How old is she? Do you understand the actress from The End of the Road

Professional actor Mychala Lee is known for playing Dawn on Relish and Trini Killebrew on Truth Be Told.

She can be seen in the cast of End of the Road, which is set to debut on September 9, 2022.

The cast includes Beau Bridges, Ludacris, Jesse Luken, Frances Lee McCain, Keith Jardine, Tabatha Shaun, Phuong Kubacki and others. For more information about the actress, continue reading the article.

Mychala Faith Lee

1. How old is Mychala Lee?

One of the most researched aspects of actress Mychala Lee is her age. She made her professional debut in a music video at the age of 13.

She has always had an interest in the entertainment business. At the time of writing, Lee is 19 years old. She will be 20 years old on November 7, 2022, two months later.

Seen from right to left are Mychala’s father Jeffrey, boyfriend Jason, mother Shanda, older sister Marissa and her sister’s boyfriend Marvin Lemus.

The details of her specific birth became visible from her father’s Instagram post. Her father posted pictures on his social media accounts from celebrating her birthday at Yamashiro Hollywood last year.

Last year, her close friend Paris Berelc, her boyfriend Jason, her mother Shanda, her older sister Marissa and her father Jeffrey planned a surprise party for Lee’s 19th birthday.

We still don’t know what a surprise and lavish party the actress would be getting for her 20th birthday this year. Still, she’s grateful for everything, no matter how they celebrate.

2. Mychala Lee is in a committed relationship with Jason Solomon

Mychala Lee, an actress, has been dating Jason Solomon for a long time. Every year on September 30th they celebrate their anniversary.

The background information of their first meeting is still classified. Lee has not previously provided any background on their first encounter on social media or in interviews.

The actress and Jason are in love. They couldn’t be happier to have each other in their lives. Every other day, Lee and Jason celebrate their relationship.

The couple often expresses their affection on each other’s Instagram accounts. The actress credits her partner Jason as her sunlight, brightening and fulfilling Lee’s day.

Jason wrote on their anniversary the year before, “You are worth every second of every day, worth every sacrifice I could possibly make and worth every losing battle my pride tries and encourages me not to lose.”

On May 23, 2022, Lee attended her lover Jason’s graduation. I’m so incredibly proud of you, she wrote. In a message on her Instagram post in honor of his graduation, she said, “I am blessed to start this next chapter with you.

3. The age difference between Mychala Lee, an actress, and Jason Solomon, her boyfriend, is four years

Mychala Lee, an actress, and Jason Soloman, a musician, are four years old. The couple always goes out of their way to make each other’s birthdays special.

Jason turned 24 this year on August 12 of the previous month. On November 7, the “End of the Road” actress will be 20 years old. you are my best friend man Happy Birthday darling! Lee wrote on Jason’s birthday last year.

She posted a short video earlier this year with the caption “Happy Birthday my love”. They go beyond what I could have asked for. I appreciate everything you do for me, she continued. I hope that today and every day you are feeling loved and special. ‘

4. Mychala Lee, an actress, and Jason Solomon, a friend, will be celebrating their third wedding anniversary this year

Later this month, Mychala Lee and Jason will celebrate their third wedding anniversary. The couple hopes to be together for the rest of their lives.

Their third anniversary will be on September 30, 2022. “2 years in my sunshine!” I appreciate having you by my side. On the second anniversary of their relationship, Lee wrote: “Your enthusiasm, drive, ambition and discipline inspire me daily.

She added. “Thank you for guiding me with insight and for keeping God in our hearts. There is no love like you love me! ‘

5. Mychala Lee’s Parents: Shanda and Jeffrey Lee have been married for almost 20 years

Father Jeffrey Lee and mother Shanda Lee have been together for more than 20 years. This year the couple celebrates their 28th wedding anniversary.

On November 26, 2022, Jeffrey and Shanda will celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary. Her father’s Instagram post revealed all the details surrounding their wedding day.

In 2022, Mychala’s parents Jeffrey and Shanda will celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary.

In 2019, the wonderful couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Months before their actual anniversary date, they took an early vacation to commemorate their silver wedding anniversary in May.

“This wonderful lady and I are taking an early 25th anniversary getaway,” Jeffrey wrote. Just so you know, our actual anniversary isn’t until November 26th. But this year we decided to start the party earlier! ‘

6. Marissa Lee, Mychala Lee’s older sister, welcomed her son Malychai Jeffrey Clarke Lemus with her boyfriend Marvin Lemus

Son Malychai Jeffrey Clarke Lemus was born to actress Mychala Lee’s older sister Marissa Lee and her lover Marvin Lemus.

