In the relationship of Devon Lee Carlson’s new boyfriend Duke Norfleet

After splitting from longtime boyfriend Jesse Rutherford last year, Devon Lee Carlson is now dating Julian Casablancas.

The Wildflower Cases founder and influencer spoke to her sister Sydney Carlson on the September 7 episode of “Call Her Daddy” about dating following their split from the lead singer of “The Neighborhood.”

Devon Lee Carlson

In the relationship of Devon Lee Carlson’s new boyfriend Julian Casablancas

Ever since she discussed dating on Call Me Daddy, the internet thinks Devon Lee Carlson is now dating Julian Casablancas.

In August, Lana Del Rey and a few friends, including 28-year-old Carlson, were spotted at a dinner party for Norfleet’s birthday.

People say that the best way to mend a broken heart is to be in someone else’s arms, and Devon Lee Carlson, a SoCal socialite and verified cool girl, seems to agree.

After saying she’s been dating someone on the Call Her Daddy podcast for more than a month, the Los Angeles model and Wildflower Cases co-founder has officially revealed her new lover.

The name of Devon’s rumored girlfriend has been revealed. Devon didn’t say who it is, but TikTok and blind things like DuexMoi did us a favor by telling us. Lana Del Rey fans will love this character.

Many people on Reddit say that Julian Casablancas is their new boyfriend. In response, the comments seem to agree with the rumors and want more information.

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Devon Lee Carlson and Duke Norfleet Rumor

Duke Norfleet is another person currently associated with Devon.

The 20-year-old rising star comes from a well-known Hollywood family. Duke’s grandfather is three-time Oscar winner and actor Jack Nicholson, who is 83 years old. But his own family is also quite famous.

Duke is the son of Mark Norfleet, a former professional surfer, and designer Jennifer Nicholson. Jack and his ex-wife Sandra Knight share Duke as the eldest child.

Even though Duke Nicholson stopped acting about ten years ago, Hollywood is now laying out the red carpet for the A-grandson. Listers

Find out who Devon Lee Carlson has dated in the past

Devon Lee Carlson fans have always been interested in who she is dating. Though many names have been associated with her, few stand out when it comes to her past relationships. As the media tries to figure out how she’s related to Duke Nicholson, a member of the Hollywood royal family, we’re going to look into her past to find out some fun facts.

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Relationship with Jesse Rutherford

Since 2015, Devon has been in a serious relationship with American singer Jesse Rutherford. After rumors of their breakup broke, the pair said they were no longer together.

Jesse is from the United States and he sings, writes music and performs. The lead singer of The Neighborhood plays alternative rock music.

Without a doubt, Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson were a powerful couple. The couple had been together since 2015 and shared their love story on social media, most notably on Instagram and TikTok. From the way they dress to how they treat each other, they give ideas to a lot of people.

Because of this, many people look up to them. Even GQ called them “2019’s most 2019 couple.”

There was trouble in paradise, which was a shame. After more than six years of relationship, the two separated and went their separate ways.

When Carlson’s fans and followers saw that she had changed her TikTok bio in November 2021, rumors spread that they had broken up. “Jesse’s girlfriend” used to be there, but now it says “no biography yet.”

Several of Carlson’s fans have asked her about it on her TikToks, but she hasn’t responded to any of them. Rutherford unfollowed everyone and simultaneously deleted all of his Instagram posts.

Talk about julian casablancas and dating

Earlier this year there were rumors that Devon Lee Carlson and Julian Casablancas were dating. Carlson also poked fun at Cooper by saying that she only dates artists. In July, she was spotted with the leader of The Strokes. While Casablancas, 44, and Carlson were in Barcelona, ​​they made an Instagram post that has since been removed.

Julian Fernando Casablancas is an American singer, songwriter and musician. He is best known as the lead singer and main songwriter for the rock band The Strokes. Since the band formed in 1998, he has worked with them on six studio albums. In 2009, Casablancas released a solo album called Phrazes for the Young.

