Jana Hocking’s boyfriend and dating life with Stu Laundy


Pub playboy Stu Laundy, who was previously in a relationship with dating expert Jana Hocking, was spotted cuddling with another young lady in April.

Eyebrow queen Kristin Fisher was reportedly spotted having a romantic lunch with The Bachelorette star in April, leading to the rumor mill making headlines.


While it was claimed in the Daily Telegraph that they were attempting to settle in Sydney’s Surry Hills, a source close to the couple said that was not the case. There was a workplace meeting where participants discussed possible future partnerships.

The fact that they are friends and move in the same social circles suggests they were brought together by mutual acquaintances, disgraced market robber Alan Bond and fund manager Jeremy Bond.


In fact, this isn’t the first time Kristin’s personal life has featured prominently on the cover of PageSix; In the past she is said to have been dating former cricketer Michael Clarke. At the New Year’s Eve party thrown by Dina Broadhurst and Max Shepherd, an eyewitness saw the two engage in sexual activity.

During this time, his ex-girlfriend, PE Nation founder Pip Edwards, was unhappy that her boyfriend, with whom she was only six months old, had already moved away. She was not satisfied with this development.


It didn’t help that her friend Dina helped with all the planning, although she and Dina have always been friendly.

Stu laundry

A few quick facts:

Surname Stu laundry
Age 47 years old
profession CEO of Laundy Hotel Group
Ex wife Rachel laundry
children 4

How long has Jana Hocking been dating Stu Laundy? How long have you been together?

When Stu Laundy and podcaster Jana Hocking were dating around 2021, she popped up briefly on his list of antics. They dated for a few months before deciding to end their relationship.


According to the rumors, they first started dating in 2018 when they were both involved in a casual relationship that ultimately didn’t work out. In her most recent essay, she described their togetherness as a “lovable divorce.”

Meanwhile, the pub’s wealthy owner took part in the 2017 season of The Bachelorette. He was able to win Sophie Monk’s heart, but they ended their relationship a year later.


After starting a podcast called Kinda Sorta Dating Series, which featured various celebrity guest appearances, her career took a significant direction from that point on.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Jana Hocking opened up about the types of guys she’s swiping on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble.


After their relationship ended, they continued to get along well enough to be spotted together in 2021, but have been smart enough to keep their relationship a secret from the public. The paparazzi were able to get their hands on a picture of her, and it showed her stunning in a red one-shoulder dress with nude pointy-toe shoes, while her partner had his arms wrapped around her. The location was a celebrity hotspot and she seemed to have a wonderful time all night snapping selfies with Jess, her Triple M host. Co-host of the Moonman show in Sydney.

But Stu had a difficult time discussing their new relationship in an interview when he tried to downplay the significance of the revelation. He was recently divorced and feared that his extramarital affairs would negatively impact her professional life. Because of this, he decided to take things one step at a time.


They seemed to be having a wonderful time in each other’s company but unfortunately their paradise didn’t last long because he soon found himself dating another woman while they were still together.

When Stu Laundy first met Jana Hocking, was he dating anyone else?

Stu Laundy, an Australian businessman who is 47 and who dated Sophie Monk before dating Jana Hocking, appeared on The Bachelorette during this time.


Audiences were under the impression that the couple already knew each other before the show aired, leading many to speculate that the producers had sent Stu to the villa specifically at her request. The couple graced the big screen in 2017 and audiences got the impression the couple knew each other before the show aired.

They finally get along in the latest episode of the Romantically Challenged podcast, in which he admits the showrunner bribed him to appear on the show.


Turns out he had no intention of becoming a reality TV star. However, he had been single for three years when he first saw Sophie and she took his breath away. When he courted her and they fled into the sunset, that decision proved to be the best.

When he first found out about the breakup, it was almost as terrifying as it was when the Australian sweetheart announced their breakup on their Instagram account. He gave her the responsibility of determining their future together, but he couldn’t help but be emotional when their time together came to an end.


