Is David McKenzie related to Isaiah McKenzie? Who is the wife of the international CNN correspondent?

CNN’s David McKenzie is that one reporter whose work ethic has earned him praise from the public.

The journalist now shows live from the war zones of Ukraine how hard it is there.

The latest news is that David is reporting from Kyiv and is pleased to be covering the 31st anniversary of the country’s independence on August 24th.

He and his team shared heartbreaking stories from the war-torn place that moved many people. David is best known as McKenzie CNN. He has been with the media giant for almost 15 years.

David McKenzie

Is David McKenzie related to Isaiah McKenzie?

David McKenzie has been a graceful part of CNN’s live coverage for the past decade, while Isaiah is a committed NFL player from a young age.

Isaiah is a wide receiver and return specialist for the Buffalo Bills of the NFL. It is well known that the two McKenzies are not related.

The fact that they share the same last name might make people think they are related.

But there’s no way the reporters and the soccer player are related in any way. At the same time, it’s possible that the two professionals know about each other and the great work they do in their fields.

Both McKenzies are at the top of their game at work, so it’s possible they know each other.

David McKenzie is American, but he travels all over the world for his journalistic work

The CNN pundit was born and raised in the United States, so he’s an American citizen by default. David grew up coming to CNN to cover the best news. Since then he has been traveling all over the world.

His LinkedIn page shows that he has worked for CNN in more than 30 countries across Africa, Asia, the UK, the Middle East and the Americas over the past 15 years.

He’s in Kyiv right now, but before that he was in Johannesburg. At one point in his career, his job as a correspondent for Beijing and Nairobi caught his most attention.

McKenzie is a loyal American who loves keeping up with sports news. Because of this, he knows many sports stars, including Isaiah McKenzie.

David McKenzie has not told his wife or family about his success

With his busy schedule, CNN’s Senior International Correspondent has ignored viewers’ questions about his family.

David hasn’t told the audience about his family because he wants to protect their privacy.

Also, dangerous news about the social and political environment makes it best for him to keep his loving family out of the public eye.

Likewise, Mr. McKenzie’s single status has always raised many questions due to his age and the fact that he never speaks about his love life.

Because of this, CNN can’t show exactly what it’s proud of, but this is for the best. In the same vein, his social media accounts, particularly Instagram and Twitter, are about his work rather than pictures of his family.

On the other hand, David’s American family, the McKenzies, are proud to see him on TV every day while they pray for his safety.

David McKenzie As a CNN correspondent, you have a lot of money

Even if you don’t get paid for it, working internationally for CNN is a good job in and of itself.

In its April 2022 report, Glass Door says the average salary for a CNN journalist is $72,619 per year. In David’s case, he works for the company and is an experienced journalist.

He also has a lot of experience reporting from Asia, Africa and America, among others.

McKenzie’s employer pays him more than the estimated average salary because he does his job so well. This is evident in the many ways in which he dominates at work.

Being the respectable man that he is, he has kept his candor to himself and has not spoken about how much money he makes from his job. Instead, he prefers to talk about the most important things happening around him.

Who is Isaiah McKenzie?

Isaiah McKenzie is an NFL wide receiver and return specialist for the Buffalo Bills. He is a well-known American athlete (National Football League). He went to college in Georgia and played football there. The Denver Broncos picked him in the fifth round of the 2017 NFL Draft. He is primarily a wide receiver and a punt returner, but he has also played as a running back and cornerback in the NFL.

How old is Isaiah McKenzie?

From June 2022 he will be 27 years old. He was born on April 9, 1995 in Miami, Florida, USA. Isaiah was born on the same day as Tommyinnit, Lil Nas X, Kristen Stewart, Lilia Buckingham, Gerard Way and many other famous people.

    Isaiah McKenzie
Isaiah McKenzie

Who are Isaiah McKenzie’s parents?

There is no information about his parents on the Internet. If we hear anything new about this, we’ll post it here as soon as we can.

Does Isaiah McKenzie have siblings?

Denzel McKenzie is his brother’s name.

