Is Meghan Ory pregnant with third child? The actress revealed her pregnancy while filming Chesapeake Shores

In 2022, the Chesapeake Shores season 6 premiere led to rumors that Meghan Ory was pregnant.

Meghan Ory is a Canadian actress best known for playing Little Red Riding Hood on Once Upon a Time, a popular ABC fantasy show. She is known for being the star of the Hallmark show “Chesapeake Shores” which is currently on the air.

She did a great job as Abby O’Brien in the family drama. As news of the new season spread across the internet, the actress shared more details about it while on set.

The current Hallmark star became a big deal among her fans. Find out more about what she told us about Chesapeake Shores Season 6.

Will Meghan Ory have a third child in 2022?

Meghan Ory told the Chesapeake Shores crew that she was pregnant during filming. She spoke about the issue she encountered during Season 6 in an Instagram post on July 2, 2022.

So does this mean the actress will have a third child? Her fans seem very happy about the good news and have already started congratulating her and praising her for her strength.

People were saying that the actress was expecting her second child while the sixth season of Chesapeake Shores was being filmed. Meghan told the crew that she suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum on set.

A 39-year-old actress suffered from a condition that made eating and drinking difficult, which led to her losing weight and becoming nauseous and vomiting during pregnancy.

No matter what happened, the actress seems to have handled it with the utmost strength. On May 2, she also posted a picture with the caption, “#set #acting like I’m not going to throw up.”

Before saying she was pregnant, some of her followers said they didn’t believe it in the comments.

Meghan Ory’s pregnancy was made public during Chesapeake Shores

While filming in the Chesapeake Shores, Meghan Ory told everyone she was going to be a mother. Beginning with Season 6, she has spoken to her fans about the issues she faces on set.

She told him: “After 6 seasons this is the end of #chesapeakeshores. This season started with #hyperemesisgravidarum and ended with #covid-.”

“It was a wild ride! Our amazing cast and crew were very patient with me while I tried not to throw up on anyone.”

“Thanks to my wonderful husband @johnny reardon_ for standing the fort and being my rock and to our two, yes, two nannies for all their help.”

Meet Meghan Ory’s husband and two children

Meghan Ory has been married to John Reardon for a long time. They married in 2008 and have been together ever since.

So far they have two children together. In May 2019, Meghan gave birth to her first child, a son. In October 2019, she and Harry welcomed their second child, a daughter.

Her son is now four years old and her daughter will soon be three on her next birthday.