How I Met Your Father Season 2: Return Date on Hulu

From what you’re watching on Hulu tonight, it makes sense to want a how I met your father Season 2 Episode 12 Return Date. So what’s the bad news? Well, let’s just say you’ll be waiting a while to see it.

In case you missed the news, the people at the streaming service confirmed last week that the Hilary Duff series will be going on hiatus following tonight’s two-part event, with the return plan being for the show to return on May 23. New episodes will then re-stream every Tuesday, with the finale scheduled to air on July 11.

Does all this make sense? Sure, but we’re still hoping that at some point in the midst of all this, we’ll hear some good news about a third season. Is that really too much to ask at this point? We feel the show’s mythology has been built here in such a way that it could go on for many years to come, and we hope the ratings are good enough to make that possible. (Unfortunately, this isn’t a streaming service that releases viewership data far in advance.)

We know the rest of the current season has already been filmed, and there’s something extra special about the finale: it was filmed live! This is the first time in the entire history of How I met your… Franchise. Although this is a sitcom, it’s not always filmed in such a way that something like this is possible. We’re glad they’re experimenting a bit with the format!

Story-wise, we’re just hoping to be a little surprised. At this point, a number of pairings and future outcomes seem obvious… but will that really be the case in the long term?