Education for Isaiah McKenzie

He attended American Heritage Schools, Broward Campus, for his high school years. After high school he went to the University of Georgia.

Marital status of Isaiah McKenzie

People consider him someone who hates drama and values ​​privacy when it comes to his love life. He has kept his marriage and dating life quiet which has left many people with many questions. If there is any new information on this, we will publish it here as soon as possible.

Isaiah McKenzie Kids

He has no children at the moment. If we hear anything new about it, we’ll post it here as soon as possible.

A college career

In his first two years with the Georgia Bulldogs, he caught passes for 190 yards and rushed for 195 yards, but he was mostly used to returning kickoffs. When Kirby Smart took over Mark Richt as head coach, McKenzie became a more important part of Georgia’s passing game. As a junior, he caught 44 passes for 633 yards and 7 touchdowns, making him the top receiver for the Bulldogs.

A well paid job

In the 2017 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos picked him in the fifth round with the 172nd pick. In the first game of the 2017 season against the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday Night Football, Sept. 11, he returned three punts for a total of 48 net yards. This was his first game in the NFL. On September 24, he made his career debut in a game against the Buffalo Bills. It was a four-yard carry. He caught four passes for a total of 29 yards over the course of the season. But on September 10, 2018, the Broncos let him go and he was reinstated on the practice squad. Then, on October 25, 2018, he was placed on the active list. He was released again on November 2, 2018.

Work with the Buffalo Bills

After the Broncos let him go, the Buffalo Bills picked him up on November 5, 2018.

He was the main kick returner for the Bills, but he also played a lot of offensive time. On November 25, he ran 6 yards in a jet sweep against the Jacksonville Jaguars for his first NFL touchdown. In a game against the New York Jets, he was used as a ball runner after injuries to Chris Ivory and LeSean McCoy. In the 27-23 loss, he rushed for 22 yards with 4 carries and scored another touchdown. He also caught passes for 47 yards. In 2018, he caught 18 passes for 179 yards. He also rushed for 66 yards and scored 2 touchdowns on the ground.

After the Bills signed kick returner Andre Roberts as a free agent, his role as a kick returner declined, but he still had to play a lot on special teams and as a gadget player on offense. In Week 5, he played a big part in the Bills’ win over the Tennessee Titans. His 46-yard catch helped set up the touchdown that won the game. In the Bills’ final game of the 2019 season against the Jets, McKenzie filled in at cornerback because the Bills were resting their starters and their backups were injured.

On March 30, 2020, he signed a new contract with the Bills. During a 32-30 loss to the Arizona Cardinals in Week 10 on November 15, 2020, he threw a 12-yard trickplay touchdown pass to quarterback Josh Allen. So this was his first touchdown pass of his career. In the final game of the 2020 season against the Miami Dolphins, he caught six passes for 65 yards and two touchdowns. It was arguably his best game as a pro. He also returned a punt 84 yards for a touchdown, which was his first special team play of his career and the only punt return he made all season. In the AFC championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs, he had a catch for a 6-yard touchdown. His team lost 38-24.

On March 29, 2021, he signed a one-year, $1.15 million contract with the Bills. But on Aug. 26, 2021, he was fined $14,650 for violating the NFL’s COVID-19 protocol. In 2021, he became the main kick returner but lost a kickoff in a loss to the Indianapolis Colts and was benched. With seeder Cole Beasley diagnosed with COVID-19, McKenzie saw more use in a Week 16 game against the New England Patriots. He caught 11 passes for 125 yards and one touchdown during the game, which the Bills won 33-21.

On March 13, 2022, McKenzie signed a two-year contract extension with the Bills.

A job in business ventures

In 2020, he and friend Mel Rodriguez opened a restaurant called LaTaraila Barbecue outside of Miami, Florida.

Isaiah McKenzie How tall and how tall

His height of 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) and weight of 74 kg make up for his well built body (163 lbs). Isaiah McKenzie Salary and Net Worth

His average salary is $2.2 million per year and his net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.