Ines Tazi (Perfect Match): Who is she? Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Entrepreneur, TikTok and more

Netflix’s Perfect Match is all about entertaining viewers. Our favorite competitors from other popular series are combined for the dating reality show

They compete against each other in quests and band together to find their ideal opponent. One such contender who is the center of attention is Ines Tazi. Having seen her on a previous game show, they are interested to see what she would achieve this time.

We’re excited to see what else happens for her on the show, as she seems honest about finding love here. To better understand Ines and anticipate the choices she might make on the show, here are all the details you need to know about her in the meantime.

Ines Tazi

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Ines Tazi (Perfect Match): Who is she?

Ines Tazi, a 26-year-old Parisian beauty, was last seen in the first season of The Circle France, the French adaptation of Netflix’s The Circle, a show in which she pretended to be single and in a relationship .

Ines reportedly moved to London in 2014 but she refuses to stay. For work, she frequently travels back and forth between Paris, Morocco and Los Angeles.

She enrolled at SOAS University of London and chose to study World History, Development Studies and the ICC (Intermediate Certificate Course) Foundation Program in her first year. She earned a 2.1 in Development Studies and a Merit.

The political economy of liberalism was her area of ​​interest in the following year of social sciences, and in her senior year she completed a dissertation on ‘The Financialization of Non-Financial Corporations’. She started the course in 2014 and graduated in 2015, earning a 2.1 in upper second grade while still working as a boxing instructor for SOAS Boxing Society.

She started working in 2016 while continuing her schooling. Her first known internship was with Marwa in the commercial and logistics department in Casablanca, Morocco as a marketing analyst. After her four-month internship, which took place from June to September 2016, she took a year off.

She returned to Olan Partners in July 2017 for two months as Assistant General Manager. She also worked as a part-time social media manager at Pantone Creative from 2017-2018. She became co-founder of Skult, a London-based personal care manufacturer, after all her hard work paid off in September 2018.

Ines Tazi (Perfect Match): Relationship

We know that she is now single and not in a relationship because she is on Perfect Match. She admitted she saw someone catfishing on The Circle France. At that time, however, the identity of her suitor remained a mystery.

However, she did share a few pictures of herself with Joseph Arber, a data analyst and scientist from the UK. Ines responded to a reader’s question if he was her “Bae” by saying that they are indeed dating.

He was in the photos between July 2019 and February 2020, but they are no longer Instagram followers. It can be assumed that they separated after that.

Joseph may be the person she was dating at the time of The Circle France based on the time frame of their relationship. There were no further developments regarding her love life after that, leading to the assumption that she had made the decision to keep it private.

It won’t stay that way for long, however, because after “Perfect Match,” people will constantly want to know who she’s watching from the show and how their relationship is going. We wish the young and aspiring woman nothing but the best for whoever she chooses to be with.

Ines Tazi
Ines Tazi

Ines Tazi (Perfect Match): Bio

The French native One of the many attractive Netflix reality stars who take part in the dating game show Perfect Match is Ines Tazi. Ines, a Londoner, appeared in the first (and currently only) season of The Circle in French, which debuted in 2020. Ines performed admirably in the competition, reaching Episode 9 before being eliminated.

She won’t fail in Perfect Match despite losing her previous Netflix reality contest! Her entry into The Circle as herself — albeit a single version of herself because she was in a relationship at the time — rather than catching the other contestants allowed fans to get to know her a little better.

However, if you want to learn more about this perfect match rival, read on to learn more about her age, height, social media accounts, and more.

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Ines Tazi (Perfect Match): Dude

Age of Ines Tazi Ines was 23 years old when she attended The Circle in 2020, so she’s probably 25 or about to be 26 at this point. She was about 25 when Perfect Match was filmed.

Ines is a prominent public figure and online personality. Aside from being a reality celebrity, she also appears to be an influencer.

Ines Tazi (Perfect Match): Instagram

She has almost 114,000 followers on Instagram where you can follow her at @taziines. She often posts pictures from her numerous vacations and selfies. She recently started posting ads and pictures from the reality show.

Ines Tazi (Perfect Match): TikTok

Ines seems to have a @taziines1 TikTok account but it has yet to be authenticated. But verified accounts interact with the site and reveal that it is indeed Ines.

