Is Lil Yachty okay? Rapper’s van crashes en route to Rolling Loud Miami, concerned fans say ‘I hope he’s okay’

Rolling Loud Miami 2022 kicked off Friday, July 22nd at Hard Rock Stadium. It’s one of the top hip-hop festivals in the country. The famous festival with a great lineup of artists got off to a rocky start when one of the artists, Lil Yachty, had an accident.

When the incident happened, Lil Yachty and his crew were reportedly en route to Rolling Loud Miami. A few videos have been released online showing the Georgian quickly getting into another car after his black van was badly damaged. People on social media quickly responded to the accident by praying for his health. A few people, however, joked that the 24-year-old rapper’s music saved the festival. Future, Kendrick Lamar and Kid Cudi will headline Rolling Loud Miami 2022 on three separate days.

One of the performers at this year’s Rolling Loud Miami is Lil Yachty. He and his crew were heading to the event in a black van. While we don’t know exactly what happened, videos that went viral on Twitter showed the rapper’s van on the right-hand side was completely wrecked. The vehicle could no longer be moved.

The video also shows Lil Yachty quickly walking to another black van while the rest of his crew climb out of the damaged van. So far, the “Speed ​​Me Up” singer hasn’t spoken out about it on his social media, but has been told he’s fine and has been playing at the prestigious festival. Kanye West, who was supposed to be the main act on Rolling Loud Miami, retired. Then his friend-turned-enemy Kid Cudi was called in to take his place.

Deadline reached out to Rolling Loud co-founders Tariq Cherif and Matt Zingler to find out why Kanye West pulled out of the festival. “We were thrilled that Ye would be the main act at Rolling Loud Miami 2022. We worked with him and his team on the show for a long time. In the joint statement, they said, “Unfortunately, Ye has decided he will no longer be performing.” shoulder, we wish him the best. Kid Cudi will be the main man in Miami and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us. From July 22nd to 24th, Rolling Loud Miami will take place at Hard Rock Stadium.

People on Twitter were talking about the car accident Lil Yachty was involved in. “OMG I hope he’s alright,” said one concerned fan. “Prayers for Yachty and everyone on the ride, plus private comments,” said another. The next person tweeted, “No, we can’t lose another legend anytime soon.” In another post, someone wrote, “Hope the vehicle is ok.”

Another user said, “why are they evacuating him like he has options?” “Prayers man,” wrote a concerned fan on Twitter. “That stinks.” On the other hand, one person tweeted, “He switched cars ASAP.” “Hope he’s ok,” wrote one user. Another said something similar: “Damn, I hope he’s okay.”