How was the pink sauce made? The TikTok chef addresses criticism of a popular dish and defends its ingredients

Recently, Pink Sauce has become one of the most popular and controversial products on TikTok. The product initially caught the attention of netizens due to its eye-catching color. As the news broke, it turned out that the well-known spice had misrepresented the nutritional information on the label. The manufacturer of the product was therefore exposed to a lot of criticism on the Internet.

On Tiktok, Carly Pii, better known as Chef Pii, is the creator of the controversial Pink Sauce. When her sauce became famous online, the Miami chef was catapulted into the limelight. Due to the product’s popularity, online users have raised concerns about its safety, packaging, and compliance with Food and Drug Administration guidelines.

When a TikTok user pointed out that the product can produce 444 servings, meaning each dish would weigh 14.4 grams, concerns about the product began to surface. They also added:

“Which brings the total weight of the bottle to almost 6,300 grams, which is wrong. And I’m now checking quality control to see if these little details have been overlooked. I am a little scared.

On her official TikTok account, Chef Pii responded to the criticism she received online. She expressed regret at the mistake in the product label and assured customers that the item was manufactured in accordance with FDA regulations.

Pink Sauce Creator Responds to Criticism

The well-known recipe was developed by Miami-based chef Pii, who is 29 years old. Since early July, she’s been charging $20 for the pink sauce. Sunflower oil, raw honey, milk, distilled vinegar, garlic, water, pink Himalayan lettuce, dried herbs, lemon juice, citric acid, and pitaya — another name for dragon fruit — are all the ingredients in the sauce. The berry gives the sauce its pink color.

The Washington Post quoted Pii as saying:

The world is genuinely interested in my innovation, but it’s also hateful.

Speaking of the product’s safety, Pii assured followers in an interview with the publication that no one had ever gotten sick after consuming Pink Sauce. She expressed:

“No one has ever gotten sick while I have been using it for a year and making it available to my clients.”
It seems that the divorced mother of two is not defeated by the hostility. She explained in an interview with NBC News:

“I am powerless to stop anyone from doing anything. I can only choose how I react to it because I’ve produced something absolutely amazing. This is something I will stand by. i love my purchase Everyone loves my product. I was a little wrong. We are recovering from that and will continue to develop from there.

Concerns about the color of the sauce and the components used to make it were also raised by the chef. Netizens said they saw images of the product in different shades of pink, which piqued their curiosity about the sauce’s contents. Pii added that the previous films she’d shared on her own social media channel were “prototypes” of the spice as she spoke about the same topic. She continued, changing the color of the sauce to “whatever drew the audience the most.”

The Pink Sauce developer has assured customers that any errors on the bottle labels, such as B. wrongly spelled ingredients and nutritional information with incorrect numbers should be fixed and “triple proofread” before they “run out”.