At first, some fans thought Julian Casablancas and Devon Lee Carlson were dating because they were talking about it on Instagram, and the internet was awash with dating rumors. A Reddit thread from a few months ago states that the lead singer of The Strokes became close with businessman Carlson this summer. This pairing was a big surprise.

Devon Lee Carlson
Devon Lee Carlson


Devon Lee Carlson is a famous fashionista and a big deal on social media. Sydney Carlson, known for her YouTube videos, helped her get popular. Michelle Carlson, her mother, came up with the idea for her company, Wildflower Cases, which makes iPhone cases. Her father’s name is Dave Carlson.

Carlson is involved in a variety of social media. She started a YouTube channel in 2013. When she first joined Twitter in February 2011, she tweeted, “HANGING OUT WITH MY SISTER!!!! She has more than 1.5 million people following her on Instagram. Carlson has become a style icon because of her Y.2.K. in a unique way. Fashion and bright cheerful clothes. She has a unique style that combines thrift store finds with vintage designer clothing. Carlson has worked on a t-shirt with Marc Jacobs and on a campaign with Louis Vuitton. She did this by leveraging the burgeoning digital platforms she grew up with. She is close with Mikey Margott’s friend Lauren Leekley and Bella Hadid, who she just went on a brand trip with. In April 2015, she posted an Instagram photo with actress Veronica Dunne.

Carlson is a passionate animal rights activist and Wildflower is what she is most proud of. She believes that people should realize that humans are not the only species on earth and should care for and protect other species. Carlson has been dating Jesse Rutherford, lead singer of the band The Neighborhood, for a long time. There were rumors that they might get married. Carlson has appeared in the music videos for Neighborhood’s “Pretty Boy,” “Stargazing,” and “Lost in Translation.”


Wildflower Cases was founded with the help of Devon Lee Carlson. In 2012, they launched their brand in a matter of days. She and her sister Sydney Carlson were at a restaurant when they saw Miley Cyrus and got a chance to take a selfie with her. The famous person liked her phone case and wanted to buy one. Miley Cyrus posted the case on Twitter, which suddenly made fans want cases, which gave them a chance to start a brand. Then both sisters posted about the business on Instagram. More than 1.4 million people follow her on Instagram at the moment.

The two sisters and their mother promoted their products in a unique way, making their company’s website a one-stop shop for people looking for cool custom iPhone cases.

Bella Hadid, Lana Del Rey and other well-known people also use custom phone cases made by their company. The Moo Moo and Red Flames designs sell the most. She was also a model for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Realization Par. The brand made the three famous.

Devon Lee Carlson started using YouTube on August 23, 2017. “My First Vlog Devon Lee Carlson” was the first video on her channel. She posts vlogs and talks about her life on her YouTube channel Devon Lee Carlson (2). She rarely posts videos on YouTube.

family and other things

Michelle and Dave had Devon Lee Carlson on August 3, 1994 in California, USA. Sydney Carlson is her sister’s name. Sydney Carlson is the name of a YouTube channel that her sister also owns.

Her mother is a designer and together she and her two daughters make high quality limited edition iPhone cases. Your Wildflower Cases business is doing very well.

She has been dating The Neighborhood lead singer Jesse James Rutherford since April 2015. She loves their relationship and often posts cute pictures and videos of them together on YouTube and Instagram. She fights for animal rights and loves dogs very much.

Born and raised in Southern California, Devon Lee Carlson has made the most of the burgeoning digital platforms she grew up with. When she was 17, she and her younger sister used Instagram to start their own business called Wildflower, which creates custom designs for phone cases worn by the likes of Bella Hadid and Lana Del Rey.

She’s now a model and vlogger with a unique style that mixes thrift store finds with vintage designer clothing. She has worked with Louis Vuitton on a campaign and Marc Jacobs on a t-shirt. Still, Wildflower is what she’s “most proud of,” and Carlson is generally such a nice person that you can’t help but cheer for her success.

Like all good LA Carlson is also a strong advocate for animal rights, girls. She says, “Dogs are very important to me and I really want to help them and find homes for any dogs they need.”

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