Is Reclaim on Netflix a true story? Which location was used?


The Taiwanese drama “Reclaim” on Netflix, directed by CJ Wang, is about a woman named Yeh Lan-hsin who is preparing for her retirement. Lan-hsin constantly has to take on new tasks to maintain her personal and professional life. Lan-hsin makes the decision to bring her mother home when she gets sick. However, due to shrinking living space, Lan-hsin longs for her long-cherished desire to live in a larger, more spacious home. La-hsin gradually loses the ability to tell the difference between reality and her dreams when she discovers a house that looks just like the one in her nightmares.

Starring Hee Ching “Nina” Paw, Shih-Hsun “Johnny” Kou and Chia-Yen “Alice” Ko, the film is a moving portrayal of the stress that working women often face. Many people have wondered where the film came from and if the plot and characters are based on real people. Fans of the film’s visual appeal have also expressed an interest in learning where it was filmed. We have the solutions you need if you have similar questions!


Reclaim: Is it a true story?

No, the plot of “Reclaim” is not based on a true story. CJ Wang, who previously wrote the screenplay for the 2011 film Thief, directed and wrote the screenplay for the film. Wang emphasizes the difficulties and difficulties that women, especially those who have working lives, often experience through the film’s narration. The busy and chaotic life of Yeh Lan-hsin shows how many women are expected to take care of all household chores while working full-time.

The topics addressed in the film are very close to everyday life and give an international audience an understanding of how Taiwanese families work. Although Yeh Lan-father hsin moved into her house due to health reasons, her husband resists her desire to bring her mother into their house. This strange interaction shows the observer how, despite necessity or desire, married women are not expected to care for their parents by the community.


Throughout the film, he paints a disturbing portrait of how women around the world often sacrifice their needs in order to satisfy their spouse, children or other close relatives. Because of mothers’ presumption of being the primary caregiver, other family members often ignore the burdens they bring. Despite the lack of words, the story conveyed in Reclaim will resonate with mothers around the world. The existence of Yeh Lan-frantic hsin is portrayed in the film with great use of its visual aspect.

Despite the fact that the plot is fictional, “Reclaim” shows a real aspect of women that doesn’t often appear on screen. In the film, Yeh Lan-hsin begins to long for her dreams as she ignores their desires in order to carry out what she considers her job. It shows that Yeh Lan-hsin is still a human being with independent wants and needs, although at times she seems capable of handling numerous tasks at the same time. She made a choice and took steps in a desperate attempt to live the life of her dreams that are both painful and understandable.


Recapture shooting ranges

Taiwan’s Taipei City is most likely where “Reclaim” was filmed. The film was produced by RG Productions, a company that director CJ Wang founded in 2015. Let’s examine the specifics of the filming location in more detail.

Taiwan’s Taipei City

Taiwan’s capital is Taipei City, sometimes known as Taipei. Taipei most likely served as the main filming location because the film’s action takes place there. Taipei City has developed over the years as Taiwan’s financial, political, and cultural center. The National Palace Museum, Bangka Lungshan Temple and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall are just a few of the impressive structures in Taipei known for their traditional architecture. The city’s contemporary skyline, on the other hand, is no laughing matter. Additionally rich in natural beauty and breathtaking views, the area around Taipei offers.


Taipei, Taiwan’s capital, is populated by a large number of people working hard to improve their quality of life and achieve their goals. For similar reasons, Taipei serves as the setting for Yeh Lan’s story in Reclaim. The well-established infrastructure makes the city one of the most sought-after film locations in the nation. The 355 and The Sadness, among many other well-known films, were both filmed in the country’s capital.


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