Information about Nick Saban’s daughter Kristen Saban

Information about Nick Saban’s daughter Kristen Saban

Kristen Saban, Nick Saban’s daughter, is 26 years old and married to Adam Setas.

Kristen is a board member of Nick’s Kids Foundation.

Her parents, Nick and Terry Saban, who have been happily married for 51 years, have always been her relationship and marriage role models.

Kristen also met the love of her life, with whom she has been in a relationship for nine years. When they were in preschool, she met her future husband, Adam Setas, in Michigan. They started dating in 2013. In 2014 Adam got engaged to her and in 2015 they decided to be together forever.

Kristen Saban

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Who is Kristen Saban, daughter of Nick Saban?

Kristen Saban, Board Member of Nick’s Kids Foundation, is the daughter of Nick Saban.

Prior to her resignation in February 2016, she previously worked for five months as Head of Marketing at Mercedes-Benz in Birmingham.

In 2013, Kristen earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Alabama.

After graduation, Nick’s daughter accepted a three-month position as a Graduate Assistant in Hospitality and Events at the Festival de Cannes. Between May 2013 and the following three months, she planned and implemented a series of events.

She attended several events including the German Films event, the American Pavilion 25th Anniversary Party and the Lionsgate Hunger Games: Catching Fire event.

Her father, Nick, was a head coach at a number of universities, including Louisiana State University, the University of Toledo, and Michigan State University. So, until he landed in Alabama in 2007, she moved with her father from Michigan State to LSU to the Miami Dolphins.

She visited Alabama after graduating from Tuscaloosa Academy in 2009, where she cheered. Kristen has worked as an events staffer at Bryant-Denny Stadium and as a student assistant for the Crimson Tide football program.

Nick Saban’s bio

Nicholas Lou Saban Jr., born October 31, 1951, is an American football coach who has served as the University of Alabama’s head football coach since 2007. In the past, Saban has held positions as head coach at Louisiana State University (LSU). Michigan State University and the University of Toledo, and the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League. Many people believe that Saban is the greatest college football coach in history.

Saban coached the Alabama Crimson Tide to the BCS and AP National Championships in 2009, 2011, and 2012, and to victories in the College Football Playoffs in 2015, 2017, and 2020. He also coached the LSU Tigers to the BCS National Championship Year 2003. He is the most successful in the annals of college football, having won seven national championships as a head coach. Since the founding of AP Poll in 1936, he became the first coach in college football history to win a national championship with two different Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) institutions. [8] Only Saban and Bear Bryant have won an SEC championship at two different institutions. Saban has a career record of 277-69-1 as a college head coach.

Saban was inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame in 2013.

Additionally, Mark Ingram II (2009), Derrick Henry (2015), DeVonta Smith (2020), and Bryce Young are the four Heisman Trophy winners that Saban coached in Alabama (2021).

Nick Saban’s childhood and upbringing

Saban was born to Mary and Nick Lou Saban, Sr. in Fairmont, West Virginia. He grew up with his sister Dianna and attended Monongah High School[11] in the tiny town of Monongah, West Virginia, which is about 25 miles (40 km) south of Morgantown. Saban is descended from Croats. Stanko Saban, his paternal grandfather, was born in 1895 in Gospi in the Lika region of Croatia. When he was 13, Stanko immigrated to Portland, Oregon. He later married Anna Mihalic, who was of Croatian and American descent.

On the West Virginia team that won the 1968 state championship, Saban started as quarterback.

Kerry Marbury, who later became a standout for the West Virginia Mountaineers and competed in the Canadian Football League, was one of his teammates.

Saban married Terry Constable, a native West Virginia man, on December 18, 1971. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Kent State University in 1973. Don James, the head coach at Kent State, allowed Saban to play defensively. He and a roommate decided to have lunch first before going to the demonstration site on May 4, 1970, so as to avoid becoming involved in the Kent State shootings.

Saban graduated from Kent State in 1975 with a master’s degree in sports administration.

During the first year of his studies, Saban’s father died.

Nick Saban’s career in coaching

Before Don James hired him as a research assistant at Kent State while Saban waited for his wife to finish, Saban had no intention of going into coaching.

He later served as an assistant coach at a number of NCAA Division IA institutions, including Syracuse 1977, West Virginia 1978 and 1979, Ohio State 1980 and 1981, Navy 1982, and Michigan State from 1983 to 1987.

After the 1987 campaign, Kent State chose Dick Crum as the new head coach in place of Saban. The Houston Oilers of the National Football League then hired Saban as an assistant.

On December 22, 1989, Saban accepted a position as head coach at the University of Toledo and launched his coaching career.

