How Rich Is Pooh Hick’s Husband From Love Hip Hop?

Businessman and music producer Hiriam Hicks has a net worth in the millions.

Hicks is a music producer known for his work on Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, Eddie and Unsung. He is well known in the business world and has worked with Stephanie Mills.

Hiriam Hicks

Former President Black Music Island Island

How much money Hiriam Hicks has and how she makes it

Multiple sources say Hicks has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Hick’s work in the music department earned him praise. In 1996 he was music supervisor for Eddie and executive soundtrack producer for Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.

Apart from that, Hicks is also mentioned in the TV documentary series Unsung. The producer was in the scenes of Dru Hill and Kelly Price. Later in 2019, he appeared in the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode Questions and Answers, Up All Night, To the Left and Unfriend, which was a sequel to the first season.

Pooh Hicks’ husband, Hicks is known for being married to her. She is from Detroit, which is in Michigan. The producer met her when she was working as a stripper. The producer’s wife came out as bisexual and the marriage between them was open.

In the eighth season of the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Pooh joined the cast as a supporting character. In the episode “Unfriended,” she and her husband emerged as old friends who had grown apart. The socialite told Karlie and her husband that she and Karlie were dating her.

At the reunion, Hiriam and Hoop spoke about how they felt about each other. The two are not legally married, and Karlie has never been physically with them.

Kevin Edlin, a Nashville music producer, got his start on the HGTV show Hometown, which was about fixing old houses. As of 2022, his estimated net worth is between $5 million and $10 million.

Untold facts about Hiriam Hicks

  • Hiriam was born on December 1, 1960 in South Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. She is now 59 years old. Because of his birth sign, he was born under the sign of Sagittarius.
  • Hiriam married Pooh Hicks. She appeared with her wife on the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and opened up about the truth about their marriage. Pooh was born on December 8, 1974 in Detroit, Michigan, USA
  • Pooh is now 46 years old. Gynel Ladawn Campbell is the full name of the wealthy woman. She is of African American background. Hiriam and Pooh also had three children, one of whom was Najee. She rose to prominence as a guest star on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.
  • In an episode of the reality show, Najee, the show’s producer’s daughter, and Jas get into a fight. Jas, Karlie and Najee’s daughter, came on the show as a guest.
  • As the former president of Island Black Music, Hiriam was there. Aside from that, he was the former President and CEO of Island Black Magic, now known as Island Records.
  • Hiriam has signed more than 30 top R&B artists and helped the studio build their careers. Some of these artists were Bell Biv Devoe, TLC and New Edition. The producer found success after running into trouble.
  • In 2017, rock and band artist Stephanie Mills and Hiriam stopped doing business with each other because of a money issue. Mills even spoke about it on the daily news to help other artists feel more confident.
  • Mills, on the other hand, denied all the claims, saying the details were wrong. The producer worked on the best of Bell Big Devices, Fates, Shamrocks and Shenanigans, Sacred Love Songs and more.
  • During his career, Hiriam sold more than 400 million records. The producer has won many Grammys. The musician had songs on Gold, Back to the Old Skool, Hits, Crucial and other albums.
  • “Keep It Coming”, “Uncle Luke” and “Poisson” were all songs on Hiiriam’s records. WBBD, Jacci McGhee, Pure Soul and many more.
  • Hiram’s wife Pooh is on Instagram under the name @theonlymspooh. As of September 2022, she had 69.7 followers.

Who is Hiriam Hicks?

Since he was born on December 1, 1960, he is now 59 years old. He was born in Alpharetta, Georgia. Based on his date of birth, Hiriam Hicks’ zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Hiriam Hicks is a well-known executive producer who married TV star Poo Hicks. He has been President of Island Black Music in the past. Hiriam Hicks signed more than 30 top R&B artists as President and CEO of Island Black Magic, now known as Island Records. He has helped Bell Biv Devoe, TLC and New Edition get to where they are today.

Thanks to a few arguments, he kept getting better. In 2017, rock and band artist Stephanie Mills ended her business relationship with him due to money issues. Stephanie told the NY Daily News that she plans to tell other artists about it because she wants to encourage them to be mindful of business associations. Hiriam Hicks denied everything that was said, saying the information was false and that he and Ms Mills had worked together on a regular basis.