On February 23, 2022, the couple welcomed a son into the world. Every achievement Marissa’s son achieves is posted on Instagram. Malychai is only a few months away from turning one year old.

Lee’s eldest sister, Marissa, and boyfriend Marvin Lemus gave birth to their baby, Malychai Jeffrey Clarke Lemus, in 2022.

She shared a picture of Malychai completing another achievement yesterday. “Half a year has passed,” she wrote. Your laughter, goofy expressions, fake tears, attractive flirty demeanor and inquisitive nature have captured the hearts of the whole world.

You’re such a good boy, Lee’s sister wrote in her letter. We, your father and I, are satisfied with your achievements so far. When crawling, you use objects to support yourself. ‘

7. Marissa Lee, Mychala Lee’s older sister, is eight years older

End of the Road actress Mychala Lee and her older sister Marissa Lee, a mother of one, are eight years old.

Currently, her older sister is 28 years old. At the same time, in a month, on October 11, 2022, she will be 29 years old. The sisters are very close.

Marissa, Mychala’s sister, turns 28 the following month.

Marissa is considered by Lee to be her best friend. My best friend and sibling rolled into one, she wrote. God made Marissa and I sisters on her birthday last year and words can never explain how happy I felt.

8. Shanda Lee, Mychala Lee’s mother, beaming in her late 40s

Shanda Lee, Mychala Lee’s mother, is in her late 40s. At this moment she is 47 years old to be precise.

Her mother recently celebrated her 47th birthday on September 3, 2022. She holds certifications in life strategy, is an author, blogger, mentor and coach with purpose.

Shanda, the mother of actress Mychala, turned 47 a few days ago.

Shanda and Jeffrey stayed at Paradise Cove in Malibu to celebrate Shanda’s 45th birthday. Her mother has amassed over 1.1k followers thanks to her regular social media activity.

9. Actress Mychala Lee from the movie End of the Road has Nine Credits to Her Name

Mychala Lee, who starred in the film End of the Road, has nine acting credits listed in her IMDb bio.

She is known for her roles as Kris Wednesday, Kendra in the TV movie Shady Neighbors and in the 2015 music video Brooke Sorenson: 3 Days.

Accordingly, Lee is credited with playing Misha in 2019’s Lulu. She is known for her performances as Emily on The Greatest Inheritance, Trini Killenbrew on Truth Be Told and Dawn on Relish.

10. Mychala Lee already has a high school diploma

Mychala Lee already has a high school diploma. In 2021 she graduated with honors.

Attending her graduation in 2021 were Lee’s parents, Shanda and Jeffrey, and boyfriend Jason.

On May 28, 2022, the actress posted a carousel of pictures from her graduation. Lee claimed she didn’t release it the previous year and is now doing it for the first time.

“Never got around to sharing these…is a year later too late?” she wrote. Her parents, Jeffrey and Shanda, and her boyfriend, Jason, attended her graduation.

Mychala Faith Lee
Mychala Faith Lee


Full name Mychala Faith Lee.
Birth Name Mychala Lee.
In the spotlight End of the Road (2022)
profession Actress.
Age 19
Date of birth November 7, 2002.
Place of birth LA, California.
gender Feminine.
nationality American.
zodiac Scorpio.
love life
friend Jason Solomon.
parents Mother: Shanda Lee.
Father: Jeffrey Lee.
siblings Sister: Marissa Lee.
body measurements
Height In feet: 5’5″.
Meters: 1.65m.
In centimeters: 165 cm.
weight Kilograms: 53.
Pounds: 116 pounds.
hair Brown.
Eyes Brown.
university State University of California
education Civic Theater.
Lafayette School.
theatre Alice and Wonderland.
Paddington Bear.
stone soup.
Movie End of the street.
The Greatest Legacy.
Shady neighbors.
TV To be honest.
net worth $556.98.
musical instruments Piano.
hobbies To sing.
Dance Hip hop.

Frequently asked questions about Mychala Lee

Questions: How old is Mychala Lee?

Answer: Mychala is 19 years old.

Question: What role does Mychala Lee play in End of the Road?

Answer: She plays the role of Kelly Freeman.

Questions: How tall is Mychala Lee?

Answer: Lee is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Ques: What is Mychala Lee Net Worth?

Answers: $556.98.

Questions: Is Mychala Lee on Instagram?

Answer: Yes (@mychalalee).