Is Jason Cundy leaving Chelsea FC TV? Update on his work in the podcast with Andy Goldstein


Jason Cundy is an English TalkSPORT radio host who was formerly a professional football player. He was a defender best known for his spells at Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League.

Cundy was in the Football League and played three caps for England Under-21s. He was also one of the first to join the “Classic” group at the Turnip of the Week Sports Bar.


Will Jason Cundy retire from Chelsea FC TV?

Jason Cundy hasn’t said anything about leaving Chelsea FC TV yet so it looks like he will continue to commentate on matches and host shows for the network.

In a moving monologue on talkSPORT, Jason spoke about an “emotional” and “trembling” week. This was during Chelsea’s uncertain period.


With the club’s owner Roman Abramovich being fined by the British government, many Chelsea fans are worried about the club’s future.

Before Chelsea beat Newcastle, the former footballer told talkSPORT: “It’s been a very emotional week for me and the Chelsea fans.”


He has been going to games every year since he attended his first game in 1976. He keeps coming back here in many different roles such as player, academy player, academy coach, media, Chelsea TV and talkSPORT.

Jason said, “It’s my club and it’s my family.” Only people who play football can really understand how you feel about your team. It’s a place where your family lives and it’s also my second home. I could show you every box, every office, every part of the grounds and tell you about every part of this building. He does everything for Chelsea.


Jason Cundy and Andy Goldstein spoke about sports in a podcast

Jason Cundy and Andy Goldstein had been up to no good at talkSPORT all year, but on the day Andy Goldstein teamed up with MansionBet to hilariously trick his co-host.

Jason was tricked into believing he had a Zoom interview with legendary Liverpool player and then Rangers manager Steven Gerrard. In reality, he was speaking to Darren Farley, a talented Impressionist, who had Andy in his ear telling him what to say and do.


“Steven” asked Jason if he followed Scottish football after saying some negative things about football in Canada.

Jason said he was sorry if he upset the Liverpool star because he didn’t know what to do. People’s reactions when they found out the interview was about Darren and not Steven was a mixture of shock, relief, anger and lots of swearing.


Hannah Pedley, wife of Jason Cundy, and her family

Jason Cundy has been married to well-known mezzo-soprano Hannah Pedley since 2015. They have a child together.

During their marriage, TV host and popular TV star Lizzie Cundy had two children, Josh and James.


After marrying in 1994, the couple decided to separate in 2010 and filed for divorce the following year.

He seems happy with his wife Hannah at the moment and there doesn’t seem to be any trouble in their marriage. Hannah seems to be a good person who loves her family and is a good mother.


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