Is Jessie Usher Married? If yes, who is his wife? siblings and parents


American actor Jessie T. Usher often shares photos of himself and his adorable daughter Nala Usher on his Instagram account.

Usher is an American actor known for both his athletic build and his role as “Cam Calloway” on the sitcom Survivor’s Remorse. In this role, he portrayed a professional basketball player. Usher has a very good reputation in the entertainment industry.


Outstanding Actor Usher won a 2015 Breakthrough Performer Award at the Hamptons International Film Festival for his work on Survivor’s Remorse and a 2016 CinemaCon Award for his role in Independence Day: Resurgence.

Jessie received permission to make his first appearance on television after his sister Jesstia secured a role in a television commercial. His first screen appearance was in an Oscar Mayer commercial.

Jessie T Usher

About Jessie T Usher

Full name Jessie T Usher Jr
Age (2022) 30 years old
Date of birth February 29, 1992
Place of birth Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
profession Actors and theater artists
parents Jessie T. Usher Sr. (father) and Judith Usher (mother)
siblings Jesstia Usher (sister)
Married Not married
children Nala Usher (daughter)
Wife Tristin May (girlfriend)
net worth 4 million dollars

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Who exactly is Jessie Usher’s wife and does he already have a family?

Jessie T. Usher does not appear to be married, and he has not disclosed any information about his past relationships. Although the actor has never been married, he is responsible for raising his daughter, Nala Usher, who is currently five years old.


Fans debate whether the actress is known for her role as a mother in ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ although the actor has not revealed the mother’s identity.

In February 2017, Nala Usher was born, the first child of American actress Jessie T. Usher. The celebrity has yet to reveal the identity of his daughter’s mother to the public.


During this time, the actor’s relationship with longtime girlfriend Tristin Mays continued to develop. She is an accomplished actress who has appeared in a variety of critically acclaimed films such as Supergirl (2015), Big Time Rush (2010), The Vampire Diaries (2015-2016) and many more.

Still, acting is just one of her many talents. When she was younger she had a stint at the Ford Modeling Agency. Tristin has appeared in ads for a variety of brands including Hershey’s, Kraft Cheese, Sunkist, Ross and Play Skool-Aid.


On their own Instagram accounts, Jessie and Tristen each had a series of photos with each other. It appears that both have removed their pictures from their respective accounts.

Numerous posts on the actor’s Instagram account show how much he likes his daughter Nala. He has also been spotted spending time with his daughter at Disneyland where they were together.


The actor lives in Los Angeles, a city in California, with his family and young daughter.

Jessie Usher’s family, including her parents and siblings

Jessie Usher was the child of Jessie T. Usher, his father, and Judith Usher, his mother. Jessie Usher was born into a wealthy household (mother).


Both the actor and his sister Jesstia Usher, who is both an actress and a fashion designer, received their early education in Maryland. Jessie’s sister is an exceptionally gifted young designer who graduated with honors from Otis College of Art and Design at the age of 20. Within the first half of a year, she debuted her own clothing line called Eyanatia.

Since then, she has designed clothes for a number of well-known clients, including Andrae Carthron, a professional boxer, as well as her brother Jessie Usher.


Also, Usher’s sister Jesstia landed a television commercial when she was five, which sparked his initial interest in the performing arts.

His debut in the acting world came in the form of an Oscar Mayer commercial. In 2003, the family moved to Los Angeles so Usher could pursue his career there. At the age of 15, Jessie graduated from high school. Usher decided to pursue a career in culinary arts and joined the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society after enrolling at a local community college.


Estimated net worth of Jessie Usher in 2022

Jessie Usher is an actress based in United States who has a net worth of $4 million. After more than 10 years of work in the entertainment industry, the majority of Usher’s income comes from his acting career.

He made his debut as Lyle Higginson on the television sitcom Level Up, which aired from 2012-13. In the TV series “Survivor’s Remorse”, which aired in 2014-2015, the actor also played the role of Sam Calloway.


Along the same lines, Usher played the role of Jamal in the film Inappropriate Comedy (2013) and also appeared in the comedy Handsome Boy (2010).

Additionally, Usher appeared in the films When the Game Stands Tall (2014) and Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) as the characters Tayshow Lanear and Dylan Hiller, respectively.


