Is In Love With My Partner’s Wife For Life Based On A Real Event? Which location was used? Who is the cast?


Love With My Partner’s Wife, a thriller about Lifetime directed by Lindsay Hartley, centers on detective Paul Ford. Paul goes to great lengths to protect Eve Miller from the abusive relationship after learning that his partner Frank Miller abused his wife. Frank is outraged by this and decides to frame Paul for killing someone. Because of this, Paul must try to escape from the police while Eve follows him to escape Frank. The two begin a passionate relationship born out of genuine respect while running.

The film has won many fans thanks to its captivating plot, which has multiple twists and turns. The film has a number of features that make it a fan favorite, including its cast of outstanding actors and stunning backdrops. Viewers are naturally curious to learn as much as possible about the Lifetime drama. Many people feel compelled to question whether the events of the film are based on real events. We’re here to answer that question as well as a few others.


Is the true story of In Love With My Partner’s Wife true?

No, the plot of In Love with My Partner’s Wife is not based on a true story. Paula Rahn, whose previous works include His Killer Fan and Rock and Roll Christmas, wrote the screenplay for the film. Lindsay Hartley is taking the helm as the film’s director. What the Nanny Saw and Killer Ambition are two of the other films Lindsay has directed. Although the Lifetime thriller is a made-up scenario, it still has some real-world parallels. In reality, there is no doubt that the problem of an abusive spouse has real applications.

Think of the unfortunate event that happened in Virginia in July 2022. Diane Crowder, 53, and her daughter, Carrie Szaksz, 35, were allegedly shot dead by Diane’s ex-cop husband Richard Crowder. After a protracted confrontation between local authorities and Richard that lasted over nine hours, the remains of the two women were found. According to Diane’s aunt Judy Pulley and uncle John Pulley, the incident happened after the two women tried to escape Richard’s abusive behavior.


Unfortunately, cases like Diane Crowder’s are far more common than one might think. Things tend to get a bit more complicated when the abusive husband works for local law enforcement. As a result, Eve Miller’s scenario in the film is undoubtedly plausible. So while “In Love With My Partner’s Wife” isn’t exactly based on a true story, there are aspects to it that some viewers might relate to.

Locations where “In Love with My Partner’s Wife” was filmed

Most of In Love with My Partner’s Wife was filmed in Los Angeles, California. The film, titled My Partner’s Wife, was produced in April 2022 and completed in the first week of May 2022. Let’s dig deeper into the details of the filming location of the Lifetime thriller.


Sacramento, California

Lifetime’s In Love With My Partner’s Wife was produced in Los Angeles, California. The film’s cast and crew seem to have had a great time working together. The actress who plays Eve Miller, Gina Vitori, posted a thank you message on social media, thanking the crew for making it as fun as possible. Nicole Pulliam, who plays Captain Anderson, also expressed her enthusiasm for the exciting film to her followers.

Located on the Pacific Coast, Los Angeles has long been the center of western entertainment. Numerous renowned film studios are located in and around the city, making it easy for filmmakers to objectify their projects. In addition to its beautiful assets, the City of Angels is home to a number of artists essential to a great film. In addition to the Lindsay Hartley-directed film, The Gray Man and Bullet Train were also produced in Los Angeles.


Cast for In love with my partner’s wife

Paul Ford is portrayed by actor Andrew Spach in the Lifetime thriller. He appeared in The Single Mom Conspiracy, aka An Organized Killer, so you might recognize him from that. In the film, the stunning Gina Vitori plays Eve Miller. She has also appeared in the films Killer Stepmom and Deadly Girls Night Out. Frank Miller’s actor Jonathan Stoddard completes the love triangle. The actor previously starred in the films Lies My Sister Told Me and Nightmare PTA Moms. Isabella Oliveira plays Andrea Billings in the film, Nicole Pulliam plays Captain Anderson, Corbin Timbrook plays Callaghan, and Robert Miller plays Brian.