Is Gold Coast Radio Icon Bianca Dye Still Dating Justin Morgan?

As of 2022, Bianca Dye, a well-known journalist and radio host for Gold Coast Radio, is no longer dating Justin Morgan.

The 47-year-old radio DJ can be found on Instagram under the name @biancadye. She has over 3200 posts and over 20,000 followers. She does not have an account that is verified by the government.

Bianca is also on Twitter as @BiancaDye, where she has posted more than 4,800 times and has more than 6,100 followers.

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Bianca Dye is a famous radio host and journalist. In 2003 she was the Australian Ambassador for the famous launch of the Pirelli calendar.

She also wrote about other events for NOVA, such as the 2003 AFI Awards and the premiere of the film Die Another Day. Dye is best known for being the morning show host on NOVA 96.9FM.

Bianca hosts and plans many charity events for the RSPCA, the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The famous person is often at Arena and has spoken to many other famous people such as Ricky Martin, Quentin Tarantino and Heath Ledger.

Bianca has been covering the weather for Channel 10 viewers and has been on the channel’s Beauty and the Beast panel. She is a reporter for Mornings with Kerri-Anne Kennerley, covering music and entertainment.

Gold Coast Radio Icon Bianca Dye: Is She Still Dating Boyfriend Justin Morgan?

Bianca Dye, a famous Gold Coast radio host, is no longer dating her boyfriend Justin Morgan. She is instead in a happy relationship with businessman Jay Sandtner.

Bianca used to be with Justin, who used to play for the New Zealand Warriors and is now the team’s assistant coach. They dated for a few months but broke up after five months.

NRL coach Justin Morgan and Bianca Dye made their first appearance together. They say they met at a grocery store through a weird idea called a “date exchange.”

Has Bianca Dye ever married or had a boyfriend?

Bianca Dye doesn’t have a husband or boyfriend, but she has been dating her businessman boyfriend Jay Sandtner for a long time.

For a time, the two were spotted at social media events. Dye says Jay and Bianca met through the dating app Bubble.

The couple reached a point where they couldn’t stop texting each other without realizing it. They showed a lot of love for each other.

Jay has four children from his first marriage. Bianca and the kids get along really well which is a surprise. They live the life they want to live together because they think it should be.