Is the film based on a true story?

Old People on Netflix: Is the Movie Based on a True Story?

The horror drama film, titled Old People, follows Ella and her family who travel back to their hometown for a wedding. On the other hand, things take a dark turn when the town’s older residents mutate into zombie-like creatures and start tormenting the family. As the family struggles to survive, audiences are treated to a tale of unbridled rage that is both genuinely compelling and genuinely grotesque.

Andy Fetscher acted as director of the German-language Netflix production. Through the lens of gruesome horror elements, it’s an engaging exploration of the process of aging and the role seniors play in society. Because of this, viewers are likely wondering whether the story is based on a book or inspired by real events. If you have questions about where the idea for Old People came from, the information below should answer all of your questions.

Old people

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True story that ancient people are based on?

No, the film “Old People” is not based on a real event. The film is also not an adaptation of a previously published book. It is a work of fiction based on an original screenplay by Andy Fetscher, who is also the film’s director. The main characters in this story are Ella, her children Laura and Noah, and Lukas, who was Ella’s former husband. Ela and her children have a home in the city, and the only time she travels back to her hometown is for her sister’s wedding. On the other hand, the wedding attracts a large crowd of angry and downtrodden elderly people from a nearby nursing home.

The idea behind the film is undoubtedly original because it focuses on the lives of people who are getting on in years. The way in which a younger generation interacts with a more mature generation is the central concern of the film. The same concept is conveyed through the film’s depiction of the retirement home, where numerous elderly people have been abandoned by their family members. In addition, they are mistreated by their caretakers, causing them to suck up their anger, which later manifests itself in the form of a zombie transformation. This leads to the conclusion that the film does not draw on reality. Instead, it uses the conventions common in horror films, particularly those associated with the slasher subgenre.

In fact, there are no reports in the media of residents of retirement homes going on a killing spree against the local population. As a result, viewers can relax knowing there are no zombified, bloodthirsty seniors roaming free right now. On the other hand, the film presents a fascinating and somewhat depressing examination of the condition of older people in today’s society.

It is a commentary on the abuse and disregard for elders that is rampant in today’s society. The use of real sociocultural issues helps create a tense and unsettling atmosphere within the narrative. The film is therefore somewhat rooted in reality, despite having a plot based on fiction and characters engaging in overly dramatic interpersonal drama. However, the film gives the impression that supernatural factors are the main reason for the revolt of the ancients.

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Ultimately, Old People is a work of fiction, but it is a frightening story about elderly people, elaborated with elements of sociocultural drama that actually happened in real life. It sheds light on the current situation of seniors and the struggles they face. However, by taking inspiration from the slasher horror subgenre, it brings a macabre and unsettling atmosphere to the situation at hand. The finished product is a compelling cautionary tale that warns audiences about the consequences of mistreatment of their elders. However, the stylization of the horror sequences and drama confines the story to the realm of fiction, eliminating the narrative’s belonging and poignancy.

Be respectful of your elders…unless they want you like in the new German horror film Old People streaming on Netflix. The title of the film is Old People and the plot is exactly as you would expect: a bunch of elderly people go on a killing spree. While the trailer makes it seem like there’s more to it, it best sums up the logline for the show on Netflix.

Anyone who enjoys slasher films like the Fear Street trilogy, Hush or The Strangers should get their money’s worth with this German feature film directed by Andy Fetscher. You probably remember how terrifying Stephen Lang was in the movie Don’t Breathe, right? Or the followers of the Midsommar cult? Well, Old People seems to be tapping into a not too dissimilar vibe.

Ella moves back to her childhood home with her two children to attend her sister’s wedding, but things quickly go awry when she’s forced to protect them from the elderly in a murderous rampage in the city. If you watch the trailer, you’ll notice that there seems to be some sort of historical artifact at the center of everything (isn’t it always?), and it’s possible that this has to do with why the Elders are trying to kill everyone .

Although Netflix hasn’t uploaded the trailer to YouTube, it’s still possible to watch it on the Netflix website on the website dedicated to the film.

The film has a running time of 100 minutes, which equates to a total running time of 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Old people
Old people

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The plot of Netflix Old People

Although Ella plans to take a relaxing trip with her family to her hometown to celebrate her sister’s wedding, she will find that the small town has changed significantly since her last visit. A thunderstorm is brewing and suddenly the seniors of a retirement home are behaving strangely and are attacking the younger caretakers more and more violently.

The following is the official plot synopsis provided by Netflix for the film: “Ella and her children are currently on their way back to their hometown to attend Ella’s sister’s wedding. Since she left, the remote little village has changed a lot. Most of the younger residents have moved away, leaving only the older ones behind. The rest of the world seems to have forgotten her. On the evening of the wedding, a heavy thunderstorm rolls through the small town and the residents of the retirement home react strangely. The younger staff are subjected to a horrific attack from a group of older inmates led by a towering old man. After the power went out, they burst through the security doors and ran out into the dreary rain. They become captivated by the music and once there, Ella quickly realizes that she must fight for her family’s survival.