Is Sheri Nicole Pregnant With Husband Monty Lopez? Pregnancy news for single moms explained

Sheri Nicole is a social media influencer and the mother of popular internet star Addison Rey, who many fans say is pregnant.

She knows she’s a single mom because she and her husband Monty Lopez have been fighting since he had an affair with another 25-year-old girl a few months ago.

Sheri Nicole

Is Sheri Nicole pregnant?

Sheri might not be pregnant in 2022 because she split from her husband a few months ago and hasn’t dated anyone since. After going through a tough time in her life, Addison Rey’s mom and dad decided to stop talking and move on. At least from Sheri’s point of view, the choice seems clear. Although Nicole and Lopez appear to have split, he still lists Nicole as his wife on his profile.

Addison’s family members are following the trend of unfollowing family members on social media. First, she stopped following her father on Instagram.

Addison Rae appears to have stopped following her mother on Instagram shortly after she split from her father Monty Lopez on Instagram. The decision came a few months after it was reported that her father was in a relationship with influencer Renée Ash, 25.

Sheri Nicole husband Monty Lopez and second baby news facts

Sheri and her husband Monty Lopez will not have another child. Instead, they live apart due to an issue that arose between them a long time ago.

When people started talking about Sheri Easterling’s husband Monty Lopez on social media in July 2022, she changed her Instagram bio to say that she was a single mom. After the 42-year-old tweeted a message about starting over, she changed the bio on her page. Monty Lopez is accused of tricking Renee Ash, a 25-year-old influencer, into an affair by making it appear they had a deep connection and a bright future together.

He was also spotted on camera talking to a young woman at the club. She told Rae and her siblings that she wanted them to feel safe, protected, and sure that everything was okay. Addison Rae has two younger brothers named Enzo (14) and Lucas (8). Addison Rae has been alive for 21 years.

Do you have another wedding?

Sheri Nicole and Monty Lopez are still legally married but don’t live together. It all started in June 2022 when Monty is said to have had an affair with a 25-year-old woman. Fans found out in June 2022 that Addison Rae and Sheri Easterling had stopped following Lopez on Instagram.

Also, Sheri took the word “wife” off her Instagram bio, which made it seem like there was trouble in the family. It didn’t take long for everyone to hear about this drama. Soon after, two shots of Lopez allegedly flirting with two young women in different locations made their way on social media.

A few days later, a woman named Renne Ash said she saw Lopez while she thought he and Sheri had broken up and were going through a divorce. This was a shocking revelation.

The problem in her family worsened when people from outside the family interfered without permission. But after some public talks and fights, the situation calmed down. However, Addison regained momentum when she stopped following her mother on Instagram earlier this month.

Sheri Nicole’s net worth

Sheri Nicole, whose real name is Sheri Nicole Easterling, is a social media star and Tiktok star from the United States. As of 2022, Sheri Nicole has a net worth of $2 million. She made her fortune by running ads and working with brands on her social media accounts. She is best known for the lip syncing and dancing videos on her TikTok account @sherinicole which are very popular.

She is also known as the mother of Addison Ray, a popular TikTok star. Besides her own TikTok account, she is also very popular on Livin the Lopez Life, her family’s YouTube channel.

Sheri Nicole
Sheri Nicole

Wiki/biography of Sheri Nicole

Sheri Nicole was born on September 4, 1979 so will be 43 years old in 2022. She was born and raised in a stable family in the US state of Louisiana. She attended a high school in Louisiana, USA for her early education. She then graduated from a private university in the US state of Louisiana.

Sheri has always wanted to be known and show people what she can do. She decided to show off her skills on social media sites, which helped her get a lot of attention and fans.

Sheri Nicole was born on September 4, 1979 in the United States. She is a beautiful and well-known TikTok star and social media influencer. She and her family still reside in the United States.

Her birthday is September 4th, and on that day (September 4th, 2022) she will be 42 years old.

Sheri Nicole Easterling is her real name, but people also call her Sheri (her nickname).

Sheri is one of the most attractive and health conscious social media stars. Her cute look is so appealing that everyone could go crazy over her.

She is the mother of Addison Rae. Addison Rae is a famous TikTok star and actress.

As an influencer, she has more than 1.1 million followers on her official Instagram account (@sherinicole) and 14.5 fans on her TikTok account (@sherinicolee).

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family, friends and personal life

Sheri Nicole comes from a stable family in Louisiana, which is in the United States. It is known that she is an American citizen and follows the Christian religion.

Mr. Nicole is her businessman father’s name and Mrs. Nicole is her housewife mother’s name.

Father of Sheri Nicole

Sheri Nicole has a husband and a wife. Monty Lopez is the name of her husband who is also a well-known YouTuber.

Husband of Sheri Nicole

The couple also have three children whose names are Enzo Lopez, Lucas Lopez and Addison Ray.

Sheri Nicole is a beautiful woman who is hot and has a charming personality. She is about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 59 kg. She has a shapely body and great measurements.

Their body is about 36-26-28 inches long, wide and tall. She has long, beautiful blonde hair and her hazel eyes are bright and beautiful.


Sheri Nicole started out as a well-known person on social media. She started posting interesting lip syncing and dancing videos on her TikTok account and then she created an Instagram account where she also showed off her skills.

She was also on her family’s YouTube channel, Livin the Lopez Life, where they post fun and interesting videos. She just signed a contract with talent agency WME for 2020. She’s also planning the dance moves for her daughter’s upcoming film, Spy Cat.

She also appears in some of her daughter’s TikTok videos and runs a merch line with her daughter, Addison Rae Easterling.

Sheri Nicole Net Worth Summary

As of 2022, Sheri Nicole has a net worth of $2 million. She makes most of her money from her online work on social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. She has recently gotten new contracts and projects from many well-known brands.

The facts and information

Sheri Nicole enjoys spending her free time reading books, making videos for TikTok, taking photos while traveling and playing with her cats and dogs.

She has many fans who follow her on all of her social media pages. Her TikTok account has more than 7 million followers and her Instagram account has more than 1.2 million followers.

Sheri Nicole Instagram

Sheri Nicole is a well-known Instagram star who has garnered a lot of attention by posting photos and videos with uplifting captions. She is very popular on Instagram, the world’s most popular social media site for sharing photos and videos.

Sheri Nicole’s Instagram is very interesting and she often interacts with famous people who show their love and support in their posts. She also has a huge social media following.

As of 2022, more than 1.1 million people are following her @sherinicole Instagram handle.

And let’s talk about how many people usually like their Instagram posts. On average, she gets between 100,000 and 200,000 likes.

How Tall And How Tall Sheri Nicole Is (Physical Stats)

As a result of her health and fitness tips, she has the perfect body shape, shiny hair, slim waist, beautiful body and appearance.

Sheri Nicole is one of the most attractive fitness freaks on social media and her cute look is so appealing that everyone could go crazy over her.

She is very fitness conscious so she works out, does yoga and works out every day. But you know that a nutrition plan is also very important for a strong and fit body.

She goes to the gym regularly and when she can’t, she works out at home.

Sheri Nicole’s fans and followers often want to know how tall she is. Her height is 5’7″. (170cm).

Sheri Nicole weighs 125 pounds and has dark brown hair and eyes of the same color.