After 6-5 records in 1988 and 1989, the Rockets quickly found success in 1990 under Nick Saban. Toledo was the Mid-American Conference co-champion after a 9-2 campaign. The Rockets’ two losses during that campaign were separated by only one point to Central Michigan and four points to Navy. Urban Meyer, who would have been interested in a coaching position on Saban’s staff, applied while Saban was teaching at Toledo, but was turned down.

Canton Browns

After just one season, Saban left his position as head coach at Toledo to accept the position of defensive coordinator with the Cleveland Browns under head coach Bill Belichick the following February.

He spent four seasons in that post. Saban later referred to those four years as “the worst of my life.”

Prior to the 1995 season, Saban took over as Michigan State’s head coach. The club was penalized by the NCAA for recruiting violations against its predecessor and former boss George Perles, and Michigan State has not had a successful season since 1990.

After taking over Michigan State in 1995, Saban changed the fortunes of the program only slightly, leading the Spartans to bowl games in his first three seasons. Michigan State has records of 6-5-1, 6-6, and 7-5 from 1995 through 1997. In contrast, MSU’s records from 1992 through 1994 were 5-6, 6-6, and 5-6 (before NCAA losses). ).

The Spartans defeated the 1-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes on November 7, 1998 at Ohio Stadium, 28-24. Even so, the Spartans finished 6-6, including three last-second losses marred by fumbles, defensive collapses and special-team errors, and were handed a bowl- Invitation denied.

In 1999, Saban led the Spartans to a 9-2 record that included victories over Penn State, Notre Dame, Michigan and Ohio State. The two losses were losses to Wisconsin and Purdue. Saban abruptly left after the final game of the regular season against Penn State to take the job as head coaching at LSU. Bobby Williams, Saban’s assistant head coach and successor, led the Spartans to a victory over Florida in the Citrus Bowl, giving them a 10-2 aggregate record for the 1999 season. The Spartans achieved their best ranking since the 1966 roster and had their most wins in a season since 1965. Josh McDaniels, a future NFL head coach, was an assistant on the Saban coaching staff in 1999.

Relationship between Kristen Saban and Lane Kiffin

In 2015, there were rumors of Kristen Saban and Lane Kiffin sleeping together.

The rumor hasn’t been substantiated by reliable sources, so it will stay that way. That same year, Kristen was married to Adam Setas.

From 2014 to 2016, Kiffin, who currently serves as Ole Miss’s head football coach, was Nick Saban’s offensive line coordinator. The coaches treat each other with great respect.

Despite different personalities, the couple never had a negative relationship. Additionally, Nick has always valued Lane’s attitude and the three years of experience gained working with him at the University of Alabama.

Who is Kristen Saban’s husband?

Kristen is married to Adam Setas, a financial advisor at Merill Lynch. They were childhood friends who later fell in love.

When Adam was a young athlete and Nick, Kristen’s father, was a coach at Michigan State University, the two met as preschoolers.

At Lansing Catholic High School, he competed in ice hockey and joined the Alabama roster as a freshman. Additionally, according to Heavy, the former athlete played three seasons in Tuscaloosa.

Despite being childhood friends, Saban and Seats started dating in 2013. They studied at Alabama University. A year later, the financial advisor asked his soul mate to marry him.

Kristen Saban
Kristen Saban

Kristen Saban on Twitter and Instagram

Kristen Saban uses Instagram to share her lifestyle and goes by the name @kristensabansetas.

The focus has shifted from Nick Saban to his daughter Kristen Saban Setas after she recently posted a note on her Instagram Story that appears to be aimed at Alabama supporters.

When the rumor about her and Lane Kiffin took over the platform in 2015, she was also a popular topic on Twitter, although she is not active there.

Much like Sarah Grimes, one of Kristen’s sorority sisters, sued her for brutally beating her in a drunken altercation in 2010, Kristen also made headlines in 2012.

When Saban’s attorneys argued that she acted in self-defense, a Tuscaloosa judge dismissed the case; The judge issued a summary decision, finding that she had the right to stand her ground after being assaulted.

Kristen Saban’s Married Life

On May 30, 2015, Kristen Saban married the love of her life, Adam Setas.

She married Adam Setas and hosted a reception at Bryant-Denny Stadium, where her father works.

Fireworks were set off during the wedding ceremony in Tuscaloosa, and the newlyweds drove through Bryant-Denny Stadium in a vintage Rolls-Royce.

Since taking their vows in 2015, Saban and Setas have been happily married for seven years. The couple was also blessed with a sweet child named James Nickolas.

James was born in 2020 and on April 27, 2022 the little child turned two years old. Nickolas already has an interest in hockey, so the infant has decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in hockey.

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