is that it does not appear to be a terrorist attack,” said Sadiq Khan. He applauds the decline in the number of people injured by knives in London and his record of killing teenagers.

Flowerbomb212 wrote in a tweet,

Cyclists in lawless London are given carte blanche to attack pedestrians if they’re around to take their phones. Keep creating additional bike lanes for this to happen, Sadiq. You are a criminal with blood on your hands.

Mehak Jan tweeted,

Four people were injured in the Bishopsgate knife attack as passers-by tried to stop thieves on bikes from taking phones.

Anons who ride bikes tweeted:

According to City of London Police, an incident in Bishopsgate, near Liverpool Street Station, resulted in four injuries, three of which were caused by stab wounds. A massive emergency response was launched and surrounding roads were closed.

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