How old is House of Chains singer Carina Battrick? Information about the actress


Carina Battrick, who plays a role in the movie House of Chains and is only 10 years old, is getting a lot of praise for her performance.

Carina Battrick is known in the USA for her work as an actress, dancer and model. Her early years were marked by a strong passion for the stage and the art of entertaining others. She has also received critical acclaim for her roles as Young Henry Coles on Impulse and Michelle on Feel the Beat. Both roles have appeared in different films.


In addition, Carina has a strong passion for reading, which has helped her develop a rich imagination. This, in turn, has made it much easier for her to embody the roles she plays on television. She has acted in several films and played important roles despite her tender years.

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Fast Facts

Full name Carina Battrick
profession actress
Date of birth July 9, 2012
Age is 10 years old
hometownhometown Toronto Canada
mother Anna Battrick
Father Not available
siblings Valentina Battrick (Older Sister), Antonina Battrick (Younger Sister)
Height 3’11”, 152 cm or 1.52 m
net worth US$200-210,000 Approx.

How old is Carina Battrick who plays bass guitar in House of Chains?

In 2022, Carina Battrick celebrated her tenth birthday. The information gathered indicates that Battrick was born on July 9, 2012 in the city of California in the US state of California. Anna Battrick is the mother of the child actress who is currently 3ft 11inches and growing taller (mother).


Additionally, Carina Battrick is best known for her work on the upcoming dance film The Beat (2020), streaming on Netflix, which will star Sofia Carson, Viggo Mortensen and a host of other actors and actresses. In addition, she was just cast as a regular on the long-running sitcom Chucky, making her Chucky’s newest Friend To The End (2021). Carina’s other passions include participating in dance competitions and music-related activities.

Below is information about Carina Battrick’s parents and other family members

  1. Carina Battrick, an actress who is now 10 years old, started her career when she was only 5 years old. As mentioned before, she entered this world on July 9th, 2012 in the great state of California which is located in the United States.
  2. Her mother’s name is Anna Battrick and she seems very enthusiastic about her daughter’s acting career. Anna, her mother, also controls all of her daughter’s social media pages.
  3. Battrick is her parents’ second child and she is fortunate to have two sisters.
  4. In addition, Valentina and Antonina Battrick, Battrick’s bright sisters, both perform on stage and are actors, just like their talented aunt. Her younger sister’s name is Antonina and her older sister’s name is Valentina and they were both born on June 15, 2011. (born February 6, 2015).
  5. She also began acting in plays with her older sister Valentina Battrick at the age of two. It was at this point that she first became interested in performing and interacting with people in the public eye. Nevertheless, she had to make a lot more effort than the other children in the family to even draw attention to herself.
  6. Before making it to the big screen, Battrick gained experience as a theatrical actor, being part of the cast of the plays Lion King, Trolls, Frog and Toad, Aladdin and History of King. ” It’s interesting to note that Battrick had this experience before making it to the big screen.
  7. Her last role was a series regular on the long-running sitcom Chucky, when she was introduced as Chucky’s newest “Girlfriend To The End” (2021). With her appearance in the American horror slasher series “Chucky”, the only 10-year-old young actress moved into the public limelight alongside actor Zackary Arthur. In addition, she appeared in seven episodes of this series directed by various other directors such as Don Mancini and Caroline Cross, both of whom worked with Barbara Alyn Woods.
  8. Despite this, she is best known for her role in the upcoming Netflix dance film The Beat (2020), which also stars Sofia Carson, Viggo Mortensen and a host of other actors and actresses.
    You can follow Carina Battrick on Instagram by searching for posts with the hashtag #carinabattrick. She has shared 251 posts so far, and in these posts we also find photos of her sisters. She currently has more than 29,000 followers and she has been making these posts.
carina battrick
carina battrick

Frequently asked questions about Carina Battrick

  • What are Carina Battrick’s hobbies?
    Reading, photography, studying, travelling, surfing the internet and just to name a few.
  • Who is Carina Battrick’s father?
    Carina Battrick’s father’s name is N/A.
  • Who is Carina Battrick’s mother?
    Carina Battrick’s mother’s name is N/A.
  • Where is Carina Battrick from?
    California, United States.
  • When is Carina Battrick’s birthday?
    July 9, 2012.
  • How old is Carina Battrick?
    From 2022 Carina Battrick ? Age is 10 years years.