How old is Adam Huber’s girlfriend Rachel Rigler? height and wealth

Rachel Rigler is a well-known social media celebrity who has managed to amass around a million members on her TikTok account despite the fact that she is only 21 years old. In addition, Rigler is known to be Adam Huber’s girlfriend. Adam is best known for his role as Liam Ridley on the television series Dynasty, for which he also models.

Rigler has built a significant following on a variety of social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, and others. Rachel has around fifty million people following her on Instagram as found after researching this platform.

As we scrolled through her Instagram page, we saw pictures of her from professional photoshoots, a few shots of her traveling around the world, as well as some pictures of her close friends and family.

On the other hand, Rigler has 960,000 followers on the video sharing site known as TikTok. On her page she posts cosmetic instructions and videos on lifestyle topics. Adam, her current boyfriend, has also appeared in a number of videos she has created.

Rachel Rigler

Some fascinating information about Rachel Rigler

Surname Rachel Rigler
Age 21
profession Social Media Personality
friend Adam Huber
nationality American

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Age and height of Rachel Rigler – How old is Adam Huber’s girlfriend?

Rachel Rigler is a young woman who has just turned 21; She was born in 2000. Rachel stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall according to the pictures she posted online.

When she was in sixth grade, she started wearing cosmetics. She suffered from eczema throughout her childhood, and other children avoided her, believing it was a “contagious rash.” As a result, she never had many friends. During her senior year of high school, she hid her body under layers of clothing to deal with the anxiety she was experiencing.

Since this was the only part of her exposed, she used cosmetics to make it look presentable. She eventually overcame her fears and accepted more of who she really was. My mother also helped Rachel in her efforts.

She knew she wanted to specialize in something and because she enjoyed beauty, she decided to make it her major and hobby. It was the easiest and most enjoyable way to do it. In October 2020, her first viral beauty video was a hit and went viral.

Rachel Rigler Net Worth

Rachel Rigler is believed to have a net worth of around one million dollars due to her lifestyle and the amount of traffic she gets from her TikTok account.

Rachel’s artistic focus during her high school years was photography, so she began her college career in that field. After attending college, she developed an interest in the cosmetics industry and found that her heart was beginning to pull her in this direction.

In March 2020, she set up a TikTok account which has already attracted the attention of more than a million users. Building a network of people who are passionate about beauty through social media has proven to be a fruitful way for her to show her enthusiasm for the beauty industry.​

Her long-term goal is to one day launch her own beauty brand, which is one of her many ambitions. Since she runs a website through which she sells cosmetics and other beauty industry items, Rachel has already achieved her goal.

Rachel Rigler
Rachel Rigler

Rachel Rigler shares many photos with Adam Huber on her Instagram account

Rachel Rigler posts numerous loving photos of herself and her boyfriend Adam Huber on her Instagram account. Back in June, she and Adam posed for their last photo together, kissing on a boat.

Adam is not only an actor but also a model. Adam began his modeling career in New York City in 2009 and has since been featured in Men’s Moments Magazine.

Huber is also known for appearing in the films Do Over (2011) and Unforgettable (2011), both of which he shared a starring role with Zooey Deschanel. In both films, Huber played the role of an organic merchant.

Boutique Modeling Agency, MSA Models and ADAM Models NYC were among the modeling agencies he signed with to pursue a career as a male model.

On the other hand, Adam’s page does not contain any information about Rachel that he posted. You can keep up with Adam by following his @hubersworld account.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Rachel Rigler?

Age of Rachel Rigler is just 21 years old; she was born in 2000.

What is Rachel Rigler Net Worth?

Rachel Rigler is believed to have a net worth of around $1 million due to her lifestyle and the traffic she gets from her TikTok account.

Who is Rachel Rigler’s boyfriend?

Rachel Rigler shows a lot of love for her boyfriend Adam Huber. He is also an actor and model.