She frequently shares get ready with me videos and beauty related stuff, even one from the recent movie premiere of Your Place or Mine.

Ines Tazi: In perfect agreement

Watch Ines in action on Netflix Perfect Match now. New episodes coming Tuesday!

From flirting behind a wall to putting on a rubber panda mask before a date, these singles would do anything for love. However, they were unmatched when the closing titles rolled – until now.

All your favorite actors from Love Is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, The Mole and more come together for the February 14th (aww) premiere of Perfect Match to test whether true love is perhaps a little closer than originally imagined.

Host Nick Lachey guides these aspirants through a series of compatibility tests and pairings on a journey from single to soulmate (and this time there’s no sex ban). Read on to find out which of your favorite people might finally get their fair desserts, whether it’s an engagement ring or just plain karma.

When she first broke the rules with her future lover (now Ring Pop fiancé), Harry Jowsey, this early Lana rival made history. Then she broke the rules again and again and again.

But after their breakup, Francesca began dating Love Is Blind’s Damian Powers, with whom she had developed a close relationship during season one’s After the Altar Reunion episode.

By telling Tudum that “It’s hard to watch [Too Hot to Handle] back, but then I feel like I’m growing as a person,” the influencer is now ready to refute that she’s the bad guy.

On August 17th, Ines Tazi, a character in Perfect Match, turns 25 years old. Tazi is co-founder of Skult Ltd. in London, United Kingdom.

One of the contestants of the brand new Netflix show Perfect Match is Ines.

She will live with the other participants in a tropical paradise. There they will try to fit each other to discover love and their ideal match.

Francesca Farago, Joey Sasso, Nick Uhlenhuth, Shayne Jansen and Dom Gabriel are among the new season contestants.

They are former cast members of popular TV shows like The Mole, Love Is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, Selling Tampa and others.

Since the premiere takes place on Valentine’s Day, the show becomes even more fascinating for viewers.

The show will be hosted by Nick Lachey, who will take contestants through a series of tests and pairings that will determine whether they find true love or stay single.

Ines Tazi
Ines Tazi

Ines Tazi (Perfect Match): As an entrepreneur

Age of Ines Tazi Perfect Match is 25. Ines Tazi was born in August and has made Leo her zodiac sign.

Ines comes from the city of love. In 1997, on August 17th, the budding reality star was born.

Tazi was given the birth name Ines Camilia Tazi. She was born in France to a Catholic mother and a Muslim Moroccan father.

She has traveled to both her parents’ home countries as a biracial person.

The reality TV personality is also an actor who runs a shop in London with a pal.

The celebrity graduated from Lycee Luautey with a degree in mathematics and social sciences.

The school is a French institution based in Casablanca, Morocco. She moved to London to continue her education after high school.

In 2018 she graduated from SOAS University of London with degrees in Development Studies, Social Sciences and World History. She later enrolled in a General Assembly Product Management course.

You may not know that she has been training boxing for a while and is also a fighter.

As a member of the SOAS Boxing Society, she even worked as a teacher.

She and her friend started Skult Ltd., a new company in London, and she is serving as co-founder. The company specializes in providing simpler, more innovative personal care services.

Launching her business brought her into the social media spotlight. This made her a rising reality star, which helped her gain notoriety.

Ines Tazi
Ines Tazi

Ines Tazi (Perfect Match): Facts

  • Ines was born in 1997 to a Moroccan Muslim father and a French Catholic mother. Her family is also involved in the fashion industry.
  • The star used to wear djellabas to her school with a cowboy boot and a hat when she was in high school. She did this to convey fashion’s creative message through her clothes.
  • The star graduated from high school in Morocco. She came to London to study geopolitics further, but now she works as a reality star and has her own business with her business partner.
  • The business enthusiast is also a boxer. While in college, she was a boxing instructor for the SOAS Boxing Society. She often injured herself while playing sports.
  • She has certification to become a beautician. That’s why she founded her company Skult Ltd. founded in London.
  • Her Instagram account is @tazines, where she has 114,000 followers and is following 615 people and counting. She has made 823 posts in her account so far.
  • The reality star was one of the competing contestants for The Circle France in April 2020. She is currently re-joining the new Netflix series Perfect Match beginning February 14, 2023.

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