While he was aware there was a limit to how far their love could go, finding out about it via social media was disheartening for him.

Even though they are no longer together, she has great respect for him because there were no commitments or constraints during their time together. They have come to the conclusion that it is in everyone’s best interest to keep their friendly relationship alive and to regard the past half year as nothing but fond memories.


However, a happy ending was not to be for her as she was cast as the host of Love Island which debuted in the second part of 2018. Still, she doesn’t seem overly disappointed.

Who is Stu Laundy’s new girlfriend?

According to tabloids, Stu Laundy, a former reality TV star, recently saw Kristin Fisher.


However, nothing official was said between the two as he wanted to show respect to his four children. After 15 years of marriage, he and Rachel divorced and he took their children with him. The children are the result of his life as a married man with Rachel.

As heir to a bar empire and with a net worth in excess of $500 million, there’s no shortage of women interested in courting him. After World War II gave the first impetus to the business, the organization continued to expand as it was passed down from his grandfather’s generation to succeeding generations. Despite having a million dollars, he doesn’t live a lavish lifestyle and doesn’t like to brag about it.


Stu Laundy and Sophie Monk’s 2017 date took place at an aquarium.

You can find him on Instagram under the handle stulaundy44; He has about 36,000 people following him there. As he has yet to receive his blue tick, the website portrays him in a more humble light than his efforts. He compares him to his younger self and demonstrates the heartthrob he was during his youth.


However, his children are the focus, even if he continues to maintain appearances with his ex-girlfriend Sophia. This is because she played a significant role in his life.

More recently he has started talking about the things he enjoys, from t-shirt labels to cricket teams; Despite this, he refuses to accept money for sponsored articles.

Stu laundry
Stu laundry

Stu Laundy controversy

Stu Laundy, the multi-millionaire and heir to the pub, has made a passionate last-minute plea to Sophie Monk, who is completely baffled, to take him back.

After Sophie’s return from her holiday in Thailand, the 44-year-old made a hasty trip to the Gold Coast in hopes of winning back her affections.


The father-of-four was spotted browsing photos of the ex-couple in the foyer of a Gold Coast hotel late last week. At the same time, an episode of the dating show went live on Channel Ten.

An observer told New Idea that the man appeared completely distraught. He spent an inordinate amount of time there just scrolling through the photos Sophie had taken of him and him together. He seemed miserable, but didn’t care that everyone could see what he was doing on his phone; in fact, he seemed to enjoy the attention. I have a feeling he’s serious about wanting her back.


The 37-year-old blonde beauty was rumored to have broken up with the self-proclaimed “Playboy landlord” because he dated another woman last week.

Insiders claim Stu’s trip to the Gold Coast is a peacemaking mission and a last-ditch effort to encourage Sophie to give him another chance. Stu will be staying with his cousins ​​on the Gold Coast.


According to the source, “they have to keep up appearances to avoid spoiling the entire performance.” “But I really think he loves her too,” the other person said.

Meanwhile, a woman who asked to remain anonymous texted Sophie her concern that Stu might end up heartbreaking for The Bachelorette.


According to the source, he has dated every single girl in Sydney.

To let you know Sophie, today was the day we worked on our legs at the gym. Mmmm….
The mystery woman claims she dated Stu for a few months two years ago before he broke her heart. Now she wants to warn Sophie about the possibility that the same could happen to her so she can take preventive measures.


According to the source, “I would like to warn Sophie about him as he is a big heartthrob.”

For the full coverage of the event, see this week’s New Idea.



What is Stu Laundy’s net worth?

  • Laundy Hotel Group CEO Stu Laundy is the heir to an alleged $500 million fortune.

Who was Stu Laundy’s wife?

  • Stu Laundy’s wife was Rachel Laundy.

How old is Stu Laundy?

  • The heir to a $500 million pub empire, Stu Laundy, is 47 years old.

Who is Stu Laundy’s family?

  • The family business Laundy is valued at $500 million and has been led by patriarch Arthur Laundy, 78, for decades.