How many episodes does ex-wife have on Paramount Plus? Release Date, How To Watch and more

Each of the four episodes of Paramount’s The Ex-Wife is one hour long. The first episode aired on October 12 on Paramount.

Catherine Steadman wrote and directed the talked about and garnered a lot of attention lately The Ex-Wife show. New Paramount+ drama The Ex-Wife will premiere Wednesday, October 12 with Celine Buckens.

The series is based on a book of the same name. It is the first Paramount+ original made in the UK. People are very excited for the new show, which is Paramount+’s first original show. Here’s all the information we need about the show.

The ex-wife on Paramount Plus

How many episodes does Paramount Plus’s The Ex-Wife have?

The Ex-Wife only has four episodes, and they all came out at the same time on October 12, 2022 on Paramount+. Each episode lasts an hour.

In the US and UK, you need a separate Amazon Prime Video membership to use the streaming service.

In case you haven’t seen the pilot yet and don’t know what to expect, the story follows Tasha, a woman who lives with her family in a beautiful house until her husband’s ex-wife comes back into her life. She keeps meddling in things, and because of that, weird things keep happening.

Since the show only has four episodes, people are looking forward to seeing how it ends. The ex-wife will be easy to see at once, so a lot of people will see it.

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When is the ex wife coming out?

The four part TV show The Ex-Wife will premiere in the UK on Paramount Plus on Wednesday 12th October 2022. Now it’s easier than ever to watch movies and TV shows online. All you need is to be in your home country and have access to a provider that has the content.

However, most of these services cannot be used when going abroad as they are geographically restricted. With a VPN, you can watch The Ex-Wife online while changing your IP address and making it look like you’re at home.

If you live in the UK, you can watch the psychological thriller via the Paramount Plus streaming service. It is the first original British drama to be purchased by Paramount+. A membership to this service costs £6.99 a month, but new users can try it free for 7 days.

You can sign up for an account on the platform’s website, or sign in with your Apple ID through a partner channel like Apple TV.

A good VPN removes geo-restrictions so you can watch the show even if you’re in a different country. You can watch The Ex-Wife online from anywhere if you use a VPN and connect to a server in your home country.

More on the cast and plot of the film

The cast of The Ex-Wife is strong. Here’s the list of people who will be starring in the upcoming show:

Celine Buckens plays Tasha, who is the perfect wife. Buckens may be best known for her starring roles in the films War Horse and Free Rein, but you may also know her for a prominent role in the BBC drama Showtrial.

Tom Mison plays the role of Jack. He is best known for playing Ichabod Crane on Sleepy Hollow, but you may also know him from Parade’s End and Watchmen. He had a small role in the sci-fi drama. See what’s new on Apple TV+.

Janet Montgomery plays Jen, who used to be Jack’s wife. Montgomery has had small roles on shows like Merlin, Skins, and The Romanoffs, but she is best known for being the main character on Salem and New Amsterdam.

Sam is Tasha’s best friend. He is played by Jordan Stephens. Stephens is probably best known as one half of the band Rizzle Kicks, but you may also know him from Mae Martin’s Feel Good, in which he gave a stellar performance. I stood next to him in the British Museum for a while before realizing who he was.

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Plot and history of the ex-wife

The four-part psychological thriller is based on Ryder’s bestseller of the same name. Because of this, it also has the same complicated storyline. Tasha’s life is pretty much perfect because of her beautiful daughter, her mansion and her husband Jack.

Jen, who was formerly married to the husband, does not leave her alone. (Imagine!) When Tasha comes home one day, she finds that her perfect life has suddenly turned into a nightmare, so she has to ask Jen for help.

People have said the book is like The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl, and The Couple Next Door, so expect lots of twists and turns.

How many episodes does Paramount Plus’s The Ex-Wife have?

There are four episodes of The Ex-Wife on Paramount+.

The ex-wife on Paramount Plus
The ex-wife on Paramount Plus

Where can you see the film “The Ex-Wife”?

The Ex-Wife is available on Paramount+.

The Ex-Wife, a British thriller on Paramount Plus, is based on Jess Ryder’s bestseller about an ex-wife who always seems to be around.