Wife of Hiriam Hicks

Hiriam Hicks has been married before, but Poo Hick is his first wife. So far, he and Poo get along well. Poo Hick is the first wife of Hiriam Hicks. She is 44 years old, a popular TV personality and has a net worth of $4 million. Since Poo Hick was born on December 8, 1974, she is now 44 years old.

Pooh Hicks is a socialite who was born in Detroit, Michigan. She met Hiriam while dancing for tips. She is open about being bisexual and she and her partner have an open marriage.

In season eight, Pooh Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta joins as a former boyfriend of Karlie who turned against her. Pooh admits they had a threesome with her husband which led to them fighting very badly.

Hiriam Hicks’ career

He was President of Island Black Music and is a prominent American businessman. He was formerly the President and Chief Executive Officer of Island Black Magic, now called Island Records.

He is a rock musician and his band has signed a number of top artists. He helped Bell Biv Devo etc. to get known. As an executive producer in the music business, he has been responsible for albums such as The Best of Bell Big Device, Destiny, Hits, Shamrocks and Shenanigans, Sacred Love Songs, and many others. In his career he has sold more than 400 million records and won more than 30 Grammys.

Hiriam Hicks
Hiriam Hicks

Hiriam Hicks: The Music Business

Hiriam Hicks was also in the music business. He worked on albums like Gold, Back to the Oldskool, Hits, Crucial, Never make a Promise, Pure Soul 1997, Street Gospel, We can get down, and more more.

He put together a great group of songs. Some of his albums are Poison, Keep It Coming, Uncle Luke, Jacci McGhee, WBBD, Pure Soul 1997, The Soul Train Christmas Start Fast and many more.

Hiriam Hicks’ earnings

In 2022, Hiriam Hicks net worth should reach $12 million.

His whole career was full of problems. Stephanie Mills, an R&B singer, stopped working with Hiriam in 2017 because the two had money problems. Despite this, he has made a lot of money throughout his life.

Paycheck from Hiriam Hicks

Compared to other people, Hiriam has one of the highest incomes. Working in the music business has made it easy for him to make a good living every year. He is one of the richest people because he earns a lot of money.

Hiriam Hicks on social media

Hiriam Hicks does not have an Instagram account but you can subscribe to his Hiriam Hicks channel to listen to all his music albums.

American businesswoman Hiriam Hicks is also a well-known executive producer who has worked on many albums such as WBBD, Mission to Please, Jacci McGhee, Pure Soul 1997 and others. He had sold more than 400 million albums that he made. He is Poo Hick’s husband. Also, he used to run Island Black Music and is now the CEO.

How much does Poo from Love and Hip Hop make?

Poo is a popular TV star from the show Love and Hip Hop. His net worth is estimated at $4 million. She is only 44 years old and was born on December 8, 1974 in Detroit, Michigan.

What is Poo Hicks’ real name?

Gynel Ladwam Campbell is Poo Hick’s real name. She works as an adult show.

This article tells you how much Hiriam Hicks is worth. He has worked in music for a long time and has made a name for himself. He has made a good amount of money through hard work and now lives in comfort.

Hiriam Hicks is an American businessman best known as the husband of reality TV star Pooh Hicks. He was the former President of Island Black Music. As of 2019, Hiriam Hicks net worth is estimated at $12 million.

Not much is known about Hiriam Hick’s personal life other than that he works in the music industry. His career has not been short of controversy. In 2017, R&B star Stephanie Mills ended her relationship with Hiriam after the two struggled with financial transactions. Stephanie told NY Daily News, “I’ve decided to come forward to share this because I want to empower other artists to take care of their businesses.” However, Hiriam denied those accusations, saying, “Your information are wrong, Ms. Mills and I have an ongoing working relationship.”

His wife, Pooh Hicks, is a famous supporting actress on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She has been on the show since season eight. It’s not lacking in drama either. She had an explosive confrontation with Karlie Redd on an episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. It has been reported that Karlie Redd was in a close relationship with Pooh Hicks and her husband Hiriam. She posted a photo to her Instagram page, warning Pooh that more was on the way.