How Yung Gravy (Mr. Clean) is related to Sheri Nicole: Age & Relationship

Rapper Yung Gravy is known for hit song Mr. Clean (2017). Its current RIAA certification is platinum.

Matthew Raymond Hauri is the real name behind the stage name Yong Gravy. Since 2017 he has participated in seven international tours.

Raymond frequently collaborates with musicians bbno$, Chief Keef, producer Y2K and others. He fuses elements of contemporary trap music with inspiration from the soul and oldies movements of the 1950s and 1960s to develop his distinctive musical style.

Is Sheri Nicole related to Yung Gravy? explanation of the relationship

Many people speculate about Yung Gravy’s relationship with Sheri Nicole, Addison Rae’s mother. Some people even believed the two were dating.

The most talked about topic online right now is single motherhood so Nicole, a Tiktok celebrity, has updated her bio to reflect this.

Rapper Yung Gravy recently responded to the change in biography by posting a video to Instagram with the caption, “Can everyone do something for me at Addison Rae’s mom?”

On the video that Yung posted online, there are many humorous comments from other people.

Allegations of a relationship began as a result of this video, although the two are unrelated.

Age difference between Sheri Nicole and Yung Gravy

Yung Gravy, the singer of “Mr. Clean”, is 26 years old at the moment. He was a son of Cynthia Cleveland Hauri and Peter Johannes Hauri.

Gravy’s full date of birth is March 19, 1996. He was born in Rochester, Minnesota and is a United States citizen.

In September 2022, Sheri Nicole will be 43 years old. She was born on September 4, 1979 in Louisiana, USA.

Knowing the details of their births, we can estimate that at almost 23 years old, Yung Gravy is Nicole’s next junior. As a result, the two are very different in age.

Sheri Nicole and Yung Gravy are reportedly dating?

Sheri Nicole, 43, and Yung Gravy, 26, are not dating. All the rumors about their relationship are based on a few popular videos that have gone viral online.

Yung and Addison, Sheri’s daughter, are about the same age. As such, the 26-year-old rapper isn’t related to Nicole, the mother of the TikTok viral star.

Renée Ash, 25, and Monty Lopez, Rae’s father, reportedly had a five-month relationship that recently came to light.

When “personal things get made public,” Sheri recently claimed to E! News, “it can be tough and stressful for everyone involved.”

“I will be fine. I will always value my children’s tender hearts and sharp minds. Last Friday, she declared: ‘I will always do everything in my power to defend them.