Information on the height and age of Aaron Judge’s wife, Samantha Bracksieck


Samantha Bracksieck weighs approximately 120 pounds and is 5 feet 2 inches tall. The fact that she is married to Aaron Judge, an American fielder for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB), has earned her most of her notoriety.

Samantha, originally from San Joaquin, California, is a prominent American media personality, businesswoman and celebrity wife. She was born and raised in the city.


In 2017 she was recognized for her research titled “Posterior Elbow Angle While the Movement Phase of Pitching About the Susceptibility of UCL Injuries in Major League Baseball Players,” which was recognized by Colorado State University.

Samantha, the player’s wife, is a Linden High School alumnus who later earned a degree in exercise science from California State University at Fresno. Samantha is married to the player. It was the same university her husband Judge went to so he could play baseball.


Baseball player Aaron James Judge, who is her spouse, is a well-known figure in the sport. Unrivaled, he picked up the American League (AL) Rookie of the Year award and placed second in the AL Most Valuable Player poll.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree from California State University, she moved to Gainesville, Florida and enrolled in the University of Florida’s doctoral program in exercise physiology. However, she was never able to complete the program and never received her degree.

Samantha Bracksieck

A few quick points

Full name Samantha Bracksieck
Age 28 years
Date of birth Aug. 12, 1993
Place of birth San Joaquin, California, United States
profession Aspiring teacher, student & face of the media
nationality American
religion Christian
Height 5 feet 2 inches
weight 58kg
spouse Aaron Richter

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In front of her husband, Samantha Brackseeck Appearance: She appears to be shorter

Although Samantha Bracksieck is approximately 5ft 2in tall, she appears to be a lot shorter compared to her husband Aaron Judge who is an amazing 6ft 7in tall.


The two are considered to make an adorable couple when they are together. We have great respect that they were able to maintain the relationship they had when they weren’t together despite the fact that they had a lot of success in their professional lives.

Aaron and Samatha are frequently seen spending time together at various social events. Samantha makes it a point to attend her husband’s games in person so she can cheer, encourage, and see him firsthand.


According to a recent article in The New York Post, Aaron recently shared a heartwarming moment with his mother, Patty Judge, and his wife, Bracksieck, after hitting his 60th home run in the Yankees’ incredible comeback win over the Pirates on Tuesday night.

Today’s 28-year-old Samantha Bracksiek is one year apart from her husband

There is an age difference of about a year between Samantha Bracksieck and her husband Aaron Judge. Bracksieck, the player’s wife, is currently 28 years old, but Aaron, the famous baseball player, is currently 29 years old. Bracksieck is married to Aaron, who is also 29.


On August 12, 1993, Samantha was born. Aaron, her husband’s birthday is April 26, 1992. They have been married for about two years and have grown closer over that time.

Although Judge, 29, and Bracksieck, 28, have managed to keep their relationship a secret for the most part in recent years, the two began dating before Aaron rose to prominence in Major League Baseball.


After meeting in high school in Linden, California when they were both still in their teens, the couple began dating. While Samantha played baseball, football, and basketball, Bracksieck was on the varsity teams for both basketball and soccer. Bracksieck was also a member of the basketball team.

Rather than going their separate ways after high school, Bracksieck and Judge continued their education together in 2011 at nearby California State University. Despite the popularity, Samantha never made much of the judge and her connection as the judge at the college.


Samantha Bracksek was born to her mother and father. Gregory Alan and Karen Nesbitt Bracksieck

Samantha Bracksieck, the wife of the major league baseball player, was born in 1993 to her parents, including her father, Gregory Alan, and her mother, Nesbitt Bracksieck. Samantha has been married for 28 years. She was born and raised in San Joaquin, California.

She came from a Christian home when she was born. Samantha, now 28, grew up in Linden, California, her husband’s hometown. A good friend of Samantha painted a Norman Rockwell style picture of the town where she and her husband grew up. The picture showed the city with a tiny downtown and an annual cherry festival.


Additionally, it appears that Samantha does not maintain a public presence on any social media platforms. Because of this, the material available on the public media platform about her parents and early years is extremely limited.

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In 2021, Samantha Bracksieck and Aaron Judge married

Aaron Judge, who has been Bracksieck’s lifelong boyfriend, and they tied the knot on December 11, 2021 at the Montage Kapalua Bay Hotel in Hawaii, drawing the attention of the whole nation. As of 2022, they had been living together as a married couple for more than a year.

On their wedding day, they invited just a handful of their closest friends and family members to join the celebrations. The happy couple shared some pictures from their wedding that were both stunning and adorable. Both have a charming appearance in their wedding dress. When it came time for the big event in December 2021, Judge dressed in a tuxedo while Bracksieck wore a backless sleeveless dress with embroidery.


It has been claimed that they got engaged in July 2021, well before they took their wedding vows in December 2021. On the other hand, they have not publicly announced the engagement of the two. In June 2021, a number of people witnessed Bracksieck wearing a diamond ring, which helped spread speculation about the couple’s upcoming marriage.

Before they got married, Aaron and Samantha had known each other for a long time and considered each other good friends. The two individuals are never seen speaking publicly about their affection for one another in any setting.


Samantha Judge, who is married to Aaron Judge, grew up in a family of five

Samantha Bracksieck, now married to famed major league baseball player Aaron Judge, grew up in California with her parents and three siblings, including two brothers and a sister. It’s reasonable to assume that Samantha had a good childhood, spending a lot of time having fun with her siblings.

Her brothers are Grek Bracksiek and Joseph Bracksiek, and her sister is Kristine Bracksieck. Her mother’s maiden name was Bracksiek. Her brothers are expected to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors and successfully run their own businesses.


Not wanting her family to be exposed to any negative publicity, Samantha rarely talks about it on social media.

Samantha Bracksieck: Some information about Aaron Judge’s wife

  • As of 2022, Samantha Bracksieck and MLB star Aaron Judge have been married for almost two years and are living a happy life together.
  • She is the sister of Joseph Bracksiek, older brother of Grek Bracksiek and younger sister of Kristine Bracksiek.
  • In 2022, Samantha is already 28 years old. Her birthday is August 12th and she was born in 1993.
  • Her date of birth indicates that she was born on a Thursday and the sign of Leo is associated with her zodiac.
  • Samantha is only 5 feet 2 inches tall but she appears to be a lot shorter than her husband Aaron Judge who is 6 feet 7 inches tall.
  • On her way home from dinner at a posh chophouse, Samantha Bracksieck was once pulled over by police for speeding for the posted speed limit.
  • She has an English degree from California State University and attended Linden High School before completing her education.
  • Samantha competed on baseball, football, and basketball teams during her high school years.
  • Samantha and her husband Aaron met in college and have been together ever since. However, they started dating while they were still in high school.
  • It appears that the MLB player’s wife does not participate in any of the available social media platforms.
Samantha Bracksieck
Samantha Bracksieck

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Samantha Bracksieck’s parents?

Samantha Bracksieck’s parents include her father Gregory Alan and mother Nesbitt Bracksieck


How tall is Samantha Bracksieck?

Samantha Bracksieck is reported to be 5ft 2in tall.

How long has Samantha been married to her husband Aaron Judge?

Samantha & Aaron have been happily married for more than 1.5 years.


How old is Samantha Bracksieck?

As of 2022, Samantha Bracksieck is 28 years old since she was born in 1993.