Is Wedding Season’s Leading Lady Dating Pallavi Sharma Or Ashley Reyes? His relationship timeline explained


Since the romantic comedy Wedding Season was a big hit, people are still interested in Suraj Sharma’s wife.

Suraj Sharma is an Indian actor, best known for the 2012 film Life of Pi. He has been in the entertainment business for more than a decade, which has earned him a name and fame in the industry.


After Life of Pi, he worked on other hit dramas like God Friended Me, Homeland and more. His new movie Wedding Season is a big hit on Netflix right now.

In the film, he played Ravi, who pretends to be dating his fake girlfriend. Well, his fans have seen him in many romantic roles on screen, but now they want to know more about his real life relationships.


Ashley Reyes is Suraj Sharma’s wife or girlfriend?

Suraj Sharma is not dating Ashley Reyes in real life; They’re just a couple on TV. Fans liked how they worked together, but for now it looks like they’re just co-stars.

How I Met Your Father was a sitcom that both Suraj and Ashley worked on. In the drama, the actor played Sid, and the actress played Hannah.


Hannah is Sid’s longtime girlfriend and the two are engaged on the show. Although fans of the sitcom like their on-screen relationship and want them to be together, they only seem to share the co-actors’ relationship.

Additionally, Ashley appears to be dating someone off-screen, and their relationship seems healthy and happy. Her fans seem to get excited about the people she’s dating.


Is Suraj Sharma dating Pallavi Sharma?

Wedding Season is a new romantic comedy starring Suraj Sharma and Pallavi Sharma. In the movie, they pretend to be dating, but they actually fall in love.

Pallavi is just Suraj’s screen friend. There is no information that the two meet in real life. In this new film, fans love the spark they have with each other.


But it seems like both artists are single and keeping their love lives quiet. In the film, they just pretend to meet each other by calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

But as they started spending more and more time together, they started to like each other. Fans’ spirits have definitely been lifted by an Indian-American romantic comedy, and they’re excited to hear about the new chemistry.


Find out more about Suraj Sharma’s past love

Suraj Sharma has kept his dating and affair life secret. There is no record of his previous relationships, but he may have had more than one.

For a long time, the actor kept things out of the public eye. So he could have been single earlier.


Is Suraj Sharma Indian Asian? His parents and race

Suraj Sharma’s parents, Gokul Churai and Shailaja Sharma gave birth to him in New Delhi, India. He is part Indian and part Malayali.

His father Gokul is a software developer and professional chess player from Mumbai. His mother is an economist from Palakkad, Kerala.


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