Javi Marroquin’s fake accident news and hospital rumors


When the picture of Javi Marroquin lying in bed with serious injuries went viral on the internet, the fake news of the accident began to spread everywhere. Scroll down to find out more about Teen Mom star Javi and what the picture is about.

Who are the Teen Moms? Jose Javier Marroquin is a 29-year-old TV star better known as Javi Marroquin. Over the years he has been in the news because of the people he has been with.


He had been linked to Kailyn Lowry, his ex-wife Cassie Bucka, Madison Channing Walls, Lauren Comeau and Briana De Jesus in the past.

There’s always something going on with the cast of Teen Mom 2. But Kailyn Lowry and Javi’s past relationship has been the focus of some kind of medical drama lately.


Accident rumors and rumors that Javi Marroquin was hospitalized were not true

The picture of Javi Marroquin in the hospital bed that’s been doing the rounds lately is actually from an episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. He’s not in the hospital. This is an old picture of him and the news of his accident is a lie.

On the WE TV show, engaged couples engage in activities that either strengthen or test their love. In short, it’s marriage counseling for the people who watch the show to enjoy.


This drill has been labeled a “fake death drill” because one of the partners pretended to be dead. In one instance, Kailyn found out that Javi was in a car accident and was on life support with major brain damage.

Instead, the therapist made her cry near Javi’s body, which was still alive. Everyone involved in the car accident, including Javi, was fine because everything was staged. There’s no doubt it hurt Kaitlyn’s feelings.


How was Teen Mom star Javi Marroquin injured?

People have been wondering what happened to Teen Mom star Javi Marroquin ever since a picture of him in a hospital bed went viral. People were surprised to find out the picture was from a stunt on WE TV a few years ago and is doing fine.

Javi is used to being in the middle of trouble and drama. Though Kailyn’s affair with him caused them to break up, she now says he also cheated on her.


After that, he began dating Lauren Comeau. When Javi was first accused of cheating on Lauren in October 2020, he took his Instagram down.

He started an online prayer group and during one of the meetings, Javi spoke about how tough the past year had been and gave more details about an alleged breakup with Lauren.


What is Javi’s real name?

Jose Javier “Javi” Marroquin is Javi’s real name.

Does Teen Mom’s Javi have an Instagram account?

Yes, @javim9 is the name of Javi’s Teen Mom Instagram account.


What kind of person is Javi from Teen Mom?

He is Guatemalan. He was born in Puerto Rico.