Is Kevin From Bling Empire Still Dating Janice?

The Bling Empire documentary series on Netflix profiles some of the wealthiest residents of the city of Los Angeles, California who are of East Asian or Southeast Asian descent. Due to the small number of people who meet the criterion, the vast majority are already reasonably acquainted and often gather for extravagant occasions. The cast of characters portrayed in the reality show, like members of any other social group, experience a lot of drama including heartbreak, betrayal, and competitiveness among others.

Kevin Taejin Kreider, who may not be as wealthy as the others but has well-established friendships with some of the cast, is one of the most fanatic and followed celebrities on the show. Of course, the love affair he had with Janice in the Netflix show’s just-opened third season caught viewers’ attention. Fans are interested to know if the two are still together as a couple or if they have split due to the drama that has erupted through the couple. Luckily, we’re here to investigate the same!


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The adventures of Kevin and Janice in the bling empire

As a result of Kim Lee’s efforts, Kevin and Janice first met in Malibu, California. Tensions building between Kevin and Kim along with Kane Lim and Kelly Mi Li led to the decision to take a short trip together and try to resolve their differences. Kim, on the other hand, felt the group should have had a more in-depth conversation on their first night together in their new home. As a result, she came to the conclusion that she needed the help of Janice, a Reiki healer that Kim had been going to as part of her own healing journey for quite some time.

Before class began, Kim took the opportunity to introduce everyone to Janice. On the other hand, Kevin claimed that he was familiar with the healer because he googled her after hearing about her through Kim. The meeting appeared successful in releasing a large number of suppressed feelings among the members of the group and made significant progress in healing their dynamic. After some time, Kevin came to the conclusion that he should take Janice out on a date as he was impressed with the bond he felt he had formed with her.

The pair seemed to be having a good time on the date, and they seemed to appreciate the time they spent together. The back and forth was charming, and it wasn’t difficult to make the connection between the two. Kevin continued to chat with Kim about the topic sometime after their date, which continued to irritate Kim. Kim felt uncomfortable with the fact that Kevin was with her healer, whom she saw as an integral part of her overall recovery process. Frustrated by Kim’s anger, Kevin claimed that she had no right to rule his life because he and Kim decided to put their history behind them and promised to remain friends. Kevin explained that Kim has no right to dictate his life because he and Kim made that decision together. However, many people can’t help but wonder if the argument contributed to Kevin and Janice’s relationship becoming strained in some way. If you’re itching for answers, below is everything we know on the subject at this point.

Kevin and Janice
Kevin and Janice

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Are Kevin and Janice still in a romantic relationship?

They don’t see each other anymore, Kevin and Janice broke up. After his confrontation with Kim Lee, Kevin had a conversation with Christine Chiu where they discussed the matter. He explained that he and Janice had a real connection and that he didn’t understand why Kim didn’t want him to see her. He also claimed that he and Janice had a real relationship. Christine asked Kevin a simple question, asking if he thought the possibility of a romantic connection with Janice justified risking her friendship with Kim.

After considering what Christine had said, Kevin came to the conclusion that he should put his girlfriend first and honor her requests. He spoke to Janice on the phone and explained the scenario to her. They both admitted they had a good time together but decided it would be best for them to stop dating. It seems Kevin hasn’t been involved in any other romantic relationships since then. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends while working towards the success of his company, Sans. Both are in our thoughts and prayers and we hope for a bright and happy future for both of them.

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