Is Rebecca Aldridge dead? Has Ming-Zhu Hii left La Brea?

NBC’s “La Brea” is a complicated time-travel series that raises more questions than it answers.

A complicated web of mysteries emerges, drawing the viewer deeper into its depths. Everyone in the story seems to have no idea what is going on around them. They’re stuck in a time they don’t belong to, so all they care about is that they and their loved ones are alive. Except for Rebecca Aldridge, everyone is driven by these things.

Aldridge seems to be on a mission of her own, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to complete it. She seems to be the only person who knows everything about sinkholes and time travel. People think that even though she has secrets, she will eventually reveal all secrets. But the sudden way she died in the fourth episode of Season 2 has people wondering if her story is over. Here are some things you should know.

Rebecca Aldridge

Is she no longer alive?

Time travel complicates the notion of death more than most other genres, and for a character as mysterious as Rebecca Aldridge, things can’t just end that way. Although she’s been around for a while, we still don’t know much about her. All we know is that she’s a scientist, that she’s somehow to blame for the sinkholes, that she knows how it’s all going to end, and that she doesn’t tell anyone more than they need to know.

When she met Gavin at the end of season two in 10,000 B.C. When she sees her again, she tells him that he will play an important role in what happens next. She asks him to come with her to Lazarus where they can find a way for Josh and Riley to get back from 1988. But because the clearing is so dangerous, she has to put her plan on hold for a while and help Gavin save his family. Here a wolf attacks and injures her very badly.

People think she could survive this one too, as she’s already survived an injury that could have killed her. This time, however, her wounds are too deep and she cannot get better. She dies before she can reveal all the secrets she promised. We can be sure that Aldridge is dead because we saw it. But does that mean she won’t be in La Brea anymore? We wouldn’t be so sure about that.

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Ming-Zhu Hii left La Brea, right?

Although Aldridge 10,000 B.C. might be dead, it’s still likely we’ll see her again. She’s one of the few characters who knows what’s really going on, and her sudden death in the middle of the action, just as the plot was getting interesting, doesn’t sit well with us. Since she’s still alive in other timelines, we’ll definitely see her again. Although it’s not clear how or when that will happen.

The fact that actress Ming-Zhu Hii’s departure from the series hasn’t been officially announced yet is also a testament that “La Brea” isn’t finished with Aldridge. Most of the time, actors use social media to say goodbye to their roles and the show. Hii didn’t do any of these posts, showing that her character’s death doesn’t mean she won’t come back to reprise the role. The actress, who’s been on shows like Halifax: Retribution and Sisters, doesn’t currently have any major projects to disrupt La Brea. That means she can keep playing Aldridge.

Her character is also one of the most interesting on the show, so it seems unlikely that the people making “La Brea” would just kill her out of shock without explaining anything about her past or why she’s doing what she’s doing. The fact that there are still so many questions about her is reason enough for “La Brea” to somehow bring Aldridge back and answer the audience’s questions about her before saying goodbye to her for good.

Towards the end of tonight’s episode of The Fog, the character played by Ming-Zhu Hii died in a dangerous and chaotic situation. When the fog lifted, it brought with it a lot of mysteries and dangers. Aldridge was attempted to be rescued but she had lost too much blood.

Rebecca Aldridge
Rebecca Aldridge

To say her death is a huge issue seems like a gross understatement. She knew more than anyone about sinkholes and time travel on the show. She was also the key Sam and Gavin needed to get into the building, which had been their goal for a long time. Without them, the survivors may have to figure out more things on their own, making matters worse. Gavin made it clear that with Sam’s help, he would “go into the cave, steal this shipment, and deliver it.” All of these things would help them get their children back.

When you make a show like La Brea, it’s pretty clear from the start that one of the most important things is finding ways to keep some mysteries going. You want to answer some questions, but not all… You also want to be able to keep people interested. Because of this, we also learned some interesting family secrets about Josh and Riley in the 1980s. How could Josh’s family tree get any more complicated? At the moment we are not sure if there is one.

Rebecca Aldridge first appeared in “The New Arrival,” the fourth episode of Season 1. When Izzy and Gavin go to Aldridge’s farm to look for Dr. To look for Nathan, they encounter her. Fans soon find out that she and Dr. Nathan were both part of a DHS team that went to the Mojave years ago to look into a sinkhole. She’s spent the years since building a jet that can travel back in time through a sinkhole so she can fly back.

From there it’s clear that Aldridge is more than just a DHS employee. As the season progresses, she uncovers more secrets about the residents of La Brea and reveals that she knows a lot more about them than they do. She’s full of surprises, like when she told Gavin, “Go back to the beginning…November 16, 1988,” just before she jumped out of a plane, or when she told Eve that Isiah really is a young Gavin.

When Aldridge finally opened up to Scott, viewers learned a little more about her. She and Silas, who is also mysterious, know each other because they worked together as scientists and made the sinkholes. We still don’t know who Aldridge is, but this was another piece of information that helped us get closer to the truth.

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Is Rebecca Aldridge still alive or has she died?

When it comes to time travel, the idea of ​​death is harder to grasp than in other genres. Things can’t just end like this for a character as mysterious as Rebecca Aldridge. Even though she’s been around for a long time, we still don’t know much about her.

All we know is that she’s a scientist, that she’s somehow to blame for the sinkholes, that she knows how it’s all going to end, and that she doesn’t tell anyone more than they need to know.

In season two, when Rebecca Aldridge Gavin 10,000 B.C. When she sees her again, she tells him that he will play an important role in what happens next. She asks him to come with her to Lazarus, where they will find a vortex that will take Josh and Riley back to 1988.

However, the frightening situation in the clearing causes Kate to put her plan on hold for the time being and help Gavin save his family. Here, a wolf attacks her, leaving her badly injured.

Since she has already endured an injury that could have killed her, it is assumed that she will endure this one as well. But this time her wounds are too deep and she can’t get better. She dies before she can answer all the questions she promised to answer.

From what we see it is clear that Aldridge is dead. But does that mean she won’t be in another episode of La Brea? We would not be sure yet.

The “sky people” don’t have much to offer, and in La Brea Season 2 Episode 4, nature and the elements began to work against them. When Gavin Aldridge met again, everyone thought they were finally getting some answers and clarity, but that was quickly taken away.

Only the dense fog made it possible. Then Paara’s people got sick and attacked the people in the clearing for stealing their food. Eventually, the wolves decided to eat Aldridge.

The episode was action-packed and survival was the focus, but in the end there wasn’t much to think about until next week.

Aldridge was her only chance to return home and reunite with Josh and Riley. When she died, a glimmer of that hope died too. Why didn’t anyone sit with her until her last breath and ask her questions? She knew a lot more than she was letting on. Aside from Silas, she was the only one who knew anything about this place, but when she died, all that information went with her.

And what a waste of a good character with so much to do and finish. It almost seems like the writers made it easy for themselves to kill Aldridge.

Aldridge told Gavin’s mother, Caroline, that she was a scientist in 1988 and would come back in her final moments to “make things right.” Where from?

Gavin told Sam they would find the building where Aldridge said there was a time machine so they could get their kids back, but that’s easier said than done. Their plan is also very dangerous because they have to steal a shipment of the black stone that powers the time machine so they can get inside the building.

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