Tasha, played by Celine Buckens, seems to have it all: a loving husband, Jack (Tom Mison from Sleepy Hollow), a beautiful daughter, Emily, a beautiful home, and a life that seems perfect. The only problem is that Jack’s ex-wife Jen, played by Janet Montgomery, calls him constantly and doesn’t cut ties with his family. But when everything falls apart, Tasha has no choice but to turn to Jen, a person she doesn’t like, for help.

“It has so many twists and turns,” says the show’s star, Tom Mison. “When they told me I could do it, I couldn’t stop reading the scripts because there was a new twist or turn every 10 pages. It has everything a good psychological thriller needs. All the things that come to your mind and start playing around with it.”

Catherine Steadman, who plays Lady Mary in Downton Abbey and is also a bestselling thriller author, adapted the book into a film. It’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

So here’s everything you need to know about the ex-wife on Paramount Plus:

When is the ex-wife coming out?

The Ex-Wife will be available to stream on October 12, 2022 on the UK’s Paramount Plus service. All3Media sends their products all over the world. We’ll soon know when the show will air in the US and abroad.

Does the ex-wife have a trailer?

Yes! The ex-wife has a trailer from Paramount Plus, and it looks every bit as weird as we imagined. Check out the list below.

The action of the ex-wife

In The Ex-Wife, Celine Buckens plays Tasha, who seems to be living the perfect life. The only problem is that her husband Jack’s ex-wife is always around. She talks to Jack every night and always shows up at family events. One day Tasha goes home to find that Jack (Tom Mison) and her daughter Emily have disappeared. She has no choice but to ask Jen (Janet Montgomery) for help because she is at the end of her rope. But they never settled on anything, so can Tasha really trust Jack’s ex-girlfriend?

The Ex-Wife cast: Celine Buckens discusses her role as Tasha

Tasha, played by Celine Buckens, is always upset that her husband’s ex-wife keeps showing up in her life.

“The beginning of the series builds such a perfect love story that you know something is going to go wrong,” says Céline, who is 26.

Celine played Talitha Campbell on the BBC1 show Showtrial last year and she played Kitty on the popular Netflix show Bridgerton, set in the past. She also played roles in the films Warrior, Free Rein, and The Good Liar.

Celine starred with Tom Mison in The Ex-Wife.

In the film The Ex-Wife, Tasha and Jack, played by Celine Buckens and Tom Mison, were married. (Photo by Paramount Plus.)

Who plays the other main characters in The Ex-Wife?

Tom Mison also appears in The Ex-Wife. He plays Jack, Tasha’s charming husband. He has appeared in the films Sleepy Hollow and Watchmen, and the television series Four Weddings and a Funeral. Janet Montgomery, who has appeared on shows such as Entourage, New Amsterdam and This Is Us, plays Jack’s ex-wife Jen. Jordan Stephens, who stars in Rogue One and sings for the band Rizzle Kicks, plays Tasha’s friend Sam.

Jordan Stephens says, “I’ve been very fortunate to work with such a talented cast and crew. The Ex-Wife is a suspenseful thriller with many twists and turns. I can’t wait for people to hear this story and see how it continues. “Beware of the unexpected.”

In the end, it turns out that Jack and Jen couldn’t have children because Jen was having trouble conceiving. He realizes that the only way to have biological children, which he desperately wants, is to start a family with someone other than Jen, hatch a plan to woo Tasha, and then marry her after she becomes pregnant is. He wanted to leave her and start a new life with Jen, who was pregnant with Tasha’s child. He planned to lie to Tasha and Jen so Jen would think Tasha was a manipulative liar and Tasha would think Jen was trying to interfere in their marriage.

But in the final episode, Jen finds out that Jack has been lying to her all along. Although she really wants a child, she tells Tasha where to find Emily before it’s too late. She tells Emily to meet her at Heathrow. However, Jack sees her driving to the airport and tries to force her off the road, resulting in a horrific car accident in which Emily is believed to have been killed in the blast.

Is Jack coming back?

After a few months, Tasha calls Jen and says she’s ready to talk. Jen finds out that Emily is alive and well when she goes to Budapest. Flashbacks show Tasha pulling her out of the car and giving her to her boyfriend Sam, who had followed her to Heathrow, before telling Jack and his family that she died protecting them.

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