In the family of NRL coach Todd Payten and wife Julie Payten

During the 2020 Covid lockdown, Todd Payten enjoyed an emotional reunion with his wife and family. He was always supported by his lifelong companion and her children.

Due to the fact that Payten was given the position of interim coach of the New Zealand Warriors after the departure of Stephen Kearney, he was forced to stay in Australia with the squad in 2020.

A significant number of Warriors players and staff were in solitary confinement during the trip to Tamworth in May. The team were then forced to remain in Australia as international border crossings on both sides of the Tasman Peninsula were restricted due to the widespread epidemic of the Covid-19 virus.

When the club was forced to remain in Australia, the Warriors’ caretaker manager Todd Payten repeatedly praised his players for the tremendous self-denial they had displayed during that time. However, Payten’s terrible absence from his family has been almost completely overlooked.

During his time as a player, Payten was a member of three different National League clubs, all based in Queensland. He is currently the head coach of the North Queensland Cowboys of the National Rugby League. He made his Australian Rugby League Premiership debut with the Canberra Raiders in 1996 aged 17. He then became a member of the Sydney Roosters and also played for the Wests Tigers.

Death Payten

A few quick points on Todd Payten

Full name Death Payten
Age 43
mother Christina Payten
sister stacey
Wife Julia Payten
net worth 3 million dollars
Height 188 cm (6 ft 2 in)
profession Rugby League Coach

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Background on the Payten family, including Todd’s childhood with his parents

Growing up in the Payten household was challenging for Todd Payten, especially during his formative years. He was raised in Temora, New South Wales by his mother and late grandfather.

Unlike most players, who point to their coaches and/or other athletes as primary influences, the 43-year-old Cowboys head coach states that his grandfather and mother, Christine, were his primary sources of motivation for his career throughout his life. For these reasons, he will take part in the championship game as a forward in the reserve position.

The only person Todd Payten ever had was his mother

Although he was born in Sydney, his family immigrated to Tamora not long after his birth. There he spent his childhood with his mother but had no father in his life.

Despite the mental and financial hardships his mother Christine endured, she always made sure Todd received the best possible care from her. Sometimes his grandfather helped her in every possible way, offering his support.

Payten explained: “As mum is a single mom, dad was always there for her whenever she needed a helping hand. He has contributed both financially and otherwise when asked of him.” He was between the ages of seven and nine when she was left alone, and she was doing an excellent job raising a child all by herself.

His mother Christine worked four jobs at the same time to support her family. She mainly worked as a waitress, bartender and cleaner in the tiny hamlet of Temora, which is close to Wagga Wagga. This was done to help Todd and his sister Stacey.

He left home at a young age to pursue a career

From an early age in his teens, Todd established himself as a multi-talented athlete, winning spots on the national track, basketball and soccer teams. After Payten moved to Canberra for school at the age of 16, he immediately joined the Raiders and began playing junior football for the team.

Despite the blustery conditions in Adelaide and Melbourne, her mother Christine and grandfather Jock took turns driving their son to his various athletic competitions.

Despite the fact that Payten’s personal life in Temora could be difficult at times due to his mother’s tireless efforts to make ends meet, he found an outlet in athletics. Because of the sacrifices made by his mother and grandfather, he was able to develop his skills to the point where they are now among the most respected in the NRL.

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Is Todd Payten’s wife Julie Payten still married to him after all these years?

Julie Payten, Todd Payten’s esteemed wife, remains his partner after he coached the New Zealand Warriors for a number of years.

He grew up in a troubled environment because his father was absent during his childhood. He has witnessed his mother Christine go through great pain while raising him and his sister Stacey all by herself. He’s a family man. Because of this, he doesn’t want his wife and children to have to go through any of the horrible things he went through in his past.

As a result, Payten is constantly in touch with them and adores them with his whole being. In addition, he agreed to remain in Townsville and agreed to a contract extension with the North Queensland Cowboys. He currently resides in Townsville with his wife and children and moving elsewhere would make it difficult for his children to continue their education.

After a dreadful first season in the North, culminating in a season-ending 15th place finish and reports of player disruption, Payten was widely considered the most weary coach in the NRL preseason. This was because the team finished the season in 15th place.

Emotional reunion with his family in 2020

“It’s been a wonderful few days. After a four-month separation, I was reunited with my family,” was the first thing Todd said after watching his wife and children get close to the fourth month mark with them.

After being separated from his family for four months, NRL coach Todd Payten has admitted he feels a little guilty at the return of his family, although it’s wonderful to have them back with him.

The now 41-year-old has been separated from his family since May due to the COVID-enforced NRL bubble. But just this week he had the wonderful opportunity to hug his children again.

Additionally, on Father’s Day in 2020, his former team, the Warriors, uploaded the video to their social media accounts. After spending 14 days in quarantine upon arrival in Australia, his family were finally able to see him for the first time via a video just two minutes long. The players and coaching staff have been stranded in Tasman for a period of four months due to the pandemic confinement at international borders.

How much money will Todd Payten make in 2022? A breakdown of salary

Todd Payten is believed to have a net worth of $3 million as a result of his rugby career. He is one of the top-selling national coaches.

The former Sydney Roosters player has had success in both his playing and managerial careers, which is extremely unusual in the world of sports. From 2004 to 2011 he was a member of the Wests Tigers and played in the National Rugby League. During this time he had a lot of fun. The club has been instrumental in making him the man he is now. And there’s no question Payten made millions of dollars while working there.

Before beginning his coaching career with the Warriors and Cowboys, Payten played more than half of his 259 NRL games with the Tigers. Payten also won a title in 2005 while with the Tigers. Before beginning his coaching career, Payten was a player in the National Rugby League.

After retiring, the 43-year-old also briefly held managerial roles before the North Queensland Cowboys announced he would take over as the team’s head coach in October 2014.

In 2020, the two parties came back together to work toward the same goal. Payten was reportedly handed a three-year, $1.5 million contract when he was announced as the Cowboys’ next head coach. The Courier Mail reported this information.

Death Payten
Death Payten

Cowboys prepare to propose a new deal to Payten

Fast forward to 2022 shows he plans to remain a member of the club for a few more years. The Cowboys are ready to give him a new contract despite his club’s lack of positive results last season.

North Queensland Cowboys head coach Todd Payten is close to agreeing a multi-million dollar contract to stay with the North Queensland Cowboys. This will be one of the most dramatic about-faces in rugby league history. While the amount is a closely guarded secret, current speculation suggests it will be significantly higher than the staggering $2 million contract he was rumored to have been offered in 2020.

Although his contract with the company expires at the end of the following year, the team hope to secure the services of the 43-year-old coach before he begins talking to other organizations about his future.

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