How has Ian Thorpe fared? An update on the retired swimmer’s illnesses and health

Ian Thorpe, a five-time Olympic swimming gold medalist, has made a remarkably good recovery from a terrible illness that requires painstaking care.

He is a former Australian swimmer who has competed in freestyle, backstroke, individual medley and other disciplines. He has the most Australians with five Olympic gold medals.

With three gold and two silver medals, Thorpe was the most successful athlete at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. At 14, he was the youngest male lawmaker ever.

How has Ian Thorpe fared?

Ian Thorpe recently fell ill after shoulder surgery earlier this year. Early reports said he was struggling to use his left arm in a hospital intensive care unit.

A five-time Olympic swimming champion who had developed a risky infection was discharged from a Sydney hospital on Wednesday, according to his manager.

His manager James Erskine dispelled various rumors of illness and stated that the 31-year-old is doing better. The athlete contracted an insect and fell ill after an operation in a hospital near his home in the Swiss town of Ronco Sopra Ascona.

The Olympian great’s dad revealed Thorpe was depressed in February. In early 2014 he was found in a confused state near his parents’ home in Sydney and was found to be seeking help.

According to allegations cited by BBC News, the renowned Australian swimmer had been taking prescription medication as well as antidepressants for a sore shoulder.

Update on Ian Thorpe’s health and illness

Ian Thorpe is struggling with health problems after shoulder surgery. He has already left the hospital and his health is now improving.

Thorpe’s second retirement from swimming in 2013 coincided with a series of health issues. Thorpe’s close friends are concerned he may no longer be able to use his left arm as he is now undergoing extensive treatment in Sydney.

From a swimming performance standpoint, he will no longer compete. According to the Bleacher Report, the athlete underwent severe shoulder surgery and received the same number of plates as Barry Sheene.

Many more people have expressed their deep concern and best wishes for a speedy recovery for the former Olympic great, including The Australian’s Patricia Karvelas and Fox Sports’ Sam Ashoo.

Ian Thorpe Earnings and Net Worth 2022

The majority of Ian Thorpe’s estimated $313,500 career earnings as a professional swimmer goes into his net worth of $1,265,000.

The most successful Olympian of the 2000 Summer Olympics is widely recognized as Ian. In the swimming world, he is also known by the names Thorpey and Thorpedo, according to his Wikipedia biography.

Thorpe not only swam 13 solo long course world records, but also captained the Australian relay teams and set five world records for relays. In Sydney he won the 4×100 and 4×200 m freestyle relays.

Only he has received medals for the 100-200-400 combination. for his victories in the 200m, 400m and bronze medal in the 100m freestyle at the 2004 Summer Olympics.