The actor has also appeared in episodes of the television shows Criminal Minds, Hannah Montana, Lincoln Heights and Numbers, and The Mentalist.

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2005 marked Usher’s debut in the acting world with an appearance on an episode of Without a Trace on CBS. In 2007, he had a guest appearance in an episode of the Hannah Montana original series on Disney Channel. In 2011, Usher starred in the TV movie Level Up which aired on Cartoon Network. The film spawned a television series in which Usher reprized his role as Lyle Hugginson, which lasted two seasons. He later provided his voice for the character American Boy in the documentary Teenage (2013). When Game Stands Tall was released in 2014, Usher made an appearance in it. Usher was selected to play the lead role in Survivor’s Remorse, which is being executive produced by LeBron James, an NBA player. The casting took place in March 2014. The first episode of the series was shown in October 2014.

Usher appeared in the 2016 film Independence Day: Resurgence, which also starred Bill Pullman, Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum. Later that same year, Usher starred opposite Danny Glover and Kimberly Elise in the holiday comedy Almost Christmas. Usher starred in a sequel to the film Shaft, released in 2019, playing the role of the son of the character played by Samuel L. Jackson in the film Shaft 2000, as well as the grandson of Richard Roundtree’s portrayal of the original Shaft.


In January 2018, it was announced that Usher would play the role of A-Train in the Amazon Studios show The Boys, based on the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comic of the same name.

He had a starring role in the April 2020 release of the Netflix film Dangerous Lies alongside Camila Mendes.

Jessie T Usher
Jessie T Usher

Early years and formative years

Usher is the son of Jessie T.; he was born in Chicago. in the town of Silver Spring, Maryland, and Judith Usher. After his older sister Jesstia landed a role in a television commercial when she was just five years old, the young actor became interested in acting. His first acting job was in a commercial for Oscar Mayer. The move to Los Angeles, which took place in 2003, was made to facilitate Usher’s professional development. At age 15, he received his high school diploma from the local high school. Usher became a member of Alpha Gamma Sigma and attended courses in culinary arts at a local community college.



2010 Beautiful boy basketball teenager
2013 Inappropriate comedy Yamal
teenager American boy Voice; documentary
2014 When the game is high Tayschon Lanear
2016 All part of the game: Part 1 free throws jay short film
Independence Day: Resurgence Dylan Hiller
Almost Christmas Evan Meyers
2018 Ride James
Hochburg Little maniac
2019 Wave John ‘JJ’ Shaft Jr.
2020 The banker Tony Jackson
Dangerous Lies Adam Kettner
2021 Marine Special Forces quinn Voice
2022 to smile trevor


2005 Without any trace malcolm Episode: “Neither Rain nor Sleet”
2007 Hannah Montana Guy Episode: “Cuffs Will Hold Us Together”
2008 Lincoln Heights baby g Episode: “Glass House”
Counting Robber #1 Episode: “Friends”
2009 The mentalist Daniel Brown Episode: “Red Rum”
criminal thoughts Daniel 2 episodes
2010 summer camp R.J TV movie
GI Joe: Renegades beam Voice; Episode: “The Anomaly”
2011-2013 level up Lyle Hugginson main role
2014-2017 Survivor’s Remorse Cam Galloway main role
2019-present The young Reggie Franklin / A train Main role, 24 episodes
2020 MacGyver Vincent Brulee Episodes: “Resort + Desi + Riley + Window Cleaner + Witness”
2022 Tales of the Walking Dead from that Episode: “Of It”

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Jessie T. Usher’s daughter?

Jessie T. Usher’s daughter will be 5 years old in 2022. She was born in 2017.


What does Jessie T. Usher’s sister Jesstia do for a living?

Jesstia is a talented designer who launched her clothing line Eyanatia and graduated with honors from Otis College of Art Design at the age of 20.

Who is Jessie T. Usher’s wife – is he married?

Jessie T. Usher has no wife as he is not married. He was in a relationship with actress, model Tristin May.


Who are Jessie T Usher’s parents?

Jessie T. Usher was born to his parents Jessie T. Usher (father) and Judith Usher